This Is How It Goes

My life was turned upside down, after my mothers sudden death, I was forced to meet and move in with my father. New place, new people, no Mother. Then add Justin Bieber...oh sorry, I forgot to mention, my dad is Scooter Braun.


24. Selena...

*Your POV*


Immediately, she looked at me with a look that could kill. Tears threatened to fall from her eyes, that were now full with tears of anger, feeling of betrail and complete devastation. 


"I-I..." I choked on my words. 


Justin had now walked in too. Selena's anger building. She lunged at us and Justin quickly moved me out of the way. Now with Selena in his grasp, Justin tried to calm her down but she continued to try and get at me. Tears poured down her face and she tried to shout at us but failed due to crying.


She escaped Justin's grasp and she flew at me knocking me flat on my back, causing me to bang my head off of the floor, a yelp of pain escaping my lips.


"OH MY GOD! SELENA!!" Justin shouted at her whilst pulling her off of me. Ari ran straight over and helped me up and started to panic seeing blood on my hands as I pulled them away from my head, Selena still furiously fighting Justin's grasp. Nothing could be heard over all the shouting and screaming.


"WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!" Scooter abruptly shouted over us all. Instantly we all stopped and looked at him, before Selena and Justin continued to battle. Scooter noticed the blood spilling out of my head and rushed over. 


"Oh my god! What happened?" Scooter, now, panicked.


"Its a long story! But she's lost A LOT of blood!" Ari spoke quickly, increasing Scooter's worry. 


"I'm dizzy..." I spoke trying to remain upright.


"Ariana, get something for her head. Justin, help to take her to my car. We're gonna have to take her to the hospital." Scooter spoke calmly, taking one of my arms and putting it around his shoulder. Justin helped him carry me to the car Ari running behind us with a dish cloth and Selena just stood and did nothing.


This is all so crazy! I didn't even do anything, so why did she attack me?! Justin was one one who came into my bed anyway.


*4 Hours Later* 


"Are you sure you're ok?" Justin spoke not believing the words leaving my mouth.


"Yeah, kid, you hit your head pretty hard and you just got 3 stitches" Scooter continued.


"Now that you mention it, I had this crazy dream. And you were there, and you and you too(!)" I joked, causing Ari to laugh "And do you really think the doctors would have let me leave if I wasn't ok?"


"Yeah, bu-" Justin spoke, before I interrupted him.


"I'm fine. Can you put me down now?" Justin returned me feet to the floor, but stayed close by.


We walked on to the bus and Selena was sat on the couch, both Scooter and Justin tensed up in anger. Seeing us she stood up quickly.


"Why? Why did you do in, Justin? I thought you loved me?" Selena choked on her words, as a tear rolled down her cheek.


"Selena, we weren't dating! I thought you knew that, and after what you did..." Justin spoke, running his hand through his soft, scruffy, bed hair that he hadn't had time to do yet.


"I think you should go now." Scooter spoke sternly. Like her earlier, I stood, blank with no expression, and did nothing. We watched her pick up her pre-packed bag and leave as tears rolled down her cheeks. I ran after her.


"Sel! Wait!" I spoke before she got into a cab.


"What!" she snapped "Haven't you done enough?!"


"Look, I'm sorry. I truly am. But you have to know I would never do anything to deliberately hurt you, or any or my friends. Justin came into my room last night after I was upset about Cody and he stayed with me and I didn't even know until I woke up this morning..."


"I'm sorry too! I didn't mean to hurt you!!" she cried "Forgive me?"




"Friends." We hugged for a moment "I better go. Bye." I nodded and she got into the cab.


*Selena's POV*


The cab pulled off and i waved and smiled at YN.


"How stupid is this girl?" I said quietly to myself. "Watch your back YN..."



A/N: What drama!

Selena went a bit crazy, didn't she?

What will she do when she comes back? When?

Poor YN!


Thanks sooooooo much for reading! 

Some of you have been asking me to give 'YN' an actual name, so do you all want that? If so give me suggestions. 


LOVE YOU GUYS!!! <3<3<3


P.S. I have nothing against Selena, its just to spice up the story (: x

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