Being the Bodyguard

I have a secret ...... Come closer..... Well I'm the new bodyguard for One Direction. Yes THE One Direction! It all happened one night after my sister and I finished trenching martial arts. So here's what happened......*Niall Horan Fanfiction*


10. ~Over Dressed~

Over Dressed


"Harry and Louis room 467, Olivia and Jennifer room 468, Kris and Stephanie room 471, Liam and Niall room 472, and Zayn your alone in room 475 got it good, good. I will be staying right over there in room 464 so just get settled in we're staying here for the whole week" Paul instructed us while leaving for his room. Looks like Liam and Niall's room is right next to mine and Stephanie's. Whoopdey, Doo! Let's make it harder for me to not like him.Let's just hope him and Liam don't wanna open the connecting door.


"Ok let's go down to the lobby " I told Stephanie while standing up and grabbing my phone, card, and wallet then slipping them into my pockets.

"I don't get why you don't want me to wear something fancy since we're probably gonna go out to some fancy ass restaurant" Stephanie replied while slipping on some heels. I glared at her when she said ass. She was wearing a white ruffled blouse, black mini pencil skirt, and some white heels, she looked like some girl in an office if you ask me. I on the other hand was wearing some gray sweats with a white tank and a Script jacket. I'm planning to go to bed after dinner anyways. I had my hair in a left french braid.

"Don't wear heels your gonna regret it" I said while opening the door.

"Oh shut-up like I said before we're probably going to some fancy restaurant it's Friday" She replied while picking up her bag and walking towards me.

"Exactly it's Friday" I told her while closing the door behind us. We met everybody downstairs in the lobby and I stifled a laugh at what they're wearing.  They scanned what I was wearing and they started laughing. Hm I'm guessing Paul didn't tell them. The guys were wearing formal clothes and the girls were wearing prom dresses! Oh god.

"What are you wearing Kris" Olivia questioned me.

"What are you wearing we're not going to some fancy restaurant if that's what you thought" I replied. They all got puzzled looks.

"It's Friday" I told them, oh wait I never told them about the Friday deal. "On Fridays I get to pick Breakfast,Lunch, and Dinner also snacks".

"Did I not tell you guys" Paul asked finally looking up from his phone. They all mumbled no's.

"Well let's get going to Micky D's I'm starving" I said as we walked out to their limo. Seriously, a limo?

A/N sorry I haven't updated in a little. I got writer's block. I kept written about a thousand different chapters. But hoped you liked the sucky chapter May will be popping up into the next chapter and she's not gonna be the nicest person I can tell you that ;)


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