Forbidden Love

In a small town there's always a scandal. But never something on the scale of this stature.

Derek Masters has lived through hell. That's putting it lightly. When he was only just entering teen years his girlfriend was killed in a bitter rage. Then the mayor of his town passes the Law,

Farmers and City Folk Will Not Mingle, Flirt, Romance, or Marry. Under the decree of the Mayor.

You see that could be a slight problem for our Derek Masters. In his freshman year of High School he fell in love with Daisy Malone.

The Mayor's daughter.

Daisy Malone has a secret. She's in love with a farm boy. With the initials DM.


7. Chapter Seven

Natasha Bedfield woke up on the rocky shore of the river that carried her twenty five miles out of her small town. She knew of her broken arm, and the fact she had murdered a beautiful horse named True Grit. What she didn't know was that Daisy, her true love had finally come out with her Forbidden relationship with Derek Masters. She despised Derek Masters, the horse she killed belonged to him. Natasha pulled herself like the army brat she was away from the cold water. She felt her face as she she pulled herself against a tree. It was covered in scratches probably from the rocks and sticks in the water and most likely from the fight she had with Derek. She lost the knife as well. The drenched and torn cheerleader uniform would do her no good in the cold weather of Indiana. Especially so close to winter. Natasha couldn't move all that well, she was stuck, and she felt that the snow would be coming soon, real soon.

Its not that Natasha couldn't fend for herself it was the fact that she was broken, she couldn't be fixed without medications, she was ill in the head and she couldn't control herself. She was like a little kid in a toy shop, she saw something she wanted and she had to have it no matter the cost. In her case though she was almost a grown woman and she should know better than that, she wanted Daisy Malone to be her's just her's. She would do anything, kill anyone to get to her. She had killed something, a horse named True Grit, the last tie Derek and Betty had of Rebecca. Part of Natasha's sickness was that she couldn't feel guilt, not an ounce of it. At first just bullying younger kids got her by, but now that she knew that Daisy would never be her's she broke, something inside her head that kept her somewhat sane, shattered and sent her on a murderous rampage. 

As Natasha sat there curled up in the fetal position trying to stay warm, the first snowflake fell on her nose. Natasha knew she wouldn't make it, no one had any reason to come back this way, hunting season didn't start for another two weeks, and no one owned anything back here. She knew she would be dead soon, from hypothermia, dehydration, and starvation. Not to mention her injuries. Natasha began to cry, her tears forming little icicles from her eyelashes.


I woke up again, this time to my alarm blaring 'She's Got Her Daisy Dukes' by the Buccaneers  I stifled a yawn and got dressed. I was picking Daisy up at her place, since her dad found out about us, he grounded her and took her truck away. But he hasn't arrested me yet. Which was good, probably his wife told him not to. At least somebody besides Daisy was sane in that house. I grabbed a waffle from a plate and went out to my truck, making sure not to glance at the barn. 

I started the engine and started pulling out. Before I could, I saw red white and blue flashing behind me. Great. 

"Get out of the truck," I stepped out of the truck with my hands above my head, the engine still running.

"How may I help you officers?"

"Your under arrest."

"Really? What did I do?"

"You are violating the law in which states classes can not mingle."

"Do you know how stupid that is? One its unconstitutional. Two, do you think that the other small towns around us have this law? Or different countries besides India.Do you think Prince William gave a rat's behind that Kate wasn't royalty? What about Beauty and the Beast? The Beast was a wealthy prince cursed by a beautiful sorceress. Did he care that Bell was a poor inventor's daughter? No. They didn't care. Who cares if Daisy and I love each other, at least I treat her right, Keith wouldn't, he'd treat like a sack of meat."

"Its really not our choice to choose. Derek please just come with us." Officer Becker said.

"Fine, but know that Daisy and this whole community will fight. We've got a petition!"

"That's great Derek, real great." another officer said as he slapped the handcuffs around my wrists.

"Can I turn my truck off? Gas is expensive."

"Sure kid." Becker said. He undid the cuffs and I ran to my truck, and quickly texted all my friends and turned my truck off. Daisy is going to be pissed.

"So who signed the arrest warrant, and do you have probable cause?"

"The Mayor, and uh we don't but I guess he does." 

"I really don't think 'dating my daughter' is probable cause, and I've done nothing criminal in this town or any town."

"Derek like we said, it ain't up to us! Just get in the car, I won't handcuff you." 

"Fine." I got in the back and buckled up. Becker wasn't the best driver. We drove through town, my head held high. I wasn't ashamed, I believed this stupid law shouldn't exist, I saw Daisy's face in the crowd that had formed outside the Police Station/Courthouse. She looked livid. Like she could tear the man who signed the warrant's head off. Which would be her father, I mouthed I love you to her and she nodded, she knew what to do. She disappeared into the sea of faces, I knew she would be back-with the petitions and the people who signed them. This was going to be an all out battle against this town political branch. Mostly the Mayor. They led me to an interrogation room, I've watched enough crime stopper shows to know that behind the pretty mirror people watched you, listened to you, profiled your mind. I knew how to answer their questions, I knew I would probably need a lawyer I couldn't possibly afford and I also knew I wasn't emotionally or mentally fit for something like this so soon after my confrontation with Natasha and the death of True. The officers left me handcuffed to the table and I thought about my side of the story when I heard commotion outside, the door opened and Officer Becker came in.

"Derek, I understand that you go to school with a Natasha Bedfield?"

"Yes I do, but she hasn't been going to school lately. Did something happen to her?"

"Yes, her body was found about twenty five miles down river. Only way to make that distance is from your property."

"So this isn't about me dating Daisy?"

"No. The Mayor excepted the fact that his law was irrational. Now can you please tell me what Natasha was doing on your property."

"Do you remember what happened to Rebecca?"

"Yes, The boy fell in love with ya, and killed her to get to you. You ain't saying that Natasha was in love with ya too, are ya?"

"No Natasha was in love with Daisy. I think she was mentally ill, four years ago Daisy fell from the Cheer pyramid and I caught her, that's how we fell in love initially  Natasha unbalanced her enough to make it look like an accident but she made sure there would be no catchers. The catchers were distracted by my team-mates,"

"We can check out her medical records but everything your saying points to mental illness. I wonder if she was related to him"

"Possibly, I don't know much about the city folk. Except Daisy. She wants to be an artist. Did you know that? But her father won't let her."

"No, and if she does then she hides it well."

"Come to the Forbidden Courtyard at the school she painted a mural of Rebecca its outstanding."

"I will, so what happened Derek?"

"I came home that night, with Betty and Alex because they didn't have a ride and Daisy and I were planning on meeting around six. I went out to the barn after I was sure Betty and Alex were comfortable. In the barn I was met with a crazy looking Natasha, like something had broke inside her, earlier in the day she tried killing the lunch lady. She had this look in her eyes the way a dog looks when its starving and has a disease. She held a pitchfork in her hand, she was spooking T-True Grit, and I confronted her and my father came in and chased her away. True wasn't hurt or anything so I took her out to our secret place, I thought I saw Daisy leaning down over the river crying but when I went over the blonde hair fell away and revealed a monster, Natasha must've figured out about the spot. We fought, she had a knife in her hand and she was about to stab me when True reared up and stomped on her, the knife punctured her beautiful heart. I continued to fight Natasha enraged that True had been hurt, we rolled into the river and Alex pulled me out. He and Betty and Daisy had come to get me, Daisy must've found out that Natasha was released early from the psych ward. We didn't know True had passed until Daisy cried out, God it was awful. She was still barely alive when I held her in my arms and begged her to stay, to survive, she was like my child, and my last tie to Becky. I don't know what happened to Natasha after she fell in, all I know was that she was swept away I thought maybe she would pull herself to safety she was on the swim team."

"Thank you Derek, I'm sorry about True, I know she was your pride and joy. I believe you didn't kill her, and she died of hypothermia and starvation. You didn't kill her, maybe she's in a better place. Or serving for her deeds in hell."

"Am I free to go?"

"Yes you are. Sorry about that, the Mayor doesn't like you much."

"I know."

"I'll put in a good word for you."

"Thanks Officer Becker."

"Call me Todd kid, and you're welcome."  he un-handcuffed me and I rubbed my wrist. The door opened and the Bedfields were outside sitting in chairs being asked questions about Natasha, when they saw me, the guilt and the sadness were clearly visible. Mr. Bedfield it turns out dropped Natasha off at my ranch, because she's not allowed to drive on her own. I nodded towards them, and Daisy came rushing out of the alcove where they keep the vending machines. She bounced into my arms and I spun her around. I set her down.

"You don't know?"

"Know about what?"

"Natasha's dead. She found a couple hours ago by some winter bird watchers."

"Oh my God. Are those the Bedfields over there? Oh they must be distraught. If I didn't know no better I'd feel sorry for 'em. But Natasha was an evil bitch. She killed True. Killed her!"

"Daisy calm down. Becker knows everything that happened even the attempted murder Mr. Bedfield covered up."

"Okay." The Mayor walked in and saw Daisy and I so close together, he couldn't do anything in the Police Station, I don't care what Todd Becker says he has reservations for that law, and he just won't change his mind like that. It is not in his nature do such a thing, he worked too hard to get to where he is now.

"Mr. Mayor, First Lady Malone." I nodded politely.

"Good afternoon Derek. Hello dear," Mrs. Malone said. The Mayor stayed silent but nodded in my general direction. At least I knew I existed in his irrational Caste System world of his.  "Are you two going to school or staying home because of this tragedy?" Daisy scoffed at the word 'tragedy' her mother brushed it off and thought maybe that Natasha's death hadn't soaked in yet. 

"We're going to go McCready's for burgers if that's alright. I don't think anybody is going to be in school today anyhow." Daisy grabbed my hand and pulled me from the station. 

"Daisy, Natasha was sick, real sick. She couldn't help herself."

"I heard what you said, about that day she unbalanced me."

"Daisy come on now."

"How could someone claim to love you but try to kill you at the same time?"

"Daisy, she was sick, she wasn't right in the head. She thought she loved you, but in reality all she wanted was someone to love her, to understand her."

"Fine, she was insane. Why did she go to public school then? Why didn't her parents send her away?"

"Because they couldn't face the fact that their perfect daughter wasn't perfect and a scandal like that would ruin their careers in Politics. Imagine if our perfect little town, fell apart because of that, because of a sick little girl. Who didn't get the help she needed because her parents was narcissistic bastards."

"I know, I know." 

"Daisy what's really bothering you?"

"Why aren't you angry? Or sad or anything."

"I guess I understand now that Natasha couldn't help herself, and True was trying to protect me. She died a warrior's death." I didn't say anything after that. We continued to walk to McCready's a restaurant well known for their good food, but only those with pocket money went there, I've never been.

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