Being the Bodyguard

I have a secret ...... Come closer..... Well I'm the new bodyguard for One Direction. Yes THE One Direction! It all happened one night after my sister and I finished trenching martial arts. So here's what happened......*Niall Horan Fanfiction*


7. ~Under One Condition~

Kristilina's P.O.V.

"Oh em geee I still can't believe that they want you too be their bodyguard THE One Direction" Jennifer squealed while jumping on my couch. 

"I'm not even sure if I want to or not" I told them while slipping on my white black chucks. I combed through my hair then put on my beanie. . I was wearing jean shorts and a black Script shirt with a plain black beanie. 

"ARE YOU FREAKING CRAZY!" Jennifer shouted in my voice. 

"Yes" I replied while pushing her back on the couch to sit. "I mean I know I've always wanted to be a bodyguard for someone famous but I meant like The Script famous not this One Direction your obssessed with I didn't even know about them until like yesterday or something". 

"One Direction is way more famous than The Script" Olivia told me while hanging upside down. I gave her a death glare when she said that. She's must be high on sugar for those words to come out of her mouth. 

"C'mon sis you know you want to" Steph said while walking into the room and taking a seat on the floor. 

"But I-" I started when they cut me off. 

"No buts"Stephanie and Jennifer recited. I sighed and grabbed my phone,keys, and wallet then walked over to the door.

"Yeah you finally get the dream we all want I suggest you take it before someone else does"Olivia snapped. Geez what did I do? 

"It's not like-I don't - You should - " I kept starting off sentences but never finishing them not know what to say. She rolled her eyes at me then walked upstairs to her room. I didn't even do anything and she's mad at me? 

"Well I better get going to my meeting with Paul" I told the girls while leaving the flat. 

"Hey Mr. Higgins" I greeted Paul when sitting across from him. 

"Call me Paul do you want any coffee Kristilina" He questioned me while setting down his phone. 

"No thanks and Call me Kris then" I replied while taking in the scent of Starbucks. 

"So let's get down to business I want you too be their bodyguard Simon wants you too be their bodyguard they want you to be their bodyguard" 

"Wait Simon as in Simon Cowell?" 


"Wow. Well then how did he find oout about me" 

"The boys, more like Niall kept chatting to him about you" 

Hm. Niall talked about me I wonder what he said. 

"Ok. So I want to be their bodyguard but I have family and friends here and I teach martial arts classes 9 to be exact and every weekday and Saturday sometimes Sundays" 

"Yes I know that, that's why I talked to your boss or master whatever you call him and he told me that he can just teach them instead and how about the friends and family part I don't know. There comes a time when you have to part with loved ones."

"I'm not sure if I 100 % want to" 

"Think about traveling all over the world,visiting landmarks, tourist attractions, music videos, movie events, events in general guarding the guys with me of course but still you get the picture" 

"If you put it that way" 

"So is that a yes?"

"Under one condition"

A/N Hey! thx for all the favorites :)! Makes me happs haha! Well I just got back from camping. It was FUN! I'm prob gonna update again and sorry if I don't put you in the story, I'm putting as many of you as possible. Like I said before some you will come later on in the story and I just need one more person your not really gonna have a big part until the end-ish sorry about that. I just need someone to be the person who takes over the karate dojo. Yeah well Bye! :) Oh and I'm gonna call you my Potatoe Minions k? Xx 

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