Forbidden Love

In a small town there's always a scandal. But never something on the scale of this stature.

Derek Masters has lived through hell. That's putting it lightly. When he was only just entering teen years his girlfriend was killed in a bitter rage. Then the mayor of his town passes the Law,

Farmers and City Folk Will Not Mingle, Flirt, Romance, or Marry. Under the decree of the Mayor.

You see that could be a slight problem for our Derek Masters. In his freshman year of High School he fell in love with Daisy Malone.

The Mayor's daughter.

Daisy Malone has a secret. She's in love with a farm boy. With the initials DM.


12. Chapter Twelve

Chapter Twelve



Three months and two days had passed since the deaths of Natalie and the former Mayor. Derek for the most part was getting better. He was eating; going to practice, and he was even in the market for a new horse. Daisy tried to visit him every day; but school soon became to be a problem and her mother of course. Her mother was depressed and Daisy feared for her mother's life if she were to be left alone. Daisy went to school, came home, made sure her mother was eating, and went to see Derek for a little while at McCready's. 


Derek understood for the most part why Daisy wasn't around anymore. But it still hurt; he needed her too. Derek wasn't comfortable going to the Mayor's Mansion; at least not yet. Derek would see Daisy at school, and she would put on a brave face; she'd fake whatever happiness she put on her face hiding the evident pain underneath. Her father had died; he was a hypocritical jerk but you only get one father; and Daisy had lost her's. Derek stared at the empty seat of his best friend and thought of his absent rather than present girlfriend. 


"Mr. Masters. Can you please answer this equation?" Derek looked up at the board and deciphered the numbers and letters that was the calculus equation. 


"The answer is 27."


"Correct. Mr. Masters, are you feeling alright?"


"Yes ma'am. I'm sorry ma'am I'm just a bit tired is all; stayed up last night working on an assignment."


"Its alright Mr. Masters. Just try to pay attention. This is on next week's test."


"Yes ma'am."



The bell rang shortly afterwards and Derek left without waiting for Alex. He wanted to meet Daisy before she had to go to her next class. He found her at her locker looking forlornly at a photograph sadly hung up by a spare piece of scotch tape. It was of her and her father, Daisy couldn't have been more than twelve in the picture; the summer before Rebecca was murdered. The mayor was actually smiling; and this was before he enacted the law that tore apart his friends. The whole town; segregating the working class from the rich. 




"Derek! Oh I missed you!" Daisy ran into his arms; tears streaming down her face. "I've ignored you completely; I'm so sorry Derek-you need me too." Derek stroked her back trying to comfort her.


"Hey, I understand sweetheart."


"Derek; I love you so much I don't want to lose you."


"Hey, you're not going to lose me-I promise you. I'll come to your house after school is through."




"I promise." 


"Derek, I love you. I don't deserve to love you but I do."


"The opposite." Derek leaned down and kissed her just as the warning bell rang. "I'll see you later." Alex pulled Derek away and Betty who had popped out of nowhere led Daisy towards the art room. 


"I don't know how you put up with her. She's completely ignored you the past three months."


"It isn't her fault."


"You know what Alex she did just lose her father, and a good friend. She blames herself for everything that has happened in the past six months. So excuse me for 'putting up with her'."


"Jeez man I was just saying." Derek hurried into the next class; which was history with the bastard that had made him cry that first day of school. Derek hated to admit that anyone could make him cry; but in light of recent events; Derek had cried more than he would care to admit. He sat in the very back and took out his notes from the previous class session. Mr Morgan stood in the front of the room, eyeing Derek, trying to find any excuse to send him off to the main office. Derek had never disrespected the man; not like Mr. Morgan disrespects Derek. Alex looked at him to be sure Derek was alright and continued talking to whomever it was he was talking to. Alex tried to misbehave to take some of the undeserved heat off of Derek Mr. Morgan seemed to think Derek deserved; but it never worked-Mr. Morgan always found a way to blame Derek.


"Today class we begin our study of the Civil War. Mr Masters would you care to discuss any previous information you have on this war?"


"Certainly Mr. Morgan. The Civil War was declared after the south seceded from the Union creating the Confederate States of America. President Abraham Lincoln declared war in the name of keeping the Union whole but later changed his view to ending slavery. After the war ended in 1864 President Lincoln was re-elected and as he went to celebrate at the Ford Theater he was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth. Any other questions Mr Morgan?"


"That-That was an excellent overview Mr. Masters."


That was the first time Mr. Morgan had been nice to Derek all year; of course Derek didn't object or point out this fun fact instead he copied down the notes. Time passed quickly in that hour of history class, with quick surprised glances from Alex, and a returned look of disbelief from Derek which helped in the passage of time. The bell rang signalling the first free period. Derek hurried up and went to the Forbidden Courtyard. It was really the only time all his friends could be together without being questioned. Plus Daisy was in the middle of creating a portrait of her father on one of the walls and Alex and himself were in the middle of restoring the courtyard. I was the first one in the courtyard and I went to work immediately on the fountain, my next project would be the pathway.  All I was doing was filling in the cracks and scrubbing the stains off the marble. His friends slowly filed into the courtyard one by one. Daisy being the first to arrive. She smiled when she saw him.


"Derek!" Derek looked up from what he was doing and smiled. Daisy came up behind him and wrapped her arms around his neck. She kissed his cheek and whispered. "Everything is goin' to change Derek. I promise you. No more sulking. Mama is gettin' better." 


"I'm not worried Daisy." He pulled her around so she sat on his lap. He dropped the SUD pad and kissed her. "I love you, and you love me and our love isn't that forbidden anymore; but you'll always be my forbidden love." Derek whispered. Tears sprang up in her eyes.


"I do hope this isn't a proposal."


"And if it is?"


"We're too young Derek."


"But we know we love one another and that love will never die." Derek whispered.


"I'll marry you if you propose in two years." Daisy said. She kissed him and got up; allowing Derek to return to his work. Alex and Betty arrived shortly after and Alex started on the bench. The bench where Derek and Rebecca spent so many lunch periods together-never kissing but they would hold hands as they sipped their juice boxes. Their relationship wasn't like that. It wasn't about stolen kisses-but hand holding and whispers of forever. Their first kiss-to seal their shared promise of forever was that day...the day Rebecca was ripped from this world, from him. But if Rebecca hadn't been murdered, he would have never fallen in love with Daisy Malone. In a way he was grateful to Victor-but in another he wanted to rip the son of a bitches throat out with his bare hands. But instead of visiting his jail cell, and possibly claiming one for himself-he went back to restoring the fountain. 


Satisfied with his work Derek stood and walked around the fountain-the cracks were non-existent and it looked brand new. All they had to do now was hook it back up to the main water supply. Alex did wonders on the bench; the marble shone brightly in the afternoon sun and it looked brand new and almost exactly how it was that day; minus the blood. Derek looked at his watch and shouted for his friends.


"Third period is going to start soon. Wrap it up." Derek and Daisy gathered in the middle of the courtyard and looked around. Rebecca smiled from where she had been immortalized on the brick wall. Natalie smiled as well but the hurt in her eyes was enough to say that she died strong and she died young without being able to tell the one she truly loved how she she really felt. Derek took Daisy's hand and together they walked out of the courtyard and into the main part of the school.


"I'll see you after school." Daisy said. A smiled brightening her features-it was a genuine smile the first in three months. 


"That you will." Derek leaned down and kissed her goodbye before turning and going towards his next class.




The end of the day came quickly and Derek swallowed his fear of going to Daisy's home. He pulled into her drive way a half hour after school had ended-his rusty old pick up looked even worse than it was next to Mrs Malone's new red Cadillac and Daisy's blue pick up truck. He slicked back his hair the best he could and went up the path to the front door. He knocked and Daisy was there in moments.


"Derek! You actually came! I was worried you wouldn't." Daisy said guiltily.


"Of course I came." Daisy moved aside allowing Derek to come inside. "Hey, how's your mom?"


"Mama is doing as one would expect her to be doing." Daisy said. Never answering the question; not really. Daisy led him towards a large room in the back of the home. It turned out to be the kitchen and that was where Mrs. Malone had holed herself up in. 


"Hello Mrs. Malone."


"Hello Derek. How have you been?"


"I'm hanging in there-how have you been?"


"As you would expect. Depressed mostly. I've got no idea where we're going to live. I have no means to get any money..."


"Its going to be alright." Derek tried reassuring the former first lady.


"How do you know?"


"Because every storm has to fade and end. This is just the fading of the storm so the end must close wouldn't you say?"


"I knew I liked you for a reason." the woman who had previously been crying obnoxiously on her bagel was smiling and standing to give him a hug.


"Mama, where are you going?"


"I am going to find a house. And then a job."


"You are magic. I love you so much. That is the first time she has smiled in months! I love you! I love you, I love you, I love you, have I mentioned I love you?"

"Quite a lot actually. I love you too otherwise I wouldn't be here." Derek kissed her, it felt like the first kiss- it felt forbidden being that they were kissing in the kitchen of the Mayor's Mansion. Their kiss deepened and became more and more passionate until it felt like they were one. Fire erupted behind their closed eyes-their love deepening with each tilt of the head, with each intake of much needed breath. 


"I love you." Daisy whispered. "I'm sorry, so sorry."


"For what?"


"For everything-everything I've put you through. I didn't mean it, I just wanted to love you, I just wanted to be with you. I didn't want, I didn't-"


"Hey, its not your fault! Its not, I don't blame you my sweet Daisy."


"You should, I don't deserve you! You're too nice, too understanding."


"Daisy, stop it. We deserve eachother equally. I would be nothing, nothing! Without you next to me. Having you show up that night was the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I love you Daisy Malone. For now and for always do you understand me? You and I belong together. No matter what. Never say you don't deserve me. If anything, I don't deserve you." Tears fell freely from Derek's eyes and he said those words. "I love you, please stop thinking the way you do, just love me, just please try to be happy. Just stop apologizing for things you had no control over." Derek picked up her hand and kissed it and then kissed away her tears.


"I love you. I'll try."


"Don't leave me."


"I won't."




"I promise." Daisy kissed his cheek just as his phone rang. 


"Hello mom?"


"Where are you?"


"At Daisy's."


"Oh, well be home soon."


"Don't worry."




"Bye mom."




"Is everything alright?"


"Yep. C'mon, you wanted to show me something."


"Oh yes." Daisy pulled him by the hand and guided him up the steps to her room. In the center of her room was an easel covered in a white sheet. Daisy unfurled it revealing a beautiful painting of himself holding Daisy in his embrace. He was shirtless and had white angel wings wrapped around her in a shield like embrace. 


"Daisy its beautiful."


"I'm glad you think so."


"Why am I an angel?"


"Because you're my saving grace."


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