Adopted By Savers! ~1D Fan-Fiction

Allie is a 4 year old girl who lives in a orphanage. Her parents abandended her when she was born and left her in the house for 1 year. Someone eventually found her and took her to the orphanage and she has been living there for years. She is waiting for someone to adopt her.... one day she gets adopted by.... wait for it..... ONE DIRECTION!!
Read and find out all about Allie's life adopted by 1D!


5. Authors note!!!!

Hello!! It's Hazzaler19!! I just wanted to say thank you for all your wonderful comments!! thank you so much!!


I just wanted to tell you about Allie. Allie as you know is 4, she was born on May 8th 2009. She has similar hair to Niall and the same eyes as Louis.


I posted a Mumble with the picture of Allie. Like her? She is adorable!!!!!!!! <3





Thanks Guys!!! <3

~Hazzaler19 (aka Makayla)


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