Marcy is a vampire huntress who's only target is the worst vampires in the world... ONE DIRECTION?! So when she ready to kill Zayn falls for her. Will she go off and kill or fall in love? So what happens when she has the blood they've been looking for?

A/N: This story is also available on wattpad. Some parts are different a little, but it's the same story I promise...


11. Skills

Marcy's POV

I've always been that kind of person that you can come to with advice. I don't really ask for it unless I really need it. I got another job as a photographer. I take pics for celebs, but I'm not a paparazzi. I do photo shoots and sometimes magazine covers. I decided I really didn't want to be a doctor. Anyways my life is really on track right now.

I walk downstairs, then see food on the table, set and everything. I walk over to the table then Zayn appears. "Wow this looks nice." I smiled, then sat down. "Well today you get to know the boys for who they really are. So we are gonna go to our house and hang out." I never really thought about what the boys were really like other than being vampires. "That sound great."

I got up went upstairs to go change. I wore my denim button up top, black skinny jeans and black flats. I walked downstairs out the door and got into Zayn's car. When we got there this house was huge. It even had an infinite pool. I got out and followed Zayn, we walked in everyone was just sitting there. Louis turned off the tv, then everyone stared at me.

"I know the way we met was weird, but lets forget it and just start for real." They all smiled, I sat down and now it's awkard. Then Liam asks, "are you from here?" "No I'm originally from Las Vegas, but my mom and I moved here because her job relocated her." I've always wanted to know this, "What powers do y'all have?" They all smirked.

Oh great here we go. Niall says, "we all have the same powers, but each one of us has one special power." Then Harry says,"Our same powers are speed,strength, seduction and mind reading. We don't really use seduction because we obviously don't need it." They all started laughing.

When they stopped laughing Zayn said  "Everyone of us has our own special powers. Liam has electricity, Niall can influence the elements, Louis has the power over minds, Harry can shape shift and I can heal people other than myself. We are all born vampires which makes us originals. If someone bit you you'd be a new born then you'd be a regular vamp."

I didn't know they were originals, I always remember you can't kill originals with a wooden steak. You can either rip there heart out or rip there head off and niether one of those is easy. Louis smiles,"So we told you what we can do now what can you do?" I giggled,"I have a very specific set of skills and I'm a witch." Liam said "Well what are your specific of skills?"

"Well I can't show y'all I'm not as strong as a vampire. I'm just really good at fighting and using weapons. Nothing special." We all just sat there and talked for a while. It was fun getting to know them, they acted like real humans. After like four hours Zayn took me home.

"I had a really good time getting to know the boys. They are very interesting." He chuckled "I'm glad you liked the boys. It was a fun date, but I'm going to plan a real date for just you and me." I smiled, then kissed him. Today was a really good day, maybe one day I'll get to show them my skills. Now I can't wait for our official first date.


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