Marcy is a vampire huntress who's only target is the worst vampires in the world... ONE DIRECTION?! So when she ready to kill Zayn falls for her. Will she go off and kill or fall in love? So what happens when she has the blood they've been looking for?

A/N: This story is also available on wattpad. Some parts are different a little, but it's the same story I promise...


30. Weekend in Malibu

Zayn's POV

I decided to rent a beach house in Malibu because I wanted to propose to Marcy. I love her so much and want to be with her forever. I got her the perfect ring it's a halo engagement ring setting with round diamonds 14K Gold. It's beautiful, but she can beat it any day. I woke up and had forgotten I slept in Marcy's room and she had fell asleep on my chest. I just laid there watching her sleep she was so beautiful. She started moving around then looked up at me seeing her beautiful blue eyes made me smile.

She took a breathe and said, "Zayn what time is our flight?" I looked at my phone then said, "In like twenty minutes." We looked at each other for a minute then got up really fast. She walked to the her closet for a couple minutes the came back in short blue jean shorts with black leggings under them and a muscle shirt that said 'Amazayn'. She walked up to me I put my arms around her waist and said, "you look beautiful." She leaned down and kissed me. We got our bags and headed out the.

When we got to the airport we headed to the jet. It was going to be a long flight and Marcy had fallen asleep with her and in mine. When we landed I woke her up and said, "we're here love."


Marcy's POV

After we left the airport we got in a limo and were driven to a beautiful beach house. We got out of the cab and Zayn had the key to the house. The door opened and I looked around this place was beautiful. It was pretty late so me and Zayn went upstairs. The room was beautiful and had a beautiful view that would probably look better in the morning. I changed in to my PJ's then laid down and fell asleep.

I woke up in the morning I saw the most beautiful thing. The window was most of the wall so the view was even better. I went downstairs to just look around this house was so pretty. I went out to the balcony just looking then I hear Zayn coming and he stands right next to me. He looks at me and says, "Marcy get changed let head down to the beach." I had brought a bathing suit, but remembered I had the scars on my back.

That is the only thing I hate about myself now. I need to enjoy this who cares, I walked upstairs to get my bikini. It was just a regular black on nothing special. I walked outside and out the huge gate. The beach was beautiful and the water was really blue. I looked around some more then saw Zayn sitting on a blanket in the sand. I walked over to him and sat down next to him. "You look beautiful love." He slowly starts to rub my back, I tense up because his hand is running over the scars.

I get up really quickly and say, "c'mon lets get in the water." I grab his hand and walk to the beach. We get to the water then I feel Zayn splash water at me, so I splash back. After hours of swimming and tanning (yes Zayn knows how to swim it's the future he has to learn sometime). We finally left the beach Zayn said he had to do something so I just stayed in the pool. I just sat there thinking and watching the sky get dark. I had a lot to think about, taking away my humanity, Liam loving me, food and Zayn.

I didn't want to get all wrinkly so I decided to get out of the pool. I walked inside then started seeing rose petals scattered, obviously I would follow them. I go upstairs through the halls and to the room, I slowly open the door. I look around the place is covered in rose petals, then I see the window it says 'Marry me?' I can feel myself tear up a little because he did this for me. Then I feel a gush of wind and the writing is gone. Out of nowhere I feel Zayn's arms wrapped around my waist.

He whispers, "so will you?" The words sent chills down my body so I slowly say, "of course." I turned around to hug him, he slowly pulled away grabbed my hand and slid the ring on my finger. I looked at it and it was gorgeous. He smiles and leaned in connecting our lips. Our lips moving in sync like they were made for each other. My hands were wrapped around his neck and his hands were already around my waist. The kiss got more and more intense soon he threw me on the bed without breaking the kiss.

He slid his tongue across my bottom lips asking for entrance. I wanted to mess with him a little so I didn't let him in. He pulled back and smirked he started kissing my neck then he found my sweet spot. I gasped and he took the opportunity. We were making out the moment was to good soon our clothes were on the floor. I felt  better then I could ever imagine and the best part is I did this with my fiancé.

The next morning I woke up then remembered what had happen yesterday and last night. I went to the closet and put some clothes on. After I picked some clothes I took a shower and just let the water run down my body. After about twenty minutes I got out and put on my clothes. I wore a plaid shirt with black skinny jeans and black high top converse. I went downstairs over to the kitchen when I saw Zayn with food. I walked over to him I didn't really feel like eating.

For some reason I just wasn't hungry. I smile at him and he says, "so our flight is like in twenty minutes. Are you hungry I got food?" I shook my head 'no' I looked around some more I was gonna miss this place it's so beautiful and right next to the beach. Well a good has to come to an end sometime. Our stuff was already packed up so we headed out the door and got a cab. We got on the jet and went back home.


But taking away my emotions still crossed my mind. What's wrong with me?


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