Marcy is a vampire huntress who's only target is the worst vampires in the world... ONE DIRECTION?! So when she ready to kill Zayn falls for her. Will she go off and kill or fall in love? So what happens when she has the blood they've been looking for?

A/N: This story is also available on wattpad. Some parts are different a little, but it's the same story I promise...


36. Pain and Depression

Zayn's POV

This process will hurt me, more than it hurts Marcy. I just can't stand to see her in pain, but now she'll be okay because she won't be a vampire. "Zayn, there are some things I need to prepare you for before we go along with this. Marceline is about to go through very intense pain and she's going to beg for you, when you don't do what she wants her mood will change faster than the speed of light. We are also going to pull her memories out of her head and she's a very troubled girl there are some sides to her that you have never seen, but no matter how bad it gets I want you to stay. Do you understand Zayn?"

"I understand mother." I look around my mother to see Doniya chaining Marcy to a chair. "Take her daylight ring too Doniya," I hear my mother say from behind. When Doniya was finished, my mom started the ritual. "The first step is making her feel the most human emotions which is fear and pain. We have to weaken all her abilities using pain." I looked up and noticed a huge curtain. I saw my mom nod to Doniya to which she walked over a rope and pulled it. Screams of agony echoed through the house, "ZAYN PLEASE HELP ME!" My mom gave me a knowing look, "AHHH FUCK YOU ZAYN! I NEVER LOVED YOU!" She screamed while yanking on her chains and her eyes turned red.

That last comment hurt, but like my mom said I can't take it to heart. "Close the curtains," I hear my mother say and Doniya quickly pulls them close. My mom pulls Marcy's face to stare into her eyes, "you've been drinking vervain!" Marcy quickly pulls away from my mother's grasp, "no I haven't, she made me. She would take them and I had to feel the pain of it pour down my throat, trust me I had no say in the matter." My mother shook her head, "we can't tap into your memories without using compulsion, we'll have to bleed out the vervain from your system. Zayn take her to the basement." I walk over to Marcy, I break the chains around her arms and legs.

She tries to stand up herself, but is too weak and falls into my arms. I quickly lift her up bridal style, "Zayn I've never been in more pain, please make it stop. I've never heard of a spell using these elements, such torture has ever been done in a ritual," Marcy whispered. "It'll be alright darling. When it's all over you'll be a witch and you won't be the thing you hate the most." She looked up at me, "I may hate vampires, but I do love you Zayn with all my heart. Maybe when this is over we can finally get married." She says weakly and I give her a soft smile. When we get down the basement stairs, there are chains hanging from the ceiling attached to cuffs.

I let out a sigh, I place her feet on the ground so she could stand. I take one hand and lock it in one of the cuffs then do the same thing to the other. When Doniya and my mother enter the basement, my sister has a smirk on her face. "Well little bro, it's my turn to inflict pain and I already have a volunteer." I see her pull out a knife and strolls over to Marcy, "Now in order to get drain the poison from your blood we have to start from the major arteries." Instead of going for an actual artery she made huge gashes on both of Marcy's hands. Marcy gasps and her eyes turn completely black. "What are you doing!?" I say slightly fuming, my sister looks back at me,

"I'm simply deactivating her powers." Doniya takes the knife and makes a slash across Marcy's neck letting the blood drip down her shirt. I look towards her face and see red marks, but wasn't surprised because I knew her tears burned her face for some reason. She was gasping for air when my sister made another slash across her stomach, ripping her shirt. Two more one on each arm then a last one down her back. "That should be enough," Doniya stated evilly. At this point I could here Marcy's heavy breathing, "it hurts *gasps* it hurts so much." I caressed her cheek and whispered, "it's almost over I promise."

After waiting for what seemed like forever, my mother finally instructed her to unchain her and bring her back to the living room. When I unchain one of her arms she falls limp into my arms revealing multiple scars on her back. I stand her up a little then unchain her other arm then I slowly pick her up and carry her back upstairs. "The scars you saw are from when I was stuck in a coven for three days. I had finally managed to escape before I died, but still managed to kill every single vampire in that coven." She said weakly, "Zayn I want you to know that the things you see are going to be hard to look at, but I want you to be strong for me." After she warned me her eyes turned red and she began to struggle.

I used vampire speed to quickly chain her in the chair. My mother entered the room with Marcy's promise ring in her hand. She squeezed the ring in her hand and blew the dust in Marcy's face. Marcy immediately stopped moving and my mom started saying more words I couldn't understand. The dust from the ring evaporated into the air and images started running through in colorful bursts of light. "Pain." as soon as my mother said that word the whole room turned black. That's when horror struck, flashes of Marcy getting kidnapped, tortured or feeding on countless humans. When I looked at Marcy tears were streaming down her face, and all the pain she had felt was being inflicted on her.

The memories started slowing down and getting longer. From Jade torturing her in Louis' body to her dad taking her from her mom. When the last one finally came it was when her mom was being murdered by her dad. After that was done her head dropped and she was breathing heavily. "Fear," the room quickly turned red and the cloud showed an image of herself. Out of nowhere Harry came in and bit her neck. the room then erupted in screams. Then it was that hybrid and I, once that came up she started talking, "no Zayn please! Don't do this to me!" I could hear my heart breaking for her.

Derek came into her mind and she was on the ground. Derek then started to kick her in the ribs and he grabbed her and threw her down the stairs. Another memory quickly flashed it was her on the ground with her clothes tattered and hickies on her pale skin. Then I realized what had happened and tears ran down my cheeks. Once the memory finished the room ran white and the dust from the ring started glowing. It then turned into a knife my mom then took the knife and stabbed Marcy in the heart. She lurched forward and gasped her eyes slowly turning blue. My mother then ripped the knife out and Marcy went limp.

I then ran to her and started to unchain her. Marcy then lifted her head up and I gazed into her eyes noticing the piercing blue. Marcy looked back at me and smiled lovingly. She leaned forward and connected our lips wrapping her arms around my neck. She pulled away and whispered,


"I love you so fucking much."


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