This Is How It Goes

My life was turned upside down, after my mothers sudden death, I was forced to meet and move in with my father. New place, new people, no Mother. Then add Justin Bieber...oh sorry, I forgot to mention, my dad is Scooter Braun.


17. I Choose....?

*Your POV* 


I'm going out with Cody today on our date. He said to wear what I would to a beach, so I'm guessing that's where we're going. I when for a shower that got dressed (outfit: I wore my bikini just in case. Justin looked at me as I walked out of the bathroom. 


"You look nice." He said, taking one of my hands and twirling me around.


"Thanks" I giggled. At that moment Cody walked on and seen Justin and I still holding hands. I took my hand back and walked towards him, he smiled then handed me a bunch of flowers.


"Aww, thank you!" I said, smelling the flowers. "They're beautiful!" I pulled him into a hug and Justin scoffed. Taking that as the signal to leave, we walked off the bus and Cody directed to his car. I opened the door and climbed in.


"Ready?" Cody asked. I nodded.


He sped away and headed to the nearest beach. By the time we get there is was almost sunset. I can tell he planned it this way. We got out of the car and he took my hand and intertwined our fingers. When we touch, I don't feel the same as I do with Justin, with Justin I feel all electric and I get butterflies. But with Cody, I feel all warm and fuzzy. We walked along the beach and it was nice. We talked and I got to know him better then I seen a picnic with fairy lights set up around. 


"Oh my goodness! Did you do this?" I asked excitedly. He laughed at me because I was jumping up and down, pulling his arm slightly.


"And you call me childish?" He chuckled. "We can't go there until I've taught you how to surf anyway" My smile instantly vanished.


"No! Do we have to?" He nodded, vigorously. I sighed and started taking my clothes off until I was standing in my bikini. His eyes traveled up and down my body. "See something you like?" I smiled, pulling him out of his trance. 


"Sorry, erm, let's go" He said pulling his shirt over his head and taking my hand and walking closer to the water, where he had a surf board.


We started on the sand and he showed me how to stand on the board and he held my waist the whole time. I can see why he wanted to do this now, I mean who doesn't want a good looking Australian with his hands all over you? Later, I tried to surf but it just wasn't working so I gave up for the day. Cody and I mucked around in the water for a while, until I became cold and decided to dry off and eat the picnic. But Cody had other plans.


"Oh, no, you don't" He picked me up and took me back into the water. It was chest deep on him by the time he put me down, and me being the short ass I am, couldn't reach the bottom. "Here, I got you." He hooked his hands around my thighs and lifted me so my legs were around his torso and my arm around his neck.


"Thanks" I smiled, looking into his aqua colored eyes.


"No worries" He smiled back. I leaned in, and so did he, and our lips lightly touched. I pulled out of the kiss, seconds later, with my eyes closed and biting my lip slightly. I rested my forehead against his, he re-connected the kiss but more passionately this time.


"So how do think this date is going?" He asked, as we sat on the picnic blanket, its now dark and all the stars were out.


"Good, I've had fun." I smiled, biting my lip lightly.


"Me too. I'm glad." He said standing up and holding his hands out. Placing my hands in his, he pulled me up and, we walked down the beach a bit before he stopped.


"Dance with me?" He asked, swinging my arms.


"There's no music" I laughed a little. He started singing Got Me Good. I'm having a 'The Notebook' moment.


"Word on the street is that you’re single

So baby have you heard my single?
It goes la di da and it hits like a cymbal
I drew a heart with my finger on your window

What’s up?
Even with your hair up
Girl, what’s up?
Even in your sweat pants
Girl, what’s up?
Even when you wake up without any make-up, I’m in love" He continued to sing, I rested my head against his chest and closed my eyes and just listen to his voice.


Once we finished dancing, we started to walk back to the car and I was absolutely FREEZING! He noticed because he took his jacket off and put in on me.


"Aren't you gonna be cold?" I asked looking up at him.


"Nah, I'll be alright. And if I'm not its an excuse to cuddle with you." He laughed. 


We reached the car and Cody opened the door for me and let me climb in before he ran round to the other side and got in. He drove back to the buses and we said goodbye.


"I had a really good time. Thank you." I smiled


"Anytime, good night." He said and kissed my cheek.


I walked on to the bus and Justin was on the couch, I flopped next to him and sighed.


"So, how was it?" Justin asked, smiling.


"Good, we had fun." Justin nodded. "But I'm tired now so I think I'll go to bed. See you in the morning." I hugged him good night, why? I don't know, but he stopped me.


"You need to pack. we need to be at the airport by 1am." I quickly spun on my heels.


"Why? Where are we going?" I asked, curiously.


"Uh, this little place, you probably haven't heard of it. Its called Paris?" He laughed as he watched me getting excited.


"Are you serious?!" I asked throwing myself at Justin, sitting on his knee, hugging him.


"Only for the weekend. But you need to go pack!" I kissed his cheek and ran off to pack my things.


Once packed we drove to the airport, how he got Scooter to agree to this, I don't know. We boarded the plane, and talked for the next 4 hours then, slept for the other 6 and a half. I was woken by the air hostess and he told me we had landed and that she thought Justin and I made a cute couple. While we were sleeping, we somehow found ourselves in each others arms, my head lay on his chest and my arms around his torso. He had his arm around my back and the other was on my legs that were laying over his.


"Justin? We've landed." I spoke, in my morning voice. He shook his head and pulled me into him tighter than before. He, then, fluttered his eyes open and smiled at me.


"Morning beautiful" His voice was hoarse and oh-so-sexy.


He stretched his arms above his head and I moved so I was no longer sitting on him. I stood up and stretched too, then we walked towards the airport to collect our luggage. Whilst we were waiting, Justin had his arms wrapped around my waist, from behind, and buried his head in the crook of my neck. Every so often, he kissed my cheek or neck causing my stomach to do somersaults. 


We got into a cab and it took us the our hotel, Villa & Hotel Majestic, it was beside the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Elysées. Justin went up to the desk, carrying our bags, and got us a room. We walked into the elevator and he exhaled deeply.


"You okay?" I asked, slightly concerned. He nodded and just as he did so the doors opened and we found our room.


It was huge and beautiful and there was only one bed, oh well. Justin dumped the bags on the floor and threw himself on the bed and sat beside him.


"Why don't you go get ready, and I'll take you out for lunch?" He smiled, propping himself up on his elbows.


I nodded and grabbed my bag and went into the bathroom. I had a shower and got dressed (outfit: I walked out to see Justin changed and ready to go.


"Did you not want a shower?" I asked, gesturing to the bathroom. He shook his head.


"I'll get one later." He said holding out his hand for me to take. We jumped into a cab and Justin started speaking french.


"Prendre moi et ma belle dame à Ladurée, s'il vous plaît?" He said, then sat back and put his arm around me and I looked at him and smiled.


"All I got from that was 'take me', 'lady' and 'please'" I giggled.


"You speak french?" He asked sounding very shocked.


"Oui. Je connais très peu le français." I laughed, and he nodded looking impressed.


We stopped in front of a very cute little cafe, Justin led me into it, intertwining our fingers, we sat down and had macarons. We walked around Paris for a while, talking.


"How on Earth did you manage to convince Scooter to let you take me here?" I asked, curiously.


"I told him it was to help you study for your French test, 'cause I'd been helping you and you sucked." I gasped and hit his arm playfully.


"I do not suck!" I protested. He put his hands up in surrender and laughed. After a while of walking around, Justin stood in front of me.


"Wait here" He said dropping my hands and running around the corner. Not even a minute later, he re-appeared holding a rose and he gave it to me. I smiled and bit my lip.


"Thank you" I said, taking his hand back in mine as we walked back to the hotel.


"We're going out again in an hour so getting ready" He said, kissing my cheek, making me blush slightly.


"Where are we going?" I asked going into my bag.


"I can't tell you. Just dress more fancy." He said walking into the bathroom not taking his gaze off of me until the door was closed.


I got dressed and took my hair out of the bun, which had made it go wavy, (outfit: Just then, Justin walked out in his towel. Droplets of water ran down his tanned and muscly body, I stared and bit my lip trying to stop myself from saying or doing anything.


"See something you like?" He asked, snapping me away from my thoughts and stopping my from mentally removing his towel.


"Erm...yeah" I said, then I realized what I had just said. "Sorry." I apologized, mentally slapping myself. He chuckled, checked me out and walked back into the bathroom. 


Moments later, he walked out looking very smart and he took my hand twirled my around then kissed my cheek.


"You look amazing!" He spoke as we got into the cab, I blushed. He whispered into the drivers ear and we headed for our destination. The car stopped and we got out and Justin took me around a corner and I was looking at The Moulin Rouge!


"No freakin' way!" He laughed at my enthusiasm. 


We watched the show, which was amazing!, then back into, yet another, cab. 20 minutes later we arrived at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower. Justin took me up and we had a meal. Afterwards we stood at the top and look out over Paris and talked. Justin had his arms wrapped around me and he was keeping me warm to be honest. A voilin player appeared and Justin and I started dancing. Once our evening was over, we went back to the hotel and just as I was getting into bed, Justin kissed me.


He begged for entrance which of course I allowed, I put my hand on the back of his neck and played with his hair, as I pulled out of the kiss, reluctantly, - but hey a girls got to breathe - I playfully bit his bottom lip and gently tugging. It felt like Justin was so focused on the kiss and nothing else in the world matters. His hands were resting on my hips, heading lower, to hold me where he wants me. Just the way he touched me, pulling me deeper into the kiss, made me close my eyes and, I swear to God, my body just melted and I became part of him. I'm not even sure if I remember my own name.


*2 Days Later*


We landed this morning and I went straight for a nap, jet lag. I woke up and it was 1pm, I walked into the living area and seen Justin and Cody playing X-Box.


"Hey, sleeping beauty!" Cody joked as I sat beside them both. Justin laughed, turning the TV off and they both stared at me intently, waiting for the verdict.



A/N: Oooo cliffhanger!

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