Forbidden Love

In a small town there's always a scandal. But never something on the scale of this stature.

Derek Masters has lived through hell. That's putting it lightly. When he was only just entering teen years his girlfriend was killed in a bitter rage. Then the mayor of his town passes the Law,

Farmers and City Folk Will Not Mingle, Flirt, Romance, or Marry. Under the decree of the Mayor.

You see that could be a slight problem for our Derek Masters. In his freshman year of High School he fell in love with Daisy Malone.

The Mayor's daughter.

Daisy Malone has a secret. She's in love with a farm boy. With the initials DM.


1. Chapter One

On the hood of a beat up red pickup truck sat young Derek Masters, it was early in July and he had just received word he passed on into the eleventh grade with flying colors. He was extremely happy with himself he just might get that scholarship and be the first in his family since his great-grandfather to get into college. Now Derek was a smart man he was a straight A student, and like any teenaged boy he had a crush on a girl, now Derek has loved Daisy Malone for four years but has done nothing to express his feelings towards her. Each time he tried he started sweating and puking, not exactly in that order. But this summer Derek was determined to ask miss Daisy out .There was only one problem, she was the Mayor's daughter and he was a farmer's son, they were forbidden to be together. But Derek didn't care, the Mayor wouldn't be Mayor forever.So Derek leaned back onto his wind sheild and looked up at the stars dreaming of Daisy. Knowing she was at the Mayor's Ball

Daisy Malone leaned against a pillar in her father's grand mansion in her golden ball gown wishing she were somewhere else, but she had promised her mother she would make an appearance.Daisy wished she was on top of Derek Masters' old beat up pick up with old ratty blue jean shorts and a plaid t-shirt tied on the bottom with a pair of cowgirl boots. She wished she could reach up and kiss his perfect face have his callused fingers brush through her hair and look up into his clear blue eyes and listen to him whisper I love you in her ear. But her wishes would never come true, she was the Mayor's daughter and he was a farmer's son, they could never be together. If they ever got together it would be forbidden. Like Romeo and Juliet, Beauty and the Beast. Daisy felt a hand on her shoulder and she turned it was her mother telling her she could leave. Daisy raced up the stairs to her bedroom, and changed into those ratty jean shorts and plaid t-shirt and her cowgirl boots. She tied her hair into to braided pigtails and rushed out the door. She was going to find Derek Masters. She knew just where to look too. Lake Sophia, its where all the farmer kids went to hang out being they had no spending money to go to town to the clubs and restaurants  Daisy got into her shiny new blue pickup truck and sped to Lake Sophia.

Derek must have dozed off because he heard a engine idling close to where he was parked, he propped himself up onto his elbow and looked to see a shiny new blue pickup truck next to his old beaten one. Daisy Malone was stepping out of the truck and when their eyes met he froze he didn't know what to do, should he say something, or just sit there with his mouth open like a Venus Fly Trap? Should he at least say Howdy miss Daisy? Derek swallowed his fear and said

"Howdy miss Daisy, mighty fine night for a drive."

"Yes I would say so Derek, no need for the formality okay? I came here to find you."

"Find me? Miss Daisy I think you got the wrong man."

"No, you are Derek Masters, correct?"

"Yes that is correct, I didn't think you even knew my first name not to mention my last."

"Yes well I do and I'd like to learn a lot more about you- if you let me that is."

"Oh yes of course, here I'll give you a hand up." Derek reached out his hand and she took it and he pulled her up next to him. Derek could feel the sweat beading at the base of his 

hairline on his neck, he never expected to be sitting here with Daisy Malone.

Daisy sat on the hood of Derek Master's truck just like in her daydream and had to resist the urge to kiss his perfect slightly dirty face. The feel of his rough fingers around hers 

was electrifying and she had all she could do not to jump into his strong muscled arms and kiss him. Their arms brushed lightly and she felt tingly on that side, she reached out and touched his hand and he didn't pull away. Instead he simply said not to be mean just curious 

"Daisy why are you here? I mean you had all your life to make friends with me. Why now?"

"Derek now is the perfect time, the fireflies are out, the moon is full, and because I realized I couldn't spend another day without telling you how I feel." She slid boldly closer to him and continued "Derek Masters I fell in love with you the moment you caught me falling from the cheer pyramid. I thought I would die but I opened my eyes and found yours staring down at me you had a scared look on your face like I was dead or something but it changed to relief and this look like I don't know what it was but I knew I fell deeply in love with you then, I looked at you every chance I got, but I was scared because of my father and his stupid beliefs."

"Wait Daisy, me? Why?"

"I just told you why silly. Now do you like me too?"

"I-I yes I do love you and you know that's when I fell in love with you, when you fell, and me catching you was an accident, I was opening my arms for the ball."

"That makes it fate huh?" I leaned my head on his shoulder and we lay back onto the windshield  Looking up to the stars. A Taylor Swift song playing in the background. Both forbidden lovers didn't know how much time had passed them, but they knew in their hearts that they both needed to part ways. 

Derek helped Daisy down off of his truck pecking her soft pink lips fast and made sure she drove off alright. He then turned and started up his old pick up and drove home before 
his ma and pa noticed he was missing. The sun was just peaking out from the tree line when he parked his truck. He hopped out and bolted for the barn. He wasn't getting any 
sleep today. He made his way to True Grit's stall and started mucking it out. Cooing softly to the giant beast. True Grit was Derek's horse he raised it from when it was just a foul 
and its mother died in the birth. Derek wasn't paying much attention on his chores he could only think of the kiss he had given Daisy only a few hours ago. He didn't hear when his father opened up the great barn doors and called out his name,

"Derek Anthony Masters where the hell are you?"

"Pa I'm right here." he followed the sound of Derek's voice and stopped outside the stall's door.

"Your mother went to get you this morning and you weren't there she thought you hadn't come home last night. I guess you were here."

"Yes Pa I couldn't sleep so I went for a drive then I came and started my chores."

"You seem different Derek, you meet a girl on this drive?"

"Well yes Pa but she found me."

"Was it Natalie Clearwafler?"

"No Pa and she's my best friend. It was um Daisy Malone."

"Well then son good for you. Did you kiss her?"

"Yes. Man I can't get it off my mind Pa, she told me she loved me since I caught her when she fell from the Cheer Pyramid. That was four years ago."

"I'm guessing you like her  too."

"Oh god yes Pa. It's a dream come true, but you can't tell a soul not even Ma she'll tell the whole town and then the Mayor will have me arrested."

"Oh alright kid. Come on breakfast is on. Wash up will ya?"  Derek hurried to wash, and to please his mother he combed his long hair and pulled into a loose ponytail at the nape 

of his neck. He hurried to the house and before his Ma could even turn around he was at his place.

"Morning Ma, I suppose Pa told you where I was."

"Derek darling you scared me to wit's end! Leave a note when you take a midnight drive."

"Alright Ma, oh I'm a junior now."

"Oh sweetheart I knew you would be."


Daisy tried the best she could to be silent as she pulled up to her well house. She never felt welcome it the Mayor's Manor. The Mayor only lived there for his term, which was ten 
years in the little town of Redcliffe, Idaho. She was just slipping into a dress her father approved of when  her mother came in. Red faced and scowling like a witch.


"Momma I was, I fell asleep at the lake I'm sorry."

"Were you with a boy?"

"No." Daisy wished she could tell her mother that she was with a boy but that boy was forbidden to be spoken of in the Manor.

"Alright don't do it again. You were brought up better than that. You best not be lying young lady." her mother left leaving Daisy alone with her thoughts. 'Oh Derek I can't wait til 
we're together again.' Daisy rushed and got dressed. Although she had maids to do her chores she wasn't allowed to sleep past eight o'clock on the weekends. Daisy descended the stairs to the dining hall and heard a hushed conversation between her parents regarding her, Keith Robertson, and Derek Masters. Daisy paused and listened at the door curious to what they had to say.

"I don't like that Keith  I think he's spoiled and has no morales! How dare you suggest we set up a blind date between our daughter and that soulless boy?" her mother whispered 

"Yeah well I don't like the idea of our daughter dating that farmer boy."

"Jonathan Malone  you were once a farmer's boy too! He's smart and has promise! He has manners and knows how to treat a woman not to mention he saved our daughter!"

"No I will not allow it Agatha! I worked too hard to have it ruined by my daughter's love quarrels!" Tears streaming down her freshly made up face, Daisy grabbed her keys and 

stormed out the door. Not knowing where her anger would take her. She ended up in the country part of town and wound up on a dusty dirt road name Milkweed Road and came 
a crossed a mail box marked 'MASTERS' in big black lettering. She pulled into the drive and parked her truck. She folded her arms on the steering wheel and slammed her head 
onto them, accidently blaring the truck's horn. She looked up alarmed. She saw a giant horse all black coming towards her, a familiar figure riding on top. Derek was shirtless, he 
looked like a man from the cover of her mother's romances. He was tan, and muscled. He was gleaming with a sheen of sweat from a hard days work and even from the distance 
he was from him he looked extremely tired. He dismounted the beast and came striding towards the truck he looked upset and she suddenly realized her truck must be dirty and 
seem a different color. She hurried and unbuckled and jumped from the truck. Still crying she rushed into his surprised arms and suddenly felt safe and contented.

"Daisy! What happened?"

"My-my father said the only reason we couldn't date was because he didn't want his stupid chances of reelection ruined, and he didn't want me a farmer's wife."

"Hey now Daisy who cares what your father thinks, a lot father's don't approve of their daughter's boyfriends."

"I guess you're right Derek you're always right."

"Come on let's get you inside and freshened up alright?"


"My ma can make you some coco and some of her famous Pecan Pie."

"That sounds wonderful." Daisy leaned against Derek as he led into the farm house, it was bigger than most but not as huge or as grand as the Manor. Derek opened the door, and 

Daisy was surprised to see expensive looking leather furniture and hardwood cherry  floors, Derek led her to the kitchen where his mother slaved over a hot oven and a pie crust. It smelt amazing in the little kitchen. Derek sat her down at the table and went to his mother and kissed her on the cheek. She looked up surprised and then offered him a slice of pie crust covered in cinnamon sugar. 

"Ma this is Daisy Malone, I'm sure you've gossiped about her mother."

"Oh my, hello dear the girls were right you are a gorgeous little thing. Now what is the honor of having the mayor's daughter in my kitchen?"

"Oh I just needed to escape awhile ma'am."

"Ma this here is my girlfriend but you can not tell a soul. You understand?"

"I swear on my dear dead mother's grave darlin' I want my boy happy and if she makes you happy than I shalt not tell a single soul."

"Not even the chickens."

"Alright. Now you two get on outta here. I call you when the pie is ready ta be eaten." She shooed them from the kitchen and Derek held Daisy's hand leading her to where he tied 

True Grit to the Tie Out. Daisy was half afraid of the giant beast and only after Derek stroked his velvet nose did she understand the chemistry between the beast and the boy she loved.

"Derek this horse what's the story behind him?"

"Her, her mom died just after she was born and I raised her ever since, every morning, afternoon, and just before dinner I fed her from a bottle, I broke her and she only let's me 

touch her, ride her and clean her stall."

"How sweet, poor dear." Daisy reached out to touch her, to pet her. The conflicted horse looked to her master and then to Daisy once more sniffed her outstretched hand and 
nudged it excepting her into her small circle of trust.

"She's never done that before, she likes you."

"I can tell, she's so gentle for such a giant creature." 

"Would you like to ride her?"

"With you?"


"I would enjoy it immensely " Derek mounted the horse in one smooth motion, situated himself and leaned down and grabbed Daisy's outstretched hand and like on the truck pulled up and onto the saddle. 

"Hold on tight darlin'." Daisy clung to Derek's waist and off they went. Daisy had never felt so alive in all her seventeen years of life. 

"This is amazing and you get to do this everyday. I would love to live this way."

"Don't you like the fancy house and cars, clothes?"

"No that's my parents I much rather do this and wear ratty old clothes."

"And date farmer boys?"

"Yes but only one farmer Derek your the only farmer boy for me." she leaned her head against his shoulder blade and they rode on until Derek stopped at a clearing and dismounted pulling Daisy with him, Daisy was so shocked to see the sight before her, she had tears in her eyes. The sight before was a river and a beautiful waterfall, the sun hit the water in way that made a rainbow at the glistening droplets and the mist as the water fell into the river below. "Its beautiful Derek how ever did you find it?"

"Just now actually...this can be our special place for when your parents egg you on and you need to escape."

"We mustn't tell a soul about this place. My father would surely exploit it for money."

"I know. It will be D+D's Forever Place."

"That sounds amazing Derek."

"My father's name is Daniel and my mother's is Daphine."

"So when people accidently find out they would think its your parents special place?"

"Yes, I can't wait until we're old enough to come out with our love, when we pass eighteen your father can't do anything to stop us and we'll go off to a college, and maybe never 
come back."

"Do you really hate it here that much?"

"This whole town is corrupt except for you and I." Derek replied gruffly in a way beyond his years.

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