Marcy is a vampire huntress who's only target is the worst vampires in the world... ONE DIRECTION?! So when she ready to kill Zayn falls for her. Will she go off and kill or fall in love? So what happens when she has the blood they've been looking for?

A/N: This story is also available on wattpad. Some parts are different a little, but it's the same story I promise...


8. Kidnapped

Marcy's POV

I hope this day had no drama, this is a day I worked. Nothing bad could happen other than one of my patients dying. After my surgery I got off work because it was 12:00. I got in my car and drove back to my house. When I got there I went in and locked the door. I walked upstairs, went to my room changed and came out. I was at the tip of the stairs when I was pushed. I was on the floor and my head was killing me. Then I was kicked and slid to the back of the couch.

I looked up, I didn't even know who it was. "What the hell are you doing and how did you find me?" He laughed "I'm the leader of the pack, my name is Jay. I know you hang out with those blood suckers, you even smell like one of them." I guess Zayn scented my necklace when he fixed it. I looked around and everything went dark.

Zayn's POV

I haven't talk to Marcy since she flashed here for us to help her with Emma. It's hard not to think about her she's beautiful, she has deep blue eyes, but black hair. Actually I haven't heard of her in a while. I was now worried. I walked over to Louis, "Lou, can you look with Marcy's eyes?" He looked confused "Why? So you can see if she's talking about you." Everyone laughed. Louis can control anyone's mind. So if he can't see through Marcy's eyes she's either dead or unconcious. He can make you see do or hear anything he wants.

He stopped laughing we all could read minds and we know she's in trouble. We all got up and used vamp speed to get to her house. She wasn't there, but I could smell something familiar. Werewolves. They probably found her because the scent of her necklace. We all ran to where the packs stayed. We got there and went in.

When we walked in they were just sitting there. Jay came up to us, Liam went up to him and electrocuted. "Where is she?" He looked up "In the basement. We don't need her she fights back to much." We went downstairs and saw her on the floor with a knife in her side. I picked her up, then we left. The wolves all smelled horrible.

We took her to her house. We got there, I went up to her room and layed her down. I yanked the knife out of her side. She slowly woke up, after I healed her wound. "That sucked and I thought I hated vampires.The weirdest was I don't even know why he got me. Well his pack beat me up, but I didn't just sit there I fought a little, then some bitch came and stabbed me. Then I got dizzy and fell." I know why they took her, the pack hate the fact that some humans see the good in vampires.

I'm just glad to see her blue eyes. One day we'll fight the packs along with some more vamps, but for now I want Marcy to be mine. Lets just hope she loves me as much as I love her.


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