Being the Bodyguard

I have a secret ...... Come closer..... Well I'm the new bodyguard for One Direction. Yes THE One Direction! It all happened one night after my sister and I finished trenching martial arts. So here's what happened......*Niall Horan Fanfiction*


1. ~The Night That Changed My Life~

The Night that Changed My Life


Kristilina's P.O.V. 

"Bow to your grandmaster and professor Pallen" I announced while bowing.

"Bow to your head instructor" Stephanie my assistant instructor a.k.a. Best friend said while bowing.

"Bow to your black belt instructors assistants" I said while bowing.

"Class dismissed" I stated while bowing again. As you can see you martial arts you bow three times before class and four times after class. Some of my martial arts students came up to me and have me a two hand handshake as I did one. I knelt down on one knee and took off my third -degree black belt and neatly folded it then put it in my duffel bag. I picked up my duffel bag and waited for Stephanie so we could leave. She grabbed her bag and we walked out of the dojo. 

"I'm sorry just ooh please aw go" I heard someone whimper. It sounded like it came from the dark alley. Stephanie and I walked over to the pitch black alley and saw five guys  beating up two other guys who were now on the ground.

"Hey what are you doing" I questioned even though I already knew the answer. One of the guys walked over to me. Lets call him guy 1.  








"Hey there pretty lady" Guy 1 said to me while stroking my cheek. Clearly he didn't see my martial arts gee probably because it was black and so was the alley. 

"Don't touch me" I said swatting away his hand. 

"Probably shouldn't have done that" Guy 1 said to me. I laughed at him Im kinda a karate teacher so uh yeah don't care I thought in my mind.( it's martial arts but we call it karate sometimes ) Suddenly, he attempted to slap me I caught his hand a few seconds before it hit my face. I tossed my bag at Steph as she stood in the light in fear.( it's nighttime if your wondering) 


"You probably shouldn't have done that" I said a little cocky. He laughed at me but I could see fear in his eyes. 

"Ooh I'm so scared of a girl" Guy 1 said to me. 

"That's what they always say" I responded. "Until they see me fight". 

"HA!Its five against one" Guy 1 said to me. 

"Actually it's 3 against one because as usual I beat up the leader first when two of his friends attack me then I beat all three of them and once Im finished two of the guys are too scared to fight and they run off in horror so you might wanna think this through" I replied. They laughed at me well let's so who's laughing after this. I still had the guy 1's hand in mine well more like a bent way. He took his other hand to slap but I gladly caught it. I twisted his first hand and pushed it down making him ache in pain. He ended up on the ground where I put my leg on his other hand on his back then out my leg on top. 

"Are you sure you want to do this" I asked him again. When two of his friends charged at me. I backed up a little and waited till they got closer I then did a jumping side kick to Guy 2's gut. I swung a punch as I ducked did a drop kick to his legs making him fall hard on his back. Guy 3 almost punched my nose but I was two fast I slid under his legs Ew that sounds wrong. Any ways I got back up and did a hook kick to his head as guy 1 got back up. Guy 3 fell down and I did a spinning jump front kick to guy 1's gut.Then I did a hook punch to his ribs. His groaned in pain. I did a double ground house kick to his head and testicles. If he even had any ha ha Kristilina you crack yourself up! Guy 2 came up behind me so I did a turn back kick to his face. Then turned around and did a punching combo to his gut and walked away when he grabbed me from behind. I did a horse stance and grabbed his right hand flipping him over. I looked over at the two guys gripping two other guys they looked scared so they dropped the guy's and ran away. 

"Now leave before I call the cops" I said to the guys in pain. They groaned in pain and ran away.

"Are you alright" I questioned the two guys on the ground. I couldn't really see them since it's really dark. 

"Uhm ye-yeah yeah" The one on the left said stuttering. Stephanie walked over to us  and handed me my duffel bag while patting me on the back. 




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