This Is How It Goes

My life was turned upside down, after my mothers sudden death, I was forced to meet and move in with my father. New place, new people, no Mother. Then add Justin Bieber...oh sorry, I forgot to mention, my dad is Scooter Braun.


13. Fine!

*Justin's POV*


"Come on, Scooter! You promised!" I begged.


"Yeah, but that was before I had a daughter, Justin. I'm sorry." he said, completely dismissing me.


"Great(!) As always I'm put to the bottom of the pile." I muttered.


"What?" he said looking up from his computer.


"Nothing." I sighed.


I go on tour in tomorrow, and Scooter promised he would come because he's been spending a lot of time with his other acts, but now he's saying he can't because of YN. But the thing is, I want her to come. I've been thinking about what she said, and I want to show her before the tours over because I can't wait longer than that. I've worked it all out, the only way she could come is if she's on my bus because all the others are full. Therefore, giving us more time together and  for me to win her over.


I walked out of this office and into the kitchen and I seen YN eating a bowl of cereal.


"Hey" I smiled sitting at the breakfast bar. She smile quickly then returned to eating her cereal. We sat there in an awkward silence.


“ excited for tomorrow?” She asked, obviously sensing the awkwardness.



“Yeah! But it would be better if your dad kept his promise and came with me.” I shrugged off, knowing she wouldn't just drop it and would try to help.



“Why isn't he going?” She asked, furrowing her eyebrows.



“Because he has a daughter to look after.” I imitated Scooter, making her giggle slightly.



“Sorry...” I knitted my eyebrows together signalling for her to continue. “...well this is all my fault. If it wasn't for me, he would be going.”



This is nice. Getting to know each other and being able to talk without fighting. She smiled at me. Then I realized, we're being nice.



“Yeah, you're right. It is your fault.” I said, like the asshole I have to pretend to be until she's on tour with me.



She scoffed and got up and left.



*Your POV*



“Yeah, you're right. It is your fault.” He said, like the asshole he always has been.



I try to be nice to him, and it seems to be working, but no. He couldn't possibly be nice to another human being(!) I can't believe I thought he had changed. Urrg! He annoys me!



I scoffed and walked away, heading for Scooter's office. I walked in shut the door behind myself, and sighed in annoyance of what I was about to do.



“Woah! What's up with you?” Scooter chuckled, raising his hands in surrender.



“That boy! Who does he think he is! I be the bigger person and try and help him and he's still a giant asshole!” I vented.



“Hey! Language!” I said sternly, being all fatherly.



“Sorry. But he is.” I said, sitting oppisite him.



“So, what was your little plan?” He said, trying to look, and sound, like an evil master-mind.



“I was going to say, why don't I just come on tour? That way you can can still look after me and keep your promise. But there's no way, that's happening now!”



“That's not a bad idea.” He said, leaning forward in his chair.



“No. Not happening!” I stated.



“Yes, happening.” He replied, and I could just see us sitting there all day doing this, neither one of us giving up.



“Fine!” I caved. “As long as I don't have to spent time with him!” And with that, I got up and stormed to my room to begin packing.



*The Next Day*



We had just arrived where the buses were parked up and waiting for us. I followed Scooter for a while, he was telling all the crew members and dancers etc which bus they were on, he then turned to me and pointed to the bus I was on. I walked into the bus and seen none other than, Justin. 



*Justin's POV*



I was sitting playing X-Box when the bus door opened, I paused it and looked up and seen YN with all of her bags. Looks like we're sharing. This is even better than what I had planned!




A/N: Ooooo they're sharing a bus! 

How did Scooter let that happen?!

Will Justin win her over or will having to spend more time with him make her hatred grow?


Sorry for not posting last night, I had Wi-Fi issues and then I decided to make it longer.


Thank you so much for reading and commenting, as always, I LOVE reading them and thanks for all the likes and favorites too!!




Big Happy Birthday to Mrs.MariaBieber! Hope you have a great day and get everything you want! xxxx


LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3 :)

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