Marcy is a vampire huntress who's only target is the worst vampires in the world... ONE DIRECTION?! So when she ready to kill Zayn falls for her. Will she go off and kill or fall in love? So what happens when she has the blood they've been looking for?

A/N: This story is also available on wattpad. Some parts are different a little, but it's the same story I promise...


19. Mistakes

Marcy's POV

After what happened that week I think I'm done with emotions. Well I can't get rid of them entirely, but I have to keep them down. No more frenzies I'm done with uncontrollable emotions. I opened my window and it was cloudy outside, in Vegas it was always sunny. Over here it's pretty cloudy, I haven't seen Vegas forever or at least I haven't seen it ever since I left. Okay brining myself down isn't the best way to relax.

Then I start thinking about what happened to Emma I wish I really knew what happened to her. She was a really good friend even though we weren't friends for that long. It just got weird and we ended up going separate ways then we ended up going to the same college. I wish she didn't die the way she did. Oh well can't take back the past, like my mom use to say what happens in the past stays in the past.

Man I sound boring, enough of being depressing.

I walked downstairs to see everyone sitting on the couch. "Hey Marcy remember when you beat Skylar at that training thing. Well Skylar's a girl so it was easier for you to beat her. Why don't you try beating one of the guys." Harry says smirking. "Well if you want me to kick your ass why don't you just say so." Everyone was laughing, "if you think you can beat me lets go. One on one no powers." I roll my eyes.

"Fine but remember you asked for it. Well I don't want just you to get your ass kicked why don't the others join us." Everyone seemed up to it so we went in the back yard. Skylar looks at us, "so who's up first?" Niall slowly walks in front of me. I smile. He ran towards me but I moved and jabbed him in the side. Then grabbed his arm and twisted it behind his back.

Louis laughed, "wow Niall that was quicker then I thought!" Niall looks at me, "how did you do that so fast?" I look at him, "years of training to kill on your own. You always have to keep your mind open for any line of attack. In other words swift moves." Next was Louis he smirked like he was a better fighter then me. Well lets show him.

I ran towards him and slid on the ground making him fall face first, plus getting major grass stains. He was on the ground and put my foot on him, "hmm quicker then I thought." I laughed then helped him up. Liam stood there just looking at me, I think I have to realize Liam might possibly fight back. Or maybe like the softy he is doesn't hit girls. Well I'll have to find out.

I took a breath, next thing I know Liam takes a swing at me good thing I dodged it that would've hit me in the jaw. Then I'm in a head lock, I know situations like this. I grabbed his waist, that's probably what he wasn't expecting because he loosened. I got a tighter grip and flipped him over me. He just lay on his back, "don't loosen your grip, that gives me the advantage." I held my hand out to help him up. He got up and brushed himself off.

Then Zayn smiled at me, hmm I hope this goes better than I think it will. "Love I'm not gonna go easy on you." I smirked, "neither will I." I walked close to him then dropped and slid my foot under him tripping him. He hit the ground and I looked at him, "you look cute with messy hair." His eyes widened, "WHAT my hair's messed up?" I laughed. He got up and brushed himself off.

Last was Harry I don't know if this was gonna be hard or easy. He punched me straight across the face. Ouch. I swung my foot and kicked him across the face. He stepped back and tackled me. I kicked him off me, but what happened next was the thing that bothered me the most. I grabbed him and my hand kept pushing harder on his face. Then his face started cracking, "YOU DID THIS TO ME YOU RUINED MY LIFE!!!!" They pulled me off him so I wouldn't kill him. They took me back to my room to so I can get under control.

I guess that really set off my emotions. I feel bad I don't know what came over me. I hate crying, but I can't stop the tears from coming down. My human tears burn my face because technically I'm still human in a way, well I mean I still have my humanity. Then I hear my door open, and it's Harry. "Marcy are you ok?" I looked at him, "your still talking to me after what I did to you?"

He sat down on the floor next to me. "I know how you feel and I felt terrible for what I did to you. That's probably what's been making you a little edgy about your emotions. Plus your like a sister to me I couldn't just ignore you because of one accident. You don't have to cry or feel guilty it's alright I kinda deserved it." I smiled at him. We both got up and hugged.


 still feel bad though I guess I can push that down with the rest of my feelings.


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