Forbidden Love

In a small town there's always a scandal. But never something on the scale of this stature.

Derek Masters has lived through hell. That's putting it lightly. When he was only just entering teen years his girlfriend was killed in a bitter rage. Then the mayor of his town passes the Law,

Farmers and City Folk Will Not Mingle, Flirt, Romance, or Marry. Under the decree of the Mayor.

You see that could be a slight problem for our Derek Masters. In his freshman year of High School he fell in love with Daisy Malone.

The Mayor's daughter.

Daisy Malone has a secret. She's in love with a farm boy. With the initials DM.


3. Chapter Three

The sound of her name ricocheted off the trees.  Natalie sat behind the tree with couple’s initials carved into the bark. She traced the one the said DM+DM in the middle of a heart. It broke her heart that Derek would much rather have forbidden romances then to be out in the open with her. She took out her pocket knife and put an X through the second DM and put NC instead. She was doing this to protect Derek and to smite Daisy. Natalie got remembering that she drove here. When she returned to the clearing she found Derek’s truck gone along with Daisy. She threw a rock into the Lake and sank to the muddy ground, school was going to be torture that was for sure. Derek was sure to hate her guts because she simply didn’t understand their ‘love’. Natalie forgot how long she sat there but she knew if she did much longer her car would be taken away and she would be stuck with Derek driving her to school. She got up and drove home.  She was angry at Derek because he didn’t trust her enough to tell her his big secret love. She was angry at herself at not seeing that he wasn't in love with her. She was angry at Daisy for being so pretty and stealing him away from her. Now at least she knew why he was avoiding her, he was too busy with Daisy. She past Derek’s house and noticed Daisy and Derek chasing each other with sparklers, she couldn't help but think that she and Derek used to do that. Angry she accelerated and didn’t notice the deer in time; her car collided with it and the deer went flying over her head and the car went rolling onto its side after slamming itself into the light post, heaving its content which at the moment was Natalie. She flew into the air and landed on her side, in a ditch on top of the deer. The deer was kicking wildly, one leg already broken. She couldn't feel her body and she didn’t  know if it was because of fear or she broke something. She was bleeding she knew that. She heard voices the sound of a truck and strong hands and arms scooping her up and putting her in the back of a truck. She saw Derek working hard to stop the bleeding and he glanced at Daisy.

“Keep the pressure on her wound; I have to get her to the hospital.”

“Okay.” Was Daisy’s reply. 


In Derek’s opinion they arrived at the hospital too late, but Natalie was still breathing and trying to fight off Daisy’s attempt to save her life. 

“Daisy stay here, your dad has friends on the inside.”

“I don't care, Natalie your dear friend is hurt. I’m going in alright?” Daisy got up and walked into the ER. Derek dumbfounded scooped up Natalie as gently as he could. He whispered to her

“What happened Nat? You're the most careful driver.” He walked in and there was a stretcher waiting. Natalie could hear Derek crying, he didn't hate her, the complete opposite he loved her, not the way she hoped but he did, he didn't want to lose her. She didn't want to die.

Natalie woke up to the sound of beeping. Like a heart monitor. She tried to sit up but a pair of strong hands guided her back onto the pillows. She tried to call out but she heard her father's soothing voice calming her.

"Natalie dear please calm down. You hit a deer three days ago. Do you remember why?"

"Yes. Daddy it was so stupid, I was nervous about school and I lost focus on the road."

"It's okay dear. Everyone makes life threatening mistakes time to time."

"Stop trying to make me laugh."

"Is it working munchkin?" 

"Yes. Will the doctor be in soon?"

"Yes I think so. Do you remember who brought you in?" A flash of a tear falling on my cheek and a question asked in a tear cloaked voice "What happened Nat? You're the most careful driver."

"Yes, it was Derek I crashed in front of his house."

"That's right and Daisy was there as well she was driving over there to visit with Derek because she wanted to buy a horse."

"Is that what they said?"

"What dear?"

"Nothing." Their secret was safe with me. I vowed that I would protect Derek and Daisy because together they saved my life.

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