This Is How It Goes

My life was turned upside down, after my mothers sudden death, I was forced to meet and move in with my father. New place, new people, no Mother. Then add Justin Bieber...oh sorry, I forgot to mention, my dad is Scooter Braun.


25. Fireworks!

A/N: Before I get into the chapter, I just want to let you guys know I named the female character 'YN' so it could be personalized for everyone. However, A LOT of you largely responded to the fact I was going to change it and give her a name. I got LOADS of suggestions and they were all excellent, so thank you!! But in the end I drew names out of a hat (well actually it was my hands and my mum choose) and the winning name is.........Danielle!!! And that suggestion was from 'iminlovewithbieber'. I would just like to apologize now if I write 'YN' instead of 'Danielle' until I get used to it (: x


* Your (Danielle's) POV *


I walked back on to the bus after making up with Selena. Justin was standing right at the door and I accidentally walked into him.


"Oh, sorry" I said as he caught me just before I tripped. I clutched his forearms for support.


"Nah, it was my fault" He smiled still holding me, looking into my eyes. I smiled. We stood like that for about 10 seconds before Scooter interrupted. 


"Well, let's get you to bed." He said. He then pried Justin off of me "You don't seem to be very good on your feet" He escorted me to my bed, told me to get some rest and he'd see me in the morning.


Really Scooter? Your expecting me to sleep at 4:30pm?


* Justin's POV *


Scooter walked Dani back to her bunk. He turned back and glared at me. Ari looked up and witnessed this, she smiled awkwardly and returned to twitter or texting. I sat next to her and watched some TV.


* 2 Hours Later * 


Scooter finally left, I'm pretty sure the only reason he stayed was to keep me away from Dani. And he was right to do that, as soon as he left, I got up.


"I'm gonna go see if Dani is ok" I said to Ari, stretching my limbs.


"Okay, I think I'm gonna make some food so ask if she wants anything, please?" she smiled. I nodded and walked down the bus to her.


I pulled back the curtain and she sat there on her phone, her head quickly turned to look at me.


"Hey" she smiled, moving over.


"How'ya feeling?" I smiled back, getting on to her bed.


"Fine, but can you please stop babying me?" She sighed, throwing her head back. "I get that you're concerned but please can you at least treat me normally?" 


"Sorry, of course I will! I was just concerned, I mean, it was kinda my fault all this happened."


"Its not all your fault, its just as much mine" She smiled, slightly. God, I love that smile, and her eyes, and her hair but most of all her soft, kissable lips. The whole time I was thinking this, I was edging closer and closer to her. Just an inch away from her face now and I moved a bit of hair and kept my hand at the nape of her neck, I licked my lips in anticipation of felling he close to me once again. I moved closer I could feel her breath. She looked at my lips then my eyes. I edged closer so our lips were just touching, and no more. She closed her eyes and I plunged into the kiss. Fireworks!



A/N: Oooooo, thing are getting a bit steamy, hehe

Scooter wont be happy to hear this!

But what does this mean?

will they FINALLY get together??


Okay, so thanks SO much for reading and I'm on my holidays right now so I'll try to post every day for the next two weeks, failing that it'll be every two days (:


Don't forget to tell me what y'all think? I LOVE reading all the comments (:


LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!(: xxxxxxxx

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