A sisters wish

Skye Mitchells is Nialls step-sister she is used to being at home when the boys decide that she can stay with them at their home she soon becomes close to them all but one person in particular but Niall is pretty protective so she is worried because of that and the fact her crush may not want to date her....


3. Journey

As I drove Niall put the radio on and we started singing along we drove for what seemed like hours I stopped at a service station "I am just going to the services do you want anything?" I asked

"Can I have some coke?" 

" sure back in a minute" I went in and headed to the bathroom when I came out I walked into tescos I picked up a can of coke for Niall and a bottle of iced tea for me when I bumped into Jessie the school popular mean girl she was talking to Lizzy her best friend 

"I got tickets to one direction I will meet Niall and he will fall in love with me I will be mrs horan" I heard what she said and burst out laughing 

"What are you laughing at" Lizzy hissed

"errm nothing honestly" 

"yeah right your a loser who can't afford to be me you little ......." she stopped her mouth open wide I looked behind me 

"Are you making fun of my little sister!" Niall shouted

"He is your...OMG and me and Skye are best friends" she sent me a glare telling me to agree

"Actually she was bullying me as per usual" I smiled

"Uggh I hate people as mean and shallow as you" me and Niall ran off laughing I saw Jessie  whimpering and Lizzy trying not to laugh 

Me and Niall set off to the house once again

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