Marcy is a vampire huntress who's only target is the worst vampires in the world... ONE DIRECTION?! So when she ready to kill Zayn falls for her. Will she go off and kill or fall in love? So what happens when she has the blood they've been looking for?

A/N: This story is also available on wattpad. Some parts are different a little, but it's the same story I promise...


26. Vegas Life

Zayn's POV

I think Skylar's plan is brilliant I hope it works. It's weird that Marcy never talks about her dad maybe it'll help her a lot. We planned all the reservations, no surprise Marcy has an Mlife card. All Marcy knows is that we're taking a trip. We leave tomorrow I don't know how, but Skylar already has Marcy's Mlife card. I hope Harry didn't tweet about it, I love the fans but I don't want to get mobbed by just walking down the street. Our fans are so dedicated we might just see a few anyway.

So everyone heads to sleep, the next morning we all wake up eat breakfast and head to the airport. We used our private jet that has eight seats someone has to sit by themselves. We all sit in our seats and I see Liam sitting by himself. I get up and sit next to him, "are you alright mate?" He looked at me, I think he's been really sad lately. "I don't know I'll be fine though." "Just have fun and you'll be alright." I go back to my seat next to Marcy. When the plane land we get off at the gate and what do you know like 100 fans are at the airport.

Can't blame them for being dedicated. Then we head through the crowd and into the limo. I look over at Marcy and for some reason she puts on sunglasses when it's night time. "Why the sunglasses?" She smiles, " you'll see later." We get to the hotel which is the Aria. Marcy gets out of the limo and heads over to the lobby to get the room. After like ten minutes she comes back, "What rooms did you book?" She giggled, "Not room sky villa. Let's just say my grandparents passed down the gambling jean. Plus the Mlife card my mom has is in my name instead of hers."

She gives us all a key we all just follow her to the villa. When we get there it's the best thing I've ever seen. It was two stories with a lot of couches and really big rooms. It only had three rooms but the rooms had couches so no one would feel lonely in the living room. This villa had everything it was almost like a real house. We were gonna be there for a week so we're gonna have a good time. Everyone sets up there stuff, then we meet up in the living room to figure out what we're gonna do.

Marcy's POV

I'm so happy that I get to visit my hometown. I did live in a hotel because that's wear my mom worked. I lived in the Bellagio for quite some time then she was offered another in England. After a couple of years of being in England my mom told me about vampires. She said that some are after her because she's a witch. They finally catch up to her and the rest is too horrible to say. I think I was 15 when I started training.

She left me everything and no on knew who I was so no on had authority to take it away from me so really I was invisible to the world. I didn't need school since I had all the books I needed and they couldn't arrest my parents for me not going to school for obvious reasons. Anyways enough about me lets show these people how to have fun in Vegas.

"Ok guys first we'll go eat then we'll go to the gold lounge on the promenade. Then tomorrow we'll plan something after everyone's hangover." They all laughed and we headed to the buffet because unfortunately for Niall Vegas doesn't have Nando's. We eat for awhile and laugh and tell stories. We head back to the room to get dressed for the gold lounge. I'm just gonna wear a short strapless black dress with sweet heart neckline with jeweled accent.

I hate walking in heels but apparently to Skylar none of my shoes match my dress so I have to borrow her black stilettos. She's gonna wear a high-low halter dress, she chose white. Not her best option if she plans drinking and dancing, but whatever. After everyone is dressed we head down to the gold lounge. I know people a the lounge so it's easy to get a table, I sit at the table I'm not much of a dancer.

Everyone goes off to dance I don't drink much either but it's fun to see Skylar drunk. She's not drunk yet but I can't wait. Zayn comes and sits next to me, "are you gonna dance love?" I smiled, "nope, I'm just gonna drink a little someone has to help the drunk people to the room. You go have fun I'll be alright." He walked off  to the boys. After hours of alcohol and loud music I find everyone and we leave.

It was actually pretty fun, let's check the list Sky is drunk, Niall is drunk, Harry and Louis are definitely drunk. Zayn is tipsy but not as drunk as Niall. Liam is actually not drunk he drank but is alright to carry someone up stairs. I carry Skylar, Zayn carries Niall and Liam is stuck carrying Louis and Harry. We finally get to the floor I just flop Skylar on the couch and Zayn and Liam do  the same thing. I think these are gonna be the best five days ever.


A\N: Obviously there is going to be a second part to this chapter. So if you don't know THERE WILL BE A SECOND PART TO THIS CHAPTER!! I'll update soon... (:

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