Being the Bodyguard

I have a secret ...... Come closer..... Well I'm the new bodyguard for One Direction. Yes THE One Direction! It all happened one night after my sister and I finished trenching martial arts. So here's what happened......*Niall Horan Fanfiction*


11. ~Jealous Much?~

Jealous Much? 


"Mcdonald's here we come" I cheered inside the limo. 

"You could've told us that we're going to McD's" Olivia complained while leaning onto Jen shoulder's. 

"I thought Paul told you guys and now that I think of it I'm glad he didn't" I replied shrugging my shoulders and leaning onto Olivia's shoulders as Steph leaned on me. 

"Aw you guys look so cute" Liam pointed out while taking a picture of us. 

"" I slowly said while getting up and staring at him straight in the eyes making him whimper of fear. 

"Yeah we probablyshould've told you that Kris hates being called cute" Jennifer stated. My stomach started to growl which made everyone jump. 

"What the fuck was that?" Harry questioned while loosening his grip on Louis's shirt. 

"Oh just my stomach" I simply said while looking around the limo. 

"Hm thought it was Niall" Zayn stated while looking up from his phone. 

"We're here" The driver announced while pulling up. I jumped out of my seat hitting my head on the ceiling making everyone laugh. I looked out the window and just saw some house. 

"What the flapjacks we're not at McD's" I whined while slouching in my seat. "Ugh don't joke about food" I crossed my arms and rolled my eyes. 

"Aw is the queen sad" Louis asked while putting his hand on my arm. I leaned towards his hand and tried to bite him but he quickly pulled it away. 

"She tried to bite me" Louis eclaimed.

"You called her the queen" Jennifer shrugged. 

"Anways I'm just gonna go get my little lady friend join me mate" Zayn said while getting out of the limo. Niall was last to leave and his smiled at me. I polietly smiled back at him only to have everyone else look at me. 

"Ooh ooh" The girls plus Harry,Liam, and Louis said in unison. 

"Oh hush he smiled at me so I polietly smiled back" I told them. 

"Since when did you become polite" Olivia asked me. 

"Since when did you sass me" I answered with a question while giving her a look. 

"Whatever" Olivia shrugged. 

"I SHIP NILINA/KRISTILINIALL" Jennifer burst out of nowhere. We all looked at her like 'are you crazy'. "I haven't decided on a ship name yet". 

"Hate to break your little ship thing but he has a girlfriend" I stated while patting her shoulder. 

"Just because there's a goalie doesn't mean you can't score" Louis told me as everyone nodded. I was about to reply when the rest of the guys came in with some girls. They looked so pretty they were also wearing prom like dresses. I bite my lip and tried not to laugh one of the girls looked at me and scanned my outfit then laughed. Rude much? The girls and I sat straight and scooted over to make some room. 

"I'm Teya Zayn's girly friend"Teya introduced herself while holding Zayn's hand. She had curly brown hair that went down to her bum, cute blue eyes not as cute as Niall's though-because her's are cuter? (Nice save Kris ugh why would I save myself when I'm talking to myself?) she looks pretty sweet and caring and judging by what she said she's probabaly funny too. 

"I'm Kristilina but they call me Kris that's Stephanie, Steph Jennifer, Jen  and Olivia" I replied while putting my hand out for her to shake. She smiled and shook my hand, as I shook her hand I could feel daggers being thrown into the back of my head. I looked over and saw none other than May Stewart. 


"So who wants to go order"I questioned as we all got settled into a big  corner booth. We all had our orders scribbled onto a piece of paper. 

"Not me" Niall said as everyone else mumbled 'me neither's' and 'not me's'. 

"Ok then I'll do it then"I stated getting up with the paper in my hand. I got out of the booth and stood up about to walk away when I heard an Irish accent. 

"Oh now that I think of it I wanna go too" Niall said standing right next to me. 

"You just said you didn't want too" May said while crossing her arms. 'oohs' filled the area we were in. 

"Um I do now" Niall replied while looking at her, more 'oohs' were said.I guess Niall realized how it sounded becuase he quickly added "I didn't mean it like that babe I-I just don't want Kris to go alone". 

"Your not really helping yourself Niall" I whispered into his ear making him shake a little. 

"I mean I-" Niall began when May cut him off. 

"Whatever just go I'm starving" May complained shooing us. Bitch, no one talks to Nialler that way! Shut the fuck up Kris!

"Sorry about that May's sorta the jealous type" Niall apoligized as we waited in line with his hands tucked into his pockets. 

"Oh no, no its's okay she is your girlfriend she has the right too" I replied while preteneding to read over the orders. I just didn't want to look at his hypnotizing blue eyes. I took a deep breath and sighed. 

"Something wrong" He asked me. 

"Um no why would there be" I answered while shrugging my shoulders. He lifted my chin up with his thumb and index finger making me look at him. 

"You would tell me if there was right?" He questioned while staring straight at my haxzel brown eyes. 

"Next please" A guy's voice spoke. I looked in front of us and realized we were next. 

"Um hi there here's our order......" I told the guy totally ignoring Niall's gesture. I could see from the corner of my eyes a look of sadness on his face, or maybe he was just really hungry it pained him? I don't know he doesn't like me, he can't like me he has a girlfriend for crying out loud a jealous one too. 

Stephanie's P.O.V.

Everyone was pretty much talking to one other. I kinda just zoned out looking at my surroundings. I found May intensly staring at Niall and Kris she looked angry jealous actually. 

"Jealous much?" I questioned having her turn towards me. 

"Of that bitch, hell no" She replied looking back at them. 

"That bitch happens to be my sister so I suggest you watch you mouth you little slut of a girl" I replied maybe a little too loud because everyone turned to look at me. 

"I'm sorry, thats she's your sister I would hate living with a bitch " May remirked. 

"Girl I will cut off you fucking fake boobs and glue them to your sorry ass of a shit face" I snapped ready to slap her when I heard an innocent voice come up. 

"Food's here" Kris announced passing out everyone's order. I leaned back in my seat and glared at May she just smirked happily and kissed Niall's cheek. 



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