A sisters wish

Skye Mitchells is Nialls step-sister she is used to being at home when the boys decide that she can stay with them at their home she soon becomes close to them all but one person in particular but Niall is pretty protective so she is worried because of that and the fact her crush may not want to date her....


5. Up all night...literally

We all sat down on the sofas and talked for a long...LONG time before we knew it it was midnight Harry was asleep Louis grabbed my hand ,took me upstairs and gave me a pillow

"Whats this for"

"We have to wake up Harry ever heard of a pillow fight?" he smiled I took the pillow and he took his and we flew down the stairs 

"shall we" Louis laughed as we whacked Harry with the Pillows 

"STOP IT I AM UP!!!" he screamed

"Ughh Louis you have Infected Skye already" Harry complained I just laughed 

"HE MADE ME DO IT!" I pointed an Louis who pretended to be offended  by it

"NO I NEVER" he lied we started laughing hysterically Liam Niall and Zayn looked at us and shook their heads  we turned the t.v on there was nothing good on the telly so I turned it back off 

"Skye its late you should go to bed" Niall said

"I am not tired can we watch a film" I said quickly changing the whole 'sleeping' subject

"Yeah I have The time travelers wife" Liam said 

"Get some popcorn" Zayn ordered Louis 

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