Being the Bodyguard

I have a secret ...... Come closer..... Well I'm the new bodyguard for One Direction. Yes THE One Direction! It all happened one night after my sister and I finished trenching martial arts. So here's what happened......*Niall Horan Fanfiction*


12. ~Hotel~



We went back to the hotel after the VERY awkward lunch. I felt May stabbing me with daggers, Stephanie was shooting bullets into her head, Olivia and Jennifer just stared down at their plate, Zayn and Teya just held each other's hands while eating, Liam, Louis, and Harry just shared glances at each other and Niall oh Niall he just munched on his food as I did the same. Now we're heading over to our own rooms and Teya's going over to Zayn's as May's going over to Niall's. 

"So that was fun..." I told Steph as I layed down on the bed. 

"Yup be sure to do it again sometime" She replied laying down next to me. 

"Let's talk about your little love triangle"She said wiggling her eyebrows. I rolled my eyes and tunred on my stomach. 

"What love triangle are we talking about exactly?" I questioned. 

"Could you be any more dumb? You,Niall and that bitch May" She answered turning on  her stomach copying. 

"I'm not dumb! I happened to graduate as honor student and who didn't oh yeah you no offense.... and she's not a ya know what you said" I replied.

"Your too nice!!! And you weren't there when she called you a slut" Stephanie said getting quieter with each word. 

"SHE WHAT!?!" I shouted jumping off the bed. 

"See she's a bitch so I invited everyone to discuss this except Niall and May of of course" Stephanie said walking over to a dresser to get changed. She pulled out her white 'Bitch, Please' tank top and her zebra printed sweat pants. We're sisters so it's okay for us to change in front of each other. 

"*knock knock* Hey guys it's us"I heard a familiar British accent say. 

Liam's P.O.V.

"Where ya going mate" Niall questioned me right before I left. So close. I can't lie to him but I can't tell him the truth or else he might feel left out. He was lying on the bed cuddling with May. Oh that little bitch! Excuse my language mum I'm sorry. 

"Um out" I quickly answered leaving the room. 

"Hey guys"I greeted Louis,Zayn,Teya,Jen,Olivia and Harry at Kris and Steph's door. 

Kristilina's P.O.V.

"This is soo stupid" I complained opening the door. 

"Hey" They al replied in unison including Steph. I just made a whining voice and sat on the little couch in the corner. 


"Remember the plan, Operation May the Bitch gets humilated" Louis told all of us. I felt kinda bad though. 

"This feels kinda mean guys" I announced having them all look at me. 

"Stop being so nice look even Liam Daddy Directioner is doing it" Jennifer replied pointing at Liam who was sitting next to me. 

"I've always hated her" Liam shrugged. 

"GAHH!! Can we at least change the name to something nicer like Operation Kick May Out or something" I suggested giving up. 

"Whatever you want Queen" Harry said bowing. 

"That's Potatoe Queen to you mister" I corrected making everyone laugh even myself. 

"Would it be mean if I said I'm having fun without Niall" Louis questioned us. 

"It's ok mate I'm having fun without him too, he's always spending time with May anyways" Zayn replied patting Louis on the back. 

A/N I didn't feel happy with the chapter I put before so I changed it :) and um those of you who wanted to be Louis's girlfriend I had an idea for that so I decided to make it into a seperate story. It's gonna be called 'Paparazzi Girl', so I'm having another contest for people to be in that story :). Hope you enjoyed this chapter better than the other and believe drama wil be coming Operation Kick May Out is starting ;) I couldn't think of a better name.... Bye My Potatoe Minions!! YourPotatoeQueen 

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