One Direction - Will he ever remember me again? (Larry Stylinson Oneshot)

Dette oneshot er som en del af konkurrencen "inspireret af en sang". Sangen jeg har valgt at lade mig inspirere af, er "Pompeii" af Bastille.


2. Oneshot

It feels like yesterday the nurse told them the terrible news that soon was about to change everything.
It feels like yesterday Niall called Zayn up with panic and tears in his voice, asking him to come to the hospital as fast as possible.
It feels like yesterday Harry saw Louis lying in the hospital bed, packed in with bandages and drops. It was an awful sight that would never leave his retinal again.
It feels like yesterday Liam saw Harry lying cheerless next to the bed, day out and day in, praying for a miracle to happen.
And it feels like yesterday Zayn brushed into tears and Liam tried to cheer him up, even though everything was pointless and nothing would ever be the same. Not after what happened that night.

It’s been weeks now since that night where the tragic accident took place. The fans have been supportive and sympathetic through this hard time. It’s a big help through all this, but it still doesn’t change what happened, nothing does and nothing will.
Since the night where they all four were called to the hospital, nothing has been the same. Harry has been by Louis’ side since they arrived at the hospital, which is three weeks ago. He does nothing but sit in a chair next to the bed. Sometimes tears start streaming down his cheeks without him even noticing, other times he gets so mad and blames himself for all that happened and Liam has to make him relax and talk some sense into him. It helps for awhile, but then he gets by himself and everything goes again.
Niall almost isn’t at the hospital. He says seeing Louis like that won’t help him through it. The boys understand him fully. Seeing one of your best friends like that is horrible. One time Zayn called him asking him how he was doing, but a drunken Niall was taking the phone, and Zayn didn’t understand a word, so he gave up. He drinks his pain away. He always does. Zayn tried it once, the once he broke up with Perrie and he was good while feeling the alcohol go down and through his body, but he felt like sh-t the following days. But it seems to work for Niall.
Liam is so carrying through all this. He’s the one of them taking it chilliest, even though Zayn knows inside he can brush into tears anytime it could be. Zayn talked a lot to him lately, about what happened and what’s about to happen. Zayn admitted he was scared. For what’s about to happen with Louis, but also what’s about to happen with the band. Liam asked him to calm down about it. Even though Louis was still in coma, he could wake up anytime it could be and it helped Zayn. Louis wasn’t dead, he was only in coma, and Zayn crossed everything he had for him soon to wake up, and for the boys soon to get back on tour and look back on this like it never happened.

But he was soon to be the one who was wrong.
A week later, a month since the accident, Louis woke up. Harry, who had been by his side as always, had noticed Louis’ hand had been moving a bit, and he had called one of the nurses. More nurses had arrived and one of them asked Harry to wait outside for a minute, which he refused, so Liam had to force him out of the room.  He brushed into tears the moment he was out of the room and started to throw his arms and legs trying to get free from Liam. It didn’t work.
About half an hour later, one of the nurses came out of the room. Louis’ mom had arrived in the meantime. Harry looked up as soon as he heard someone walk towards the door and he was the first of them to stand up. “How is he? Is he going to be alright? Can I see him?” The questions kept coming out of Harrys mouth. “I think it’s best if Louis’ mom is the first to come in. He’s a bit worn out and there’s something we need to tell you as the first” The nurse said gently. “But..” Was all Harry could get ahead. Louis’ mom laid a hand on his cheek “You’ll see him soon honey, just take a deep breath, close your and slowly count to 30, then you’re by his side again” she said with a calm and carrying voice. A tear came to his eye, but he sat down and did as she said.
When he was done counting, he opened his eyes and only seconds later, the door was opened and Louis’ mom and a nurse came out. Louis’ mom had tears in her eyes and the nurse laid her hand on her should, “We can’t say if it’s only temporary caused of shock or it turns out to be permanent”. Harry stood up fast “What? What might turn out to be permanent? Jay what is wrong?” Harry asked with his voice full of fears. The nurse looked short at Louis’ mom, before she turned to Harry. “You’re one of his good friends, right?” the nurse asked. Harry nodded eagerly. “Well, he might remember you” the nurse said, turned around and walked to the room. “Why shouldn’t he?” Harry asked in wonder with a sense of concern, while following her. She sighed, but didn’t answer him. She opened the door and Harry followed her inside the room. Harry almost started crying again by the sight of Louis lying in the bed. His eyes were closed and he was lying all peacefully. The nurse went over to the bed. Harry stayed at the door. He was in a combination of fear and happiness and thoughts kept coming to him. The nurse gently laid her hand on Louis shoulder. “Louis, wake up, there’s someone you shall meet”. Louis winked a few times, opened his eyes and smiled at the nurse, who pointed over at Harry. Louis looked in his direction, and the sight of Louis being awake again made Harry smile like never before. Louis smiled short, but then turned to the nurse and whispered in her ear, but the whisper wasn’t sufficiently low enough for Harry not to hear it.
“Who is he?”
The words were repeated over and over again inside Harrys head. He looked distraught from the nurse, to Louis and back on the nurse. He stepped closer to the bed and held eye contact with Louis the whole time. He sat down next to the bed. “You can’t remember me?” Harry asked confused. Louis wrinkled his forehead and looked a bit bewildered at Harry. “Uhm no, should I know who you are?” He asked wondering. “I’m Harry. I’m your best friend and..” Harry said but was interrupted by the nurse. Louis still looked confused at him. Harry looked at the nurse with tears in his eyes. “Why can’t he remember me?” He asked all broken. The nurse took a deep breath and turned to Louis. “Try to get some sleep again Louis. We’ll wake you up later”. Louis smiled and lay down in the bed. The nurse now turned to Harry. “Follow me outside mr. Styles, there’s something you and the rest of the boys need to know”.

Outside the hospital room, Harry sat down next to Louis’ mom, Jay, in the waiting room, where the other boys also found themselves. Niall had arrived in the meantime. The other boys had been waiting patiently. Jay was still sitting with tears in her eyes, but tried to cheer up Harry with a smile, who only worked for a short moment.
“Unfortunately” the nurse started and they all paid attention to her. She took a deep breath and continued,“ as you all know, Louis was involved in a severe car accident a month ago. He has been lying in coma since, but now luckily, he’s awake again. Unfortunately, he’s not the same old Louis. During the car accident, the opposite car must have hit Louis’ so hard and with such a power, so that Louis in some way has hit his head against something and caused that..” the nurse took a break “..he has forgotten big parts of his past” She continued and sighed. “It was only with difficulty he was able to remember Jay”. All the boys looked at her in shock. “What?! No.. No.. it can’t be tru.. NO!” Harry wasn’t able to finish a sentence. His eyes were full of tears. Jay held her arm around him, trying to cheer him, but it didn’t work.
“As said before, we can’t be sure if it’s only temporary caused a shock, or if it turns out to be permanent. But by now, he needs sleep and remains to be seen.”
“But there must be something to do?” Harry asked broken.
“The only thing you can do for him by now, is to let him rest and give him time” The nurse said trying to convince him and make him calm.
Harry looked keen at her, but then looked down again, starting to cry once more. Zayn came over and laid his arm around him, pulling him in. Harry stood up and rested his head on Zayns shoulder, letting the tears stream. Liam and Niall came over and laid their arms around the two of them. They stood there for a while, with none of them talking, and only a few sniff could be heard.
Later that evening the boys was about to go home, Zayn asked if Harry was coming, but as Zayn expected, Harry wanted to stay at the hospital. They hugged each other goodbye and Zayn asked Harry to text or call him if he needed it. Harry nodded and sat down watching Zayn walk down the hall, turn left and then he was gone. Harry took a deep breath and sighed. The nurse had told him not to be in the room with Louis until tomorrow. Having somebody sleeping next to him the first night would only confuse him even more. At night, Harry borrowed a guest bed from the hospital, lying in the room next to the one Louis was lying in. It took him ages to fall asleep. He kept on thinking about Louis and if this was turning out to be permanent. He was scared. What if Louis never was going to remember him and all the things they’ve been through again. What if he never was going to remember the two of them together, their relationship and feelings for one another. Tears started to stream down his cheeks.

A week later or so, the hospital released Louis.
Even though Harry was keen about getting Louis to remember again, as fast as possible, the nurse told him to let Louis try remember things by himself in the beginning, and then later help him if it was needed.
Jay came to the hospital to pick them up.
They drove home to Jays house. Harry proposed they could drive to his and Louis’ apartment, but Jay thought it would be better for Louis to refresh his memory, by showing him pictures from his childhood.

They stayed at Jay and days passed by. Louis slowly started to remember things from his childhood and the beginning of his teenage years. He remembered Stan, his best childhood friend and his former girlfriend Hannah by looking through photographs. It was hard for him to remember when he auditioned for x-factor and he didn’t believe them when they said he had three yes’s from the judgers. Either Jay or Harry told him what happened more. About him and the other boys being formed as a group or about them being the most famous boy band in the world. By now, Harry and the other boys were just his four regular best friends. Jay had removed all the pictures that could give Louis a clue about others.
One day when Louis and Harry were looking through one of the albums, a picture of the five of them, standing in suits and with Simon Cowell appeared, which Jay must’ve missed. Harry was fast to take it out before Louis saw it further. “Wait, wasn’t that the guy from x-factor? The judge?” Louis asked and looked at Harry in wonder. “Uuhm..” Harry didn’t know what to say, Louis saw more of the picture than Harry had thought. “And you were there too, and the other boys. But why where you all in a picture with me and a judge from x-factor?” Louis asked. Harry had to think quickly. “Uhm, because we were there to support you” Harry lied trying to convince Louis, but it didn’t seem to work. Louis looked short at him, but then he went over to the computer and before Harry could react, Louis was on youtube and had typed his own name followed by x-factor in the search line. Tons of videos from One Directions live shows appeared. Louis scrolled a bit down and then looked at Harry. “Who is One Direction?” He asked and looked back at the screen. “It’s nobody” Harry lied and tried to get Louis away from the computer. “Nobody, yeah right” Louis said and stayed at the computer. He clicked on one of the videos. Harry looked away and tried to think about something to say next. They haven’t told Louis that Harry and the other boys also attempted to x-factor. “Harry?” Louis asked and Harry froze. “Is that us?” Louis asked and looked back at Harry. Harry closed his eyes short, opened them again and turned to Louis. He sighed. “Yes, that’s us, and now you’ve seen it, so I might as well tell you the rest”. Louis looked a bit confused at Harry, who took his hand and lead him over to the couch.
Harry told him all about x-factor, the auditions, them being put together as a group, judge’s house, boot camp and so on to the live shows. He failed to tell him about what happened after the live shows. He thought the whole put together as a group was news enough for one time.

Days passed by and when they’d stayed with Louis’ mom for a week or so, they got a call from the hospital who wanted them to come back for an update on Louis. Outside the house, some fans who had found out that Louis and Harry were there were waiting for them. Jay was the first of them to go outside and get the car ready. She told the fans who were waiting, that the boys were a bit busy, so that they hadn’t got time to chat. Five minutes later Harry and Louis got out of the door, and hurried over to get into the car. The fans were screaming as they saw them. Inside the car Louis asked who those people were and Harry had to explain to him, those were fans of them.
After the update at the hospital, which went fine, Jay drove them home to their apartment. Louis first reacting had been if they lived together, which Harry had to explain him that they did.

One day Harry found Louis sitting at the computer. He asked him a little nervous what he was doing. Louis was sitting with his back against him and had earphones on, and when he didn’t answer him, Harry went over to him. He saw Louis sitting with tears in his eyes watching videos on youtube. “Why didn’t you tell me One Direction was world famous Harry? And who is Larry Stylinson? Why do people call us that?” Louis asked injured. “Trust me Lou, I wanted to tell you everything with all my heart, but the nurse told me to take it slow and step by step with you. I never wanted to lie to you, that’s the last thing I ever could get myself to do to you” Harry defended himself. “I just want to know the truth, everything is so confusing with lies and..” Louis said and sighed. Harry took a breath and looked serious at Louis, who was looking down at the floor. He then looked down and thought about taking the decision by himself, but ended up leaving the room for a moment calling Jay asking for her permission, which he got.
He went back to the living room where Louis was. Harry went over to him, took his hand and leaded him over in the couch. “I want you to close your eyes and listen closely..”

“.. and that’s why the fans call us Larry Stylinson. I know it sounds crazy to you, and I won’t talk about your feelings for me like I knew exactly how you felt before all this happened, but, yeah.. I.. I guess you don’t know how to feel about or react to this, but now you know, and..” Harry interrupted himself after telling Louis about One Direction and their relationship“.. I just want you to know that I still love you Louis, even though everything” Harry said ending his explanation. Louis opened his eyes and looked astonished at him, trying to understand what he just got told. Louis breathed in and bit his lower lip. “I’m not sure why, and I’m not sure about all this, but after what you told me, things started to make sense to me again. Things started to come back to my mind. And I don’t think it’s only because of what you just told me, but..” Louis interrupted himself and looked Harry directly in the eyes “.. I’m actually sure I love you too.. Haz” he said with a big smile.

By ending his sentence with ‘Haz’, Harry was sure he remembered him, because only Louis called him by that nickname. 

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