This Is How It Goes

My life was turned upside down, after my mothers sudden death, I was forced to meet and move in with my father. New place, new people, no Mother. Then add Justin Bieber...oh sorry, I forgot to mention, my dad is Scooter Braun.


28. The Talk

* Justin's POV *


Dani and I have been dating for two weeks now, and I'm taking her out tonight for our two-week-aversary. We're off tour for a few weeks to take a break between legs, but I'm really bummed 'cause when I go back she isn't coming with me. Scooter and I made a deal, he comes for the first leg and I stop complaining that he's favouring his other artists. He kept to his end of the deal, so I have to keep to mine.


I went to Danielle's a bit early so we can hang out before we go out. I pulled up outside the door and walked up the path just before I knocked, the door opened revealing Scooter.


"Hey" He spoke giving me a hug.


"Sup, man?" I replied.


"Can we talk?" He guided me into his office, I took a seat and he sat opposite me on his desk.


"Do I have a choice?" I joked. He didn't laugh.


"Now, I'll put up with this 'relationship' for however little it lasts, but if at any time you hurt her, I promise, I will hurt you. And don't think for a second, that I won't just because I've known you since you were 12, or because I work for you that'll make any difference, because that's my daughter and she comes before everything, from now on. Do you understand?" He asked, sternly.


"Yes. And I promise, I won't hurt her. If either of us were to hurt the other, it would be her." He nodded.


"Good." He walked over to the door and opened it, I got up and exited, quickly. Dani saw me and ran over giving me a massive hug.


"When did you get here?" She asked, as she held my hand leading me up to her bedroom.


"'Bout five minutes ago, your dad just gave me The Talk and warned me that if I hurt you, I'm as good as dead." I sat on her bed as she closed the door. She walked back over and climbed on to me so she was straddling my legs.


"Well then, you better not hurt me" She smiled then kissed me. we fell back so we were lying down. I flipped us over so I was on top, I let my hands wander under her t-shirt. She pulled out of the kiss and took my hands and gave them back to me.


"I'm sorry, but I'm not ready for this yet." She wriggled away and sat up on the edge of her bed.


"Sorry, I didn't even think. You tell me when you ready and when you want to. I don't want you to feel pressured." I cuddled her from behind nestling my head in her neck.



A/N: Wow, Scooter told him! haha


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