Marcy is a vampire huntress who's only target is the worst vampires in the world... ONE DIRECTION?! So when she ready to kill Zayn falls for her. Will she go off and kill or fall in love? So what happens when she has the blood they've been looking for?

A/N: This story is also available on wattpad. Some parts are different a little, but it's the same story I promise...


20. What are hybrids?

Skylar's POV

I keep hearing everyone talk about these hybrids. What the heck are those? I guess someone will tell me eventually or soon. I walked to the backyard just to sit on the grass and look at the sky. To me that really clears the mine of negative energy. I just want to relax. Then I feel someone sit next to me I turn to see that it's Niall. I kind of want to know what he see's in me. I just don't feel as pretty as he tells me. He's perfect and I have to many flaws to list. I just brought myself down, but I got to get out the question.

"Niall what do you like about me? You could have any girl in the world why me?" He looks at me and smiles. To me that smile can brighten the darkest days. "I know I probably could have any girl, but I got you and your not just any other girl your my princess." That was the sweetest thing ever, I was about to say something else until he smashed his lips against mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck, he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him.

We pulled apart and I put my head on his chest. For awhile we just lay there on the grass, "wait Skylar why are you out here?" I giggled, "I just came out here to release negative energy." We both got up, but I stayed outside. When I sat up, I felt something being wrapped around my mouth then everything went dark.


Well this should be good.


Marcy's POV

Zayn was in my room he slept here last night which is weird because his room is right down the hall. We were still laying in bed I looked up and he smiled at me. He kissed my head, I take his hand in mine. I think we've been through a lot it's just nice to have one day to relax. I feel him get up, "Louis just texted me, we have an interview I have to go Love." I stood up and he stood in front of me. He put his arm around my waist, "I love you." I smile and look into his eyes, "I love you too." With that he kissed me on the lips and left.

After the door slammed shut I went downstairs to watch TV. I looked outside and Skylar was gone. I ran outside, "Sky?" I looked around some more, but she wasn't around. She was always outside in this time of day. I went back inside the house to see if she went in or something. I'm really worried. Then something was wrapped around my mouth. I started screaming, but couldn't get anything out. I looked in front of me and I saw Matt. He ran up to me, "shut up and we won't kill you." He says while pointing a gun at my face. Then I was out like a light.


I felt a tear slide down my face because I knew what was coming.


Niall's POV

The interview didn't take that long they just asked us about our new albums and tours coming up. Plus social lives Zayn and I said we were dating people, Louis said he was married to Eleanor. We didn't really go into detail about our girlfriends though. We came home and it was quiet too quiet. Zayn walked upstairs to look for Marcy I went outside to see if Skylar was still there, but she was gone. I walked  around and there was no sign of her.

Did they go anywhere without telling us? Did they go for a bite? I answered both of my questions when I saw Skylar's phone on the ground. We couldn't find Marcy's so Zayn called it. He was talking to someone but it wasn't Marcy. I think I heard Matt or something. He got off the phone, he looked at me. We all sat in the living room, we all just kinda looked at each other. Liam looked at Zayn, "Zayn are you gonna tell us what happened or do we have to read your mind?"

Zayn just stares at the ground, "we have to go against the hybrids. I know there stronger then us, but what choice do we have. I don't think there gonna hand them over as easy as they did last time. If worst comes to worst you can use your abilities, but just strength in the beginning." We all nodded, hybrids are faster and stronger then us, but they don't have powers like us. We really don't know how hybrids form, but they are not good news.

We had to head to a forest it would take to long to drive. We all headed out when Zayn stopped and Louis almost ran into him. We looked around and saw a lot of dead bodies. I guess that meant we were getting closer. I just hope we weren't too late.


Skylar's POV

I opened my eyes and my mouth was burning. I looked around and noticed I was in an empty room with Marcy. I looked down and I was strapped to a chair. Pencils held down my hands and I'm pretty sure there's vervain on my face covering. Marcy had the same thing except she had a little more restraint. "Mm mmm mmm!!!" Well I meant wake up, but it didn't come out that way. Her head shot up and I guess she was screaming.

Then we were in a mind conversation, 'WHAT ARE WE DOING HERE!?!?' Jeez could she be any louder, 'yeah Marcy I know how your feeling, but your screaming in my head. Woman keep it down.' She took a breath, 'sorry it's just the stuff on my mouth burns like hell. These pencils burn too. How are we suppose to get out?' I'm not the one with the special skills. 'Why are you asking me your the one who can fight.'

She started moving around a lot, then some random guy came in. Marcy stopped moving and her eyes widened. He started walking up to me, "you look a little confused, I'm Matt." I'm guessing he was Australian by the sound of his accent. He slowly takes the cloth thing off, "who are you or what are you?" He put his hand on me and rubbed his thumb on my cheek, "I'm your worst nightmare."

He pulled his hand back and went over to Marcy. He raised his hand and slapped her across the face. "What the hell?!" She turned and started shaking her head. Then I heard a bang and Matt went running out the door. Marcy yanked her arms up ripped out the pencils in her hand and literally pulled off her restraints with all her strength. She untied the cloth which was weird because she could've just pulled it off.

She came over to me and untied the ropes, "they really thought you were that weak. I'm pretty sure your a lot stronger than ropes. So this would be a good time to use your teleporting. They are a lot stronger and better then us but they don't have powers so use yours." I never fought any one especially someone I don't know. I grabbed her shoulder before she ran out the door, "Marcy I don't fight please you have to help me."

She nodded, "just stay with me or one of the guys don't try to wonder off or they'll corner you and then your screwed." She put her hair up and ran out. It was like a frickin' battle field out here. So many of them and so little of us. She started running and I lost Marcy. Then I saw three coming at me, I had to run I was not about to get my ass kicked.

Everyone else had killed there  person, I guess. They all came at me, this random chick got me on the ground she was about to rip my head off and I could hear my neck cracking. "Your boyfriend can't help you now princess." I am not leaving Niall this way, "not today sweetheart." I flashed from under her and was behind her I ripped her heart out. Really surprised she had one. Everyone had taken them down. I felt useless everyone killed all these people and I barely ripped someone's heart out.

This sucks. Whatever I'm just glad to be alive. I hate violence, but it's part of life I gotta live with it. Everyone went back to the house. I went up to my room I really didn't feel like talking downstairs because I knew they were gonna talk about it. Whatever I'm alive I have Niall and to me that's all that matters.


A/N: Sorry for really long chapter and sucky ending, but hope you like it :)

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