Forbidden Love

In a small town there's always a scandal. But never something on the scale of this stature.

Derek Masters has lived through hell. That's putting it lightly. When he was only just entering teen years his girlfriend was killed in a bitter rage. Then the mayor of his town passes the Law,

Farmers and City Folk Will Not Mingle, Flirt, Romance, or Marry. Under the decree of the Mayor.

You see that could be a slight problem for our Derek Masters. In his freshman year of High School he fell in love with Daisy Malone.

The Mayor's daughter.

Daisy Malone has a secret. She's in love with a farm boy. With the initials DM.


13. Chapter Thirteen

The painting that Daisy had painted hung on his wall, and each time he woke up, he saw it and smiled. Derek got up and walked down the stairs. It was time he resumed his chores. After almost three months of not doing anything-Derek owed it to his father to do all the chores that day. He walked out the kitchen door and grabbed the egg basket. He went about his normal routine, until it came to the horse barn. Derek paused, and looked down at the ground, could he do this? Walk into that barn and not see True there? Derek took a deep breath and opened the large double doors. The place where he had taken refuge so many times loomed in front of him-it felt foreign and wrong with his knowledge of an empty stall, one that shouldn't have been empty at all. The familiar nickers and whinnies sounded from the stalls, the horses begging to be put out to the pasture to graze for the day. Derek found True's father first, 


"Hey old man. Ready to go out?" The old stallion neighed in response and pounded the ground with a great hoof. "Alright, old on." Derek clipped a lead to the stallion named Beau(Bo) and led him to the gated pasture. He heard an engine and snapped his head in the general direction of the road, The engine sounded like Natalie's convertible. Sure enough the red mustang was making its way up the drive way, Mr. Clearwafler in the driver's seat, drunk out of his mind. Derek let Beau loose and locked the gate. The mustang came to a stop inches from Derek's shins and Mr. Clearwafler got out of the car with as much grace as an elephant on roller skates. 


"Derek, my boy," The man slurred so much Derek believed him to be speaking a different language. "Its been a pleasure knowing such a fine specibon of man. Natalie, Natalie wanted me to tell ya something. What was it? Oh yea, here ya 'o its a letter! I don't no letter but you do, 'ou specialll boy 'ou. Natabee wante' you to be happ happy she did." He took another long swig of whatever he was drinking and handed Derek the envelope.


"Mr. Clearwafler, let me drive you home."


"Non sense. I got myself here, I can get myself back!" The man got back in the car barely coherent. 


"Please Mr. Clearwafler, if not for me, then for her? Do you really think Nat would want you driving this way?"


"Well no. Alright." The drunken man scooted to the passenger side and Derek got in the driver's seat. Driving Natalie's car was a forbidden thing, and the subject if ever approached was swiftly swept under the rug and Derek would submissively get into the passenger side. Now, he had no Natalie to shoo him into submission, he put the car in reverse and drove down towards Clearwafler's. The old Auto shop. 


"Get some sleep okay?"


"Alright. Call me Jack."


"Alright Jack, call me...anytime."


"Alright son. I will. Natalie, she loved you. So much I thought she'd burst. I don't know why she didn't tell you."


"Because somehow she knew my heart was already taken." Derek said wisely.


"Keep the car kid. I don't need it. I've got the Caddy."


"Alright. Are you sure?"


"Somehow I think she'd want you to have it. Read the letter in the car, somewhere special to the both of you."


"I will."


Derek drove off. He went the back way to the lake, he knew it would take him to the top of the falls, and he parked Natalie's car and took out the envelope; he took a deep breath and broke the seal. Derek unfolded the letter, multiple pages of blue lined paper, with the scent of her favorite perfume, Viva la Viva 'Live the Life', Derek smiled sadly and started to read,



         I want to apologize for not telling you sooner. About everything really. I knew that you loved Daisy for a really long time,

I wanted you to love me the way I loved you, and how you loved Daisy. But I knew it would never happen. So I kept it to myself, which would be a mistake right? I should've at least gave you the chance-right? Right. Derek, you are the most kind, gentle, caring, daring, stupid yet intelligent person I've had the off chance to meet. If it wasn't for politics and a hypocritical mayor, we wouldn't have become friends. I wouldn't have felt bad for the popular farmer boy jock and I certainly wouldn't have dreamed of being your friend. But we bonded because we were outcasts. Silly isn't it? Outcasts in a town primarily populated with farmers and the working class, but its the truth. The poor folk were ostracized for the way they lived, and you-you changed that. I was so happy that I lived that long, long enough to see that stupid law undone and deleted from our small town's history,and you were finally happy, and free. Finally free Derek. Know this my sweet friend, my angel-I am free. I don't have to live anymore. I don't have to worry about taxes or my future. Or who I'll marry, or how many kids I'll have or how to put them through school and college. I don't have to worry anymore about anything. Death is painless for the one dying, its painful for the ones left behind. Remember that I didn't suffer. 

I want you to know that I am happy for you. You and Daisy are like two peas in a pod. You only get one pod Derek, cherish her like she's the last pea on earth. That's how I looked at you-like you were the last man on earth. You were the last person I thought of when I fell asleep, and I want you to be the last one I picture before I go. I love you Derek so much. I want you to have Apple too, treat her well-my car is your's but if she ends up in car heaven I will come back and haunt your toilet. I'm not kidding Derek, stop laughing. I know you're laughing through the tears...I know this because I know you. Again I'm sorry for all that's happened. I'm sorry about True. I'm sorry about Rebecca, I'm sorry that you're life isn't perfect, but you've got a family that loves you, a gorgeous blonde rich girl who irrationally but I totally understand that loves you, and you've got friends. Don't forget about Alex and Betty, okay? They are your friends too. I wasn't the only one, I wasn't your first friend, and I won't be your last. I want you to live Derek. Live for me, Live for True, Live for Rebecca, Live for my mother, Live for yourself and for Daisy. We didn't sacrifice everything so you could wallow in self pity. Of course I didn't sacrifice anything, not really. I died of natural causes. Brain tumor, nasty buggers those are. Hard to find, hard to cure.

I hope I don't see you for a really long time Derek. I don't want you here in ten, twenty, or thirty years. I want to see you old gray, and gassy. Understood? You live until your golden years turn to rust, and then you come and see me. We'll play Bridge or something. I'll learn and we'll play for all eternity. How's that sound? Can I ask another favor? Could you keep an eye on my father? I can from up there, but I don't think I could intervene. Please make sure he eats, goes to work, and make sure he lays off the bourbon? He can't afford it, and its not good for his health. I love you, stay safe, stay you, and stay alive. I will watch over you always,



       Natalie.<3 :)



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