A sisters wish

Skye Mitchells is Nialls step-sister she is used to being at home when the boys decide that she can stay with them at their home she soon becomes close to them all but one person in particular but Niall is pretty protective so she is worried because of that and the fact her crush may not want to date her....


8. Complicated

WOW I really couldn't believe It
"Look say what you want but I love you and I can't live without you I will not apologize for my actions" He looked at me thinking I was going to be mad but I really loved him too what was I to say 

"I love you too but Niall can't know yet he is over protective" He smiled and Kissed me again. Look I know you think it was Harry I loved but we are just friends .....BEST friends and Liam and Zayn are BEST friends and I couldn't love Niall I know he is funny caring and stuff HE IS MY BROTHER (Keep up) but its complicated I mean I am  a lot younger and his friend is my brother. We heard a noise and looked behind us great Harry had seen everything...






Hello, I am looking for characters for this story please comment random things about yourself and I will try to give you a part xx Thanks. Xx


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