You're All Mine (Percabeth Fan-fic)

This is a just a Percabeth fan-fiction. The "great months of dating" between Percy and Annabeth. So, um, yeah. I'm warning you... It's going to be very cheesy. And, may I say? There's a likely change there will be making out in each chapter. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Disclaimer: If I owned PJO, would I be doing fanfics here?


10. Romeo And Juliet


"What's wrong, Wise Girl?" Percy held me tight, stroking my hair.

I shivered. I couldn't speak for fear that I would burst into tears. Percy rocked me back and forth. I held on tight, not wanting to let him go.

"Is it Athena?" Percy's voice was warm and gentle. "Did she hurt you?" his voice got sharper. I loved that Percy cared about me, but I couldn't let him get hurt.

My boyfriend cupped my face, but I bit my lip, not looking him in the eye. I didn't want to relive that scene. How could my mother be so cruel?

I buried my face in Pecy's chest, seeking his warmth.

"Come on," I felt Percy slip his arms around my shoulders and lead me away. I didn't know where we were going, but I trusted him.

Percy sat me down on a bench in a garden. Demeter's work. I stared straight ahead, moving my gaze down when he crouched before me.

Seaweed Brain took my hands in his. "Are you okay?" he asked. I wiped my eyes ands took a few deep breaths. Percy brushed my hair out of my eyes.

"I hate her." I whispered under my breath. I didn't care if she could hear. I didn't care if Athena was watching. "She's a terrible mother."

Percy waited.

I sniffed and tried to pull myself together. I was Annabeth Chase. I was supposed to be strong.

"She-she said th-that she would-she would... If we didn't break up, then... I don't want you to get hurt." I finally managed to get out. Tears burned behind my eyes.

Percy sat down and pulled me onto his lap. "We'll always be together." he whispered in my ear. I snuggled against his chest, finally letting the tears free.

Percy was acting strangely calm as he buried his nose in my hair and kissed the top of my head.

"She'll blast you." I murmured.

"No she won't."

"She said..."

"Your mother wouldn't do that to you! You're too beautiful!"

"Percy, there's a reason why no one calls you Romeo. You suck at expressing your "undying love". I chuckled faintly.

"Well, Juliet, your mom doesn't seem to approve of our relationship. I must be doing something right." He raised his eyebrows.

I giggled harder.

Yeah. We were the modern Romeo and Juliet. We would get through this together.

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