Being the Bodyguard

I have a secret ...... Come closer..... Well I'm the new bodyguard for One Direction. Yes THE One Direction! It all happened one night after my sister and I finished trenching martial arts. So here's what happened......*Niall Horan Fanfiction*


15. ~Last Chapter~

Last Chapter


*Before a concert*

"OH MY FUCKING FLAPJACKS ARE THOSE DRUMS" I exclaimed running onto the stage, letting go of Niall's hand."It's so beautiful". 

If you didn't I played the drums in secondary school, it's been awhile.

"You play the drums"Harry questioned as him and the others walked onto the stage.

"Do I? Do you use both drumsticks to do a flam?" I asked sitting behind the drum set. I grabbed the pair of drumsticks set on the snare drum. I began playing the introduction to Hall of Fame (By The Script) .

"Maybe Josh our drummer can teach you our songs?"Niall suggested.

"OMG YES!" I cheered putting away the drumsticks. "Well you better go get ready babe". 

I walked up to Niall and put my hands around his neck while his hands were on my waist.

"Come with me Princess?" He questioned pouting lip.

"I'm sorry people are about to come in I need to go down to the gates and make sure your cray cray fans don't jump on stage like that one fan did to Harry" I told Niall making him laugh when I said cray cray.

"I'll miss you" He whined kissing my forehead.

"You'll be right on stage?" I told him.

"So what?Your my girlfriend" Niall stated proudly with a wide grin. I love when he says that! Oh god I'm a love sick puppy.

"Aw and your my boyfriend I'll miss you too I seriously got to go now babe" I said giving a peck on the lips. Only to have him pull me closer for a real kiss.

"Ahem" Zayn said clearing his throat. We pulled apart and a wide grin appeared on my lips.

"Guys let's go " Paul said waving the boys over. Niall and I kissed one more time then he left. I hopped off the stage and went by the fences to guard.

"Someone's a lovesick puppy" Olivia stated sitting on the edge of the stage.

"I don't love him per say ... yet" I smiled when I said the yet part. Though I said I loved him yesterday, I can't rush into a relationship like that.

"YET! Anyways we're gonna go to our seats babe" Jennifer told me leaving with the girls.


"Dude this is the craziest crowd yet" I shouted to the other bodyguard I didn't know he was though.

"You think this is crazy wait til we go to Madison Square Garden" He shouted right back. I laughed at his comment. I danced and sang along to the boys who were currently singing Best Song Ever for their movie (A/N I'm obsessed with the song!!)

"Hey aren't you Nialls girlfriend?" A little girl called over to me. How does know that it's only been a day. I nodded my head a yes. "OH MY GOD IT"S HER".

I thought they were gonna attack me with anger but they attacked with me love. 'Can we take a picture' 'I love you' 'Can you sign this' filled my ears.I stepped closer to the fence to satisfy them.

"Sure"I replied smiling. This for a couple of minutes because then everybody found out I was taking pictures and signing things. It got even crazier if that's even possible.

"Kristilina I think you should go wait backstage"Paul told me escorting me out.

"Why?" I questioned.

"They getting too crazy, we don't want you too get hurt" Paul informed me as we walked past Niall. He blew me a kiss and I did the same which made the crowd go WILD!

*PLEASE READ* Ok so first off BEST SONG EVER RULES!! It's stuck in my head I already memorized the whole song. Anyways, sequel is going to be put up soon :) I'm debating on how it will end because there's a way I want to end the sequel but it will be sad ;( my cousin doesn't it want to be sad though because she 's gonna read it when I'm done. And yes I know this chapter really sucked but the first chapter to Being The Girlfriend will be good :) Bye my Potatoe Minions! YourPotatoeQueen

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