Adopted By Savers! ~1D Fan-Fiction

Allie is a 4 year old girl who lives in a orphanage. Her parents abandended her when she was born and left her in the house for 1 year. Someone eventually found her and took her to the orphanage and she has been living there for years. She is waiting for someone to adopt her.... one day she gets adopted by.... wait for it..... ONE DIRECTION!!
Read and find out all about Allie's life adopted by 1D!


3. Waiting To Meet My Savers

Allie walked to the front and waited for the orphanage person to call her. She waited and waited so excited thinking " I am going to get adopted yay!" Don't get those hopes up Allie, you don't know yet.


Niall's P.O.V.

The boys and I have been wanting to get a little child to take care of for months. I've always wanted a little girl to take care of I think it would be amazing to learn the responsibilities of taking care of a child. Allie is 4 and we are going to see her right now. I bet she is going to be adorable!

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