Marcy is a vampire huntress who's only target is the worst vampires in the world... ONE DIRECTION?! So when she ready to kill Zayn falls for her. Will she go off and kill or fall in love? So what happens when she has the blood they've been looking for?

A/N: This story is also available on wattpad. Some parts are different a little, but it's the same story I promise...


16. Emotions

Marcy's POV

I never thought I'd become a vampire it's just weird. I have to leave I can't be in my house any longer now that I'm dead, my human life is past me. I looked around my empty room then walked downstairs. Went out the door and closed it. I walked over to Zayn, "you'll be alright Love." I looked up at him and smiled. We got in his car and went back to the house.

When we got to the house, Zayn showed me to my room. I went to my closet and changed into my training clothes. I really had to blow off some steam, I went to one of those private gyms. I saw the punching bag. I started thinking to myself.


I was sleeping when I was woken up. "Marceline wake up we have to go right now! C'mon get up." This was the first time she called me my full name. I got up and got my escape bag. She pulled the book on the shelf and the door open. We ran in, the door closed behind us. "Run Marceline!!"We were running until we came upon another door. She opened it to a meadow, we ran until I heard a scream behind me. I turned around, "Mom!?!" Then I was stabbed in the leg, but right now that. I got up and ran over to my mom. She was dying fast. She looked at me, "take this necklace it'll keep you safe." Then she let go of the necklace.

End Flashback>

After like fifty blows to the punching bag it flew off it's chain and hit the wall. I'm a little too mad right now, great now I want to kill to blow off steam. The only word that comes to my mind is BLOOD.

Zayn's POV

After I showed Marcy her room she disappeared. I needed a bite so I started walking through the forest when I heard something running. I started running to cut it off, but it wouldn't stop. I went in front of it and it slammed right into me. I fell to the ground, I took another look and it was a girl covered with human blood. She got back up and started running.

She didn't get to far after I grabbed her. When she turned around it was Marcy. Her eyes were deep red, but she was also crying. Then she passed out, I slowly picked her up and ran to the house. When we got home I walked upstairs to her room. I carefully placed her on the bed.

She woke up, "are you ok? You went on a serious kill streak." She sat up, "I just got mad and carried away. It's hard to become something that you always hated." I felt bad and wanted to know why she was crying when I found her. "Why were you crying?" She looked up, "I don't know. That happens every time I go vamp, but when I get angry I think of my mom because when she was dying I couldn't do anything."

I felt bad for her, I kind of wanted to ask her what happened to her mom, but I didn't want to bring anything back. She must have to keep emotions controlled. But we will need to train her and see what her powers are. I can't have her walking around in public knowing she could go crazy with any emotion. I guess this is a time were she'll need me the most.

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