Being the Bodyguard

I have a secret ...... Come closer..... Well I'm the new bodyguard for One Direction. Yes THE One Direction! It all happened one night after my sister and I finished trenching martial arts. So here's what happened......*Niall Horan Fanfiction*


9. ~Airport~

Dedication to bowtie-girl b'cuz she likes my new username haha ;) she's also known as the person Jennifer is based off of :) and she's my favorite favorite haha favorite favorite of the week :) yes I know it's Monday well where I live which is California anyways onto the story



"Ugh you guys are such girls!" I groaned as we walked through the airport. I currently have two suitcases for a one month trip and one carry-on bag as Jennifer has four suitcases and two carry-ons, Olivia has three suitcases and three carry-ons, and Stephanie has five suitcases and one carry-on.

"Quit your whining peasant" Jennifer told me while stopping to grab a cart for our luggage. She put on her luggage and continued to push her cart.

"1 Hey what about our luggage and 2 you did not just talk to the Potatoe Queen that way!" I said to her while stopping her to put in my luggage.

"Oh you and your potatoes just like Niall aww you would be the cutest couple ever I would totally ship you ooh ship name you shall be Nilina or Kristiliniall but Nilina flows but Kristiliniall has Niall in it." Jennifer blabbed and blabbed. But hey me and Niall would be a cute couple, right? Oh hush up potatoe queen.

"Can we just put our luggage in your cart Jen (I nicknamed you Jen if that's okay?:)" Stephanie whined while dragging her luggage across the airport.

"Hey it's not her fault that you brought so much stuff anyways thanks again Kris for you know for making Paul make me the guy's bodyguard along with you" Olivia thanked me while hauling her luggage over he back.These girl's are quite entertaining.

"Look who's talking the girl with three suitcases and three carry-ons I thought you were suppose to have like one carry-on? Oh yeah and no problem if I get to be a bodyguard so do you" I replied while walking in the airport and using my phone to create a video on instagram of how hilarious they look. Olivia looks like a little hiker, Jen looks like shes shopping, and Stephanie looks like she's a bellboy or bellgirl?Whatever, hey look the guys are over there I thought to myself.

"Oh I just noticed that you can spell Niall from Kristilina but then he would only have one l but that's I still ship you" Jennifer burst out of nowhere while casually pushing her cart and brushing  her hair because your suppose to brush your hair in an airport. But then again she is the girl that ships everything from people to candy!

"Oh shut-up" Olivia and Stephanie shouted at Jen in unison. Jen looked down while putting away her hairbrush.

"You ship everything for crying out loud" Steph mumbled.

"Hush peasants the guy's are right over there" I told them while shoving them towards the guys making them drop all their luggage and having Jennifer's cart fall. They all glared at me.

"Oh hey guys" I said while running behind One Direction and Paul with my luggage of course.

"Hey I thought you were suppose to be our bodyguard" Louis stated while putting me in front of him.

"Yeah whatever let's catch our plane before it leaves" I told them.

"Oh don't worry we have a private jet oh and Paul is gonna go take our baggage to some place" Harry told me as Paul set a ton of luggage into a bunch of carts.

"WHOA! A PRIVATE JET?.... Anyways Kris and I should go help Paul since we're your bodyguards too" Olivia said while setting our luggage into carts.

"Yup we are the world's biggest boy band babe" Harry said to Olivia while smirking.Cocky much?

"Not that big if I haven't heard of you" I mumbled as Paul got ready to leave.

"Heard that so you owe me twenty carrots" Louis said to me while sticking his hand out.

"Don't think so" I replied.

"I'll be going now and since you are the bodyguards too you have to watch the boys and make sure they don't get mobbed while I go put all this luggage into another plane" Paul simply said while walking away with a whole bunch of carts. That man must have superpowers or something.

"Let's get to your private jet then shall we before you get mobbed" Stephanie stated as we walked into the DIRECTION of the jet. I followed closely behind when Louis stopped and waited for me to catch up.

"Ok how about ten carrots?" Louis suggested while pulling out carrots from his pockets. I don't think he's allowed to bring those here, your not allowed to bring outside food into the airport.

"How about no?" I suggested while taking one of his carrots and plopping it into my mouth.

"You did not just do that girl" Louis said in a sassy tone. "Now you owe me ten more carrots".

I shook my head no as we walked inside their private jet. 

"Fine how about five baby carrots?" Louis tried again. I shook my head no again as a response. " One carrot?".

"Lou if she didn't budge the first thousand times she won't now" Niall said sticking up for me and sitting down. I looked into his hypnotizing eyes as I walked past him. He stared back at me so our eyes were locked together. Heaven it was.

"Oh shut-up Horan" Louis snapped while pushing me over breaking me and Niall's eye contact. I guess if you can't stop it then love it right? (Her feelings for Niall if your confused) I took a seat next to Jennifer and Stephanie.

"Someone's making googly eyes at Mr.Horam" Jen whispered into my ear while reading a magazine.
"You wish" I whispered back while looking at her magazine. I'm not one to read magazines but my phone's dead. I read the page on the left which read May and Niall Back Together Looks like Nay is Forever  oh so he has a girlfriend?Who is this May?

A/N again nicknamed you Jen if that's okay. And I need your last name May. Oh and I don't need anymore character :) I'm putting all of you who want to be in the story in the story. But some of you won't get the part you wanted you will have something related to it, sorry if you don't like it.And like I said before you will come later in the story depending on your part. And you won't all have big parts but I'm gonna do the best I can and yes I'm gonna do favorite favorite every week :) BY my Potatoe Minions Xx YourPotatoeQueen

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