A sisters wish

Skye Mitchells is Nialls step-sister she is used to being at home when the boys decide that she can stay with them at their home she soon becomes close to them all but one person in particular but Niall is pretty protective so she is worried because of that and the fact her crush may not want to date her....


7. Learning how to follow my heart

I thought to myself I am so lucky to have what I have amazing friends and and even more amazing brother I have always referred Niall as my brother other than my sort of brother and everyone is so nice to me you know other than people who I used to go to school with. Have you ever had a crush on someone but you are to afraid you won't even let yourself believe it? you probably think I am going crazy maybe I am.... so here is the situation I love someone scrap that I am IN love with someone they probably don't like me back and Niall being the amazing brother he is is super protective even though he helps me through my problems this is one of the few problems that if I told him would make things worse why do things have to be so complicated for me another problem is he is a lot older than me age shouldn't matter ....right? I can't explain the thoughts running through my head

I was bought back by the doorbell ringing I opened the door Louis came in and sat me on the sofa 

"I got bored how are you?" he smiled I laughed 

"bored" I smiled

"How about we tell each other random facts about ourselves?" he suggested

"you first" 

"ok my name is Louis and I love to sing" 

"I knew both of those! you cheat! My name is Skye and I used to teach the waltz to kids" I laughed

"Teach me" Louis challenged 

"Ok so first stand up now hold my hand Like this and put your hand on my waist then your left foot forward right foot to the side then feet together the do the steps 1 2 3 123 make sure you swap your feet each time" I looked up and he kissed me...

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