A sisters wish

Skye Mitchells is Nialls step-sister she is used to being at home when the boys decide that she can stay with them at their home she soon becomes close to them all but one person in particular but Niall is pretty protective so she is worried because of that and the fact her crush may not want to date her....


9. Crush

"Harry please don't tell Niall" I begged when niall stepped infront of me 

"What won't you tell me?" Niall asked suspiciously now i was struggling what do I say when Harry winked at me

"She hated your ex Skye thought she tried to change you" Harry had my back he is the best.....as a friend we had a conversation about it plus he likes this girl he talks to on twitter Niall believed this and went on his laptop whilst I read a book called Beautiful Creatures I love it so much. I looked around Harry and Liam were watching a film Louis was next to me on the sofa on facebook Zayn was doing a Twitcam and Niall was on the Laptop .... BLUSHING and laughing

"Who are you talking to Nialler" i asked 

"No one I am reading this girl called Taylors tweets she is so funny" His voice drifted off as he daydreamed 

"Nialls got a crush Nialls got a crush let me see a pic!" Louis Harry and Liam all called out whilst Zayn recorded us all

"When Zayn turns the computer off" Niall smiled as Zayn put his laptop away Niall showed us a picture she was really pretty with beautiful brown hair with blonde and purple highlights she had a lovely smile with her high cheekbones and plump red lips 

" she is cute" Zayn said getting a slap from Niall there was a silence when......


"Read it maybe" Liam said checking if Nialls scream deafened him


Taylorxoxo: Wow Niall I can't believe your following me! I am a huge Directioner I hope we can meet in person someday xxxxxxx p.s I have a thing for Irish accents ;) xxx


"tweet her make a date with her!!" I screamed   

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