Being the Bodyguard

I have a secret ...... Come closer..... Well I'm the new bodyguard for One Direction. Yes THE One Direction! It all happened one night after my sister and I finished trenching martial arts. So here's what happened......*Niall Horan Fanfiction*


14. ~Truth or Dare~

Truth or Dare


*5 weeks later*

Kristilina's P.O.V.

I was just lying on my bed in the hotel room I shared with Stephanie. Niall was lying right beside me, everyone else were just watching some tv in the living room-ish place.

"Kristilina can I ask you something?" Niall questioned turning over to face me.He called me Kristilina nobody ever really calls me that except for Paul. 

"Yeah Niall" I asked looking at him using my left arm to support my head.

"I really like this girl and I want her to my girlfriend but I don't know how" Ouch. I thought he liked me because the truth is I really like him, like REALLY like him. Over the past 5 weeks we've gotten pretty close. We spent almost all the time together just us you know, I didn't think he liked anyone else.I even had a cute little nickname for him, Pingu because he's sweet and innocent like a little penguin. But I guess life is full of surprises.

"Well if it was me I wouldn't want anything big I would want something simple yet cute" I simply answered looking down at my fingers.

"DID KRISTILINA JUST SAY CUTE?!?" Niall exclaimed. I giggled a little at the way he looked when he said but then I remembered how he likes some other girl which brought my laugh into a frown. Nobody really noticed Niall's sudden outburst. I'm glad they didn't hear him.

"Why don't we join the others" Niall suggested getting off the bed and dragging me with him. We walked hand in hand to the couch, when I again realized he has his heart set on someone else. I slowly pulled my hand out and he gave me a sad look. I just shook it off, though it made me sad seeing him sad.

"Hey guys we were just about to play truth or dare wanna join" Louis questioned as we settled down into a somewhat circle.

"We'd love too" Niall replied in unison, which made me laugh again. Aw, he looks so cute if only he liked me back. Oh who care's I love him wait-wait did I just say the 4 letter word , oh god I did. I was cut off from my thoughts when everybody but Niall gave me a wink when Niall wasn't looking. I stuck my tongue out at them.

"So I'll start Jennifer  truth or dare?" Harry asked wiggling his eyebrows making her giggle softly.

"Um I'll go with truth better safe than sorry" Jen  answered fiddling with her fingers.

"Is it true you find me attractive and want to do dirty things to me?" Harry asked in seductive voice. Wow, just wow. She looked shocked at what he said but I knew she loved it we all know she loved it. Liam lightly slapped Harry's shoulder and Harry reacted with and ow(A/n OW your giving me a heart attack ;) Sorry just had to).

"I find 5SOS more attractive than you" Jen answered glad with he answer, recieving 'oohs' and 'burns' from. I didn't expect an answer like that.

"Babe you know want to get with this" Harry said pointing at his crotch.

"God Harry your so disgusting" Louis said with a disgusted look turning into a wide grin. "I taught you well Styles".

Yup, and call these people my best friends. But I couldn't help but laugh with them.

"Anyways Jen it's your turn" Zayn pointed out after the laughing died down.

"I'll pass" Jennifer politely declined."Anyone want to go?"

"I volunteer as tribute" Niall shouted.

"Dang Niall don't go all Hunger Games on us" I told him punching his shoulder.

"That actually hurt" He said rubbing his arm and pouting his lip.

"Good because I am your bodygaurd no?" I stated smiling.

"Your suppose to protect us not hurt us... anyways Kristilina truth or dare" Niall questioned me. Second time he's called me Kristilina something must be up but what?
"Dare" I simply answered.

"I dare you to be my girlfriend" Niall told me grabbing a hold of my hands and looking deep into my eyes deep into my soul, as I did the same. He made everyone's jaw drop well mine at least everyone else made an aw sound but Jen being Jen made a 'long live Nilina/Kristiliniall'. I was shocked. Hm it is simple yet cute. But OH MY FUCKING GOSH NIALL FUCKING HOT STUFF HORAN JUST ASKED ME TO BE HIS GIRLFRIEND I'VE DREAMT OF THIS M WHOLE LIFE!!(a/n you'll find out what I mean towards the end of the sequel). I was so filled with joy I forget I didn't even answer. I looked back at him and he looked a little upset. Oh gosh what do I do? Say yes duh!
"Oh well it was just a thought you-" Niall began when I cut him off with a kiss on the lips.He kissed me back and out lips moved in sync. My first kiss and it's phenomNIALL. Yes my FIRST kiss, I'm eighteen but whatever. It felt magical yet so real. Fireworks is definitely an understatment.We pulled out of the kiss after a couple seconds and just grinned widely at each other.

Niall's P.O.V.

Well that wasn't a yes it was WAY better. Now I finally got my princess.

A/N I feel like it's rushed but idk ... yes the sequel is coming up tomorrow or today? It's 12:06 A.M. where I live right now. The sequel will be called 'Being the Girlfriend', I know it was kinda short :/ AND I don't need any more characters for Paparazzi Girl, those of you who asked to be in it are definitely gonna be in it. Check out my other story 'She's Back' it's not that good, yet ;). Bye my Potatoe Minions!!! YourPotatoeQueen

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