Welcome back to my shop ol' friend :)

A girl called Melanie had a fun filled life until her father's shop closed down and they ran out of money and she had insisted to pay for it with the money she was given by an old friend but her parents refused then soon her father died and her life got even worse, but then she had an idea! :) Sounds interesting? Please, go ahead read the story!


2. Owning the shop

"Mom. If I pay for the shop, I promise I'll work there and I'll be then owning." " Sweetie." "MOM! Just let me. Let me try." "Alright. I'll call Fredrick and tell him that you will be buying the store back and I will also tell him that since I am letting you TRY, that if the business is going bad, he gets to take it away." "Thanks mom." After calling, mom said to head to the shop and give him the money. Once I got to the store I gave Fredrick my money. "I give you 5 months. Once the 5 months are over and the business is going bad, the store will mine and no more chances in getting it back!" I gulped and said, "Yes sir." I was cleaning out the store and sketching how I wanted it to look like. I looked outside and the sun was almost all the way down so I packed my things and walked to the car. Soon it was the next day and I grabbed my bag put my sketches back in there and put some old clothes on my body and drove to the shop. All of my friends were already there so we greeted each other and got straight to work. "Hey Melanie!" "Yeah?!" "Where do you want me to put the blender?" "Over on the left side on the back counter and the other one up front!" "Kay!" The smoothie shop is almost done re-designing and everyone was in a good mood. It was noon and we finished the store. "Good job everyone! SHOOT GURL! This looks just so amazing!" "Well since we are done, lets open the store!" I got the sign out and hung it outside on the window. After a couple cars came driving past the store, one car stopped and parked outside and once he walked out I recognized him. It was Joey. Joey Graceffa. The one that gave me the money. He walked inside and I ran across the store and hugged him tightly. "Shoot Gurl. You scared the crap out of me!" I giggled and let go. "So, what kind of juice do you want?" 

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