You're All Mine (Percabeth Fan-fic)

This is a just a Percabeth fan-fiction. The "great months of dating" between Percy and Annabeth. So, um, yeah. I'm warning you... It's going to be very cheesy. And, may I say? There's a likely change there will be making out in each chapter. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Disclaimer: If I owned PJO, would I be doing fanfics here?


14. This Can't Be True



I spun around, tearing my mouth away from the Apollo kid's.

Percy stood staring at us with an expression I'll never forget; his mouth hung slightly open, his cheeks were flushed and his eyes-oh his eyes... Big and blank, they looked so sad.

Tears welled in his sea-green eyes and I felt my heart shatter.

"Percy-" I began as he turned away. "It's not what you think."

"Yeah, sure Wise Girl, cause nothing ever is."

My sweet nickname sounded like vile in his mouth. The amount of anger in his voice surprised me.

"Percy? Percy, wait!"

I ran after him, but he had the head start. Besides, it was hard to run when you had an Apollo kid clinging to your arm.

"Annabeth, leave him. I'm way better and you know it." he said.

"I don't even know your name!" I cried.

You may be wondering what I was doing kissing a gut whose name I didn't even know, but in my defence; I wasn't!

He kissed me!

Yes, yes, I know that's a typical cheater's response. You know the truth, though. I would never cheat on Percy. I don't care what Athena says.

I turned away from the boy and sprinted after Percy, who was already in his cabin.

"Percy? Percy, open up!"

People had started to gather.

"Leave me alone, Annabeth!" Percy shouted from the inside. I could hear the tears in his voice and my eyes started to fill up as well.

"But Per-"

I broke off abruptly as Seaweed Brain opened the door.

"It's over between us, Annabeth. For real." Percy glared at me then slammed the door.

His words echoed in my head. It's over. For real.

This can't be true. It just can't.

MWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I understand you are all probably very mad at me, but just remember I'm a Percabeth shipper, so I won't do them(too much) harm.


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