Forbidden Love

In a small town there's always a scandal. But never something on the scale of this stature.

Derek Masters has lived through hell. That's putting it lightly. When he was only just entering teen years his girlfriend was killed in a bitter rage. Then the mayor of his town passes the Law,

Farmers and City Folk Will Not Mingle, Flirt, Romance, or Marry. Under the decree of the Mayor.

You see that could be a slight problem for our Derek Masters. In his freshman year of High School he fell in love with Daisy Malone.

The Mayor's daughter.

Daisy Malone has a secret. She's in love with a farm boy. With the initials DM.


4. Chapter Four

Daisy looked a crossed the hallway jammed up with city and country kids, she saw Derek at his locker talking with Alex McCoy one of the best football players the school had ever seen. She tried to listen to the conversation but she couldn't hear and seeing Derek that far away was unbearably painful. She hurried to gather her books and ran a crossed the hall, thinking it was safe since Alex was there. She made the mistake of addressing Derek first which aroused suspicion from the Co-Captain of the cheer squad, Natasha.


"Hello Derek, Alex. How was your summer's?" Derek looked at her and his face read 'You know full well how my summer was Miss.Daisy,'


"It was quite fine Miss. Daisy." he said instead.


"Yes mighty fine Daisy. Masters whats with the formality? She's just a person."


"I don't want to get arrested her father is quite the loon, huh Daisy?"


"I can't deny a thing Derek, my father is a loon."


"Excuse me Daisy? I'm a what?" the gruff judgmental voice of the mayor interrupted their conversation.


"Oh hello Daddy, loon ah now means a kind gentle uncorrupt politician."


"Uh sure it does."


"Daddy may I ask what you are doing here in High School?"


"I'm the new Vice- Principle. I'm throwing away my Politics and focusing on the next generation."


"So I'm free to date whomever I please?"


"Yes you are. But don't go crazy."


"Daddy I want you to meet my boyfriend Derek."

Daisy woke from her unrealistic dream and cried because she knew it would never happen. Her father would never allow her to publicly date Derek Masters her one true love. She did feel like Juliet Capulet from Romeo and Juliet. But her Romeo never has broken into her bedroom to make sweet love to her, or stand beneath her balcony to tell her how much he truly loved her. She looked to her alarm clock and saw she had five minutes until it rang its god awful melody. She swung her legs over the edge of her bed and walked sluggishly to her walk in closet. She decided to wear her new black dress and red leggings, with her black cowboy boots. She dressed and went into her bedroom to do her make up and hair. When she decided she looked presentable for the first day of Junior year she grabbed her new bag filled with school supplies and went down the stair way as if she was a small child, sliding backwards down the railing. When she landed safely to snuck into the grand kitchen and made herself a bagel with organic cream cheese and five slices of peaches. When she was finished she hurried to grab her keys and make it to school. 

Daisy walked into the school and immediately she saw a difference in the way people carried themselves, sophomores now knew their way around, the incoming freshmen were hesitant, the seniors were feeling superior and the juniors were feeling lucky to make this far. She hurried to find her 'friends' and she spotted Derek lounging with Alex like in her dream except now she was scarred to go and talk with them. Derek spotted her and chanced a small smile. She accepted it and smiled back, made sure no one was looking and blew a quick kiss. Then turned back to her boring gossipy conversation about who's who, and Natalie's accident.


"So Daisy I heard you were there." Natasha Bedfield said.


"I was, I wanted to buy a horse from Masters."


"What happened, did she see you with him and went crazy and crashed?" inquired Betty Long. Alex's current  girlfriend.


"Yes that's exactly what happened."


"Too bad you can't date him, he's really hot. Like Rob Pattinson hot." replied Natasha.


"Yeah I know stupid dad of your's I know you like him. I can see it in the way you look at him."


"What happened over the summer between you two? Did you do what you planned are you having your Romeo and Juliet love story. I hope you don't die." Betty said.


"Yes but you cannot tell anyone! I'm counting on you two. So is Derek, I don't want him arrested."


"Go over to him, Betty will go with you since Alex is there."


"Yeah okay." Betty hooked her arm with mine and we went over. 


"Hey babe." Betty said, and sat gracefully on Alex's lap.


"Hi Derek." I sat next to him. "How was you're summer?"


"Great Miss. Daisy how was your's? Did you meet a nice, strong, hot man?"


"Yes I did, and I'm starring right at him."


"Daisy, uh remember the plan?"


"Yes I do but I don't care. Kiss me Derek!"


"I love you I do, but I don't want to be arrested. I want our relationship in the open, but not now and not here. Not with Natalie in the hospital." Derek whispered. She could read in his eyes the pain of his restraint, he wanted to kiss her.


"I understand. I'll meet you after school. You know the place right?"


"Yes the Forever Place."


"Yes that's the one." Feeling rejected she got up and went to her first class, American Literature. With Professor Morris. She suppressed a groan and moved along with the mob of teenagers with their dusty shoes and unhappy faces. She felt an arm go around her waist and thought it was Derek.

"Der-" she stopped herself it was Kieth."Get you're filthy hands off of me. I don't care what my father told you, I'm not interested and never will be!" I shoved him away and walked off. Betty found me moments later. 


"What was that about? Was Kieth giving you trouble, I could go get Alex?"


"No just tell Derek to meet me in the abandoned court yard."


"The one where, Rebecca died?"




"It's going to be painful for him, he loved her a lot. I think saving you, saved him from insanity."


"Tell him if he can first, and text me if he can't. How did she die?"


"It was horrible. Victor Christovo went crazy and stabbed her. He was jealous. She bled to death in Derek's arms. Her last words were 'I love you Dere Bear,' Derek hasn't been the same since."


"How do you know all this? I've been here forever."


"You never cared before now."


"That's true. After I almost died I started to care. Betty how did you know Derek was never the same?"


"I was Rebecca's best friend. I wasn't always the cheerleader you know now. That's why I'm helping you and Derek."


"Oh, I'm sorry for your loss."


"It happened five years ago."


"I know. Seventh grade. We should make a shrine for her there. I don't think anyone did. Did they?"


"No, no one cared and Derek couldn't bring himself to do it. Neither could I." 


"Come on." 



Derek sat in his first period class, on his first day of Junior year, and thinking of his first love. Rebecca Harris. She was beautiful, sure we were only in seventh grade, but I knew I loved her. Then on the fateful day September 9, 2008, Victor went crazy he had enough. He was jealous of us. Victor had showed his sexual preference long ago, he was in love with me despite the rumors that it was the other way around. But why would he kill Rebecca and not me? I was woken from my painful reverie, by Mr. Morgan. 

"I'm terribly sorry to disrupt you Mr. Masters but I do have a class to teach about the rules of my classroom. Rule number three No Sleeping! Under no circumstances will I permit you to sleep in my class. One you should sleep in your bed in your house not in my classroom! Two drool is just disgusting. Now Mr. Masters do you care to tell us what was important?"

"The death of my first girlfriend Rebecca Harris, Mr, Morgan to me that's pretty important."

"That's enough Mr. Masters! I don't care who died that does not allow you to daydream in my classroom!"

"Have you no soul? What the hell man? His girlfriend freaking died today in seventh grade!" Alex McCoy spoke up. Derek stood and stormed from the room, no way was he going to give Morgan the satisfaction of making him cry. He ran to the court yard where it happened but stopped and turned into the gym, where he saved his current girlfriend's life. Like he was there again he saw the pyramid, and what really happened to Daisy. She didn't just fall, Natasha pushed her arm up enough to unbalance her, and it made her fall. Natasha made sure there was no catchers. She wasn't counting on me. Derek turned to see her, Rebecca. The age she would have been if she wasn't killed.

"I'm showing you this to help her. She makes you happy and she trusts Natasha with her" Derek was dumbfounded

"Rebecca, Help me please. I miss you."

"If I survived, we wouldn't be together. You two are meant to be. Good bye Derek. I will always love and protect you." she disappeared, with a smile on her lips. Derek woke up on the gym floor. It was a dream, but it was so real. How did he get here? He pulled himself up and walked to the abandoned court yard. A faint smile on his lips knowing that Rebecca's killer would never see daylight again.

As he walked Derek thought of how different his two loves were. Rebecca was quiet and different, she always seemed to be smiling but she's dead. Daisy she's outgoing, she's definitely a rebel, and she's smart and beautiful and his. Derek entered the court yard and heard voices, at first he thought he had turned the wrong way. He looked around and saw in fact it was the correct court yard for he saw, over grown vines and trees far too big for the area, the cobble stones lining the paths and fountain were overturned and jagged. The fountain was chipped and no longer poured water. The bench where they sat together to eat lunch was on its side, broken in half. The blood that had flowed through her was a dried up brown puddle stain on the cobbles and he saw the memory of holding her until she died showed up like a projection, or a hologram. His tears then sprang up into his seventeen year old self's eyes. He knelt to the ground and stroked Rebecca-Hologram's hair away from her face and like in seventh grade he whispered 'I love you'. He got up from where he knelt and turned towards the voices. Behind the Willow Tree's wispy branches stood Betty and Daisy. Daisy was painting the wall, and Betty was holding something and speaking in a love-filled voice. He walked quietly closer to see what was going on.

"She was beautiful, she had a way of calming you when you angry. Derek loved her so much. Almost as much as he loves you."

"I don't know about that. She's much prettier than I was back then. I feel so bad that I don't remember her or Victor. I hope when Derek see's this he will understand." Derek looked up at the wall and saw Rebecca's face perfectly painted there, she was smiling and her green eyes twinkled at him. At the bottom written in her favorite color: violet, was "In memory of Rebecca Claudette Harris, you will always have a place in our hearts. Rest in Peace. Born: November 15 1996 Died: September 18th 2008."

"Daisy he'll love it, I know it." Betty said trying to comfort her friend.

"I know it as well." Derek said coming from his hiding place. The girls turned around alarmed at the intrusion. 

"Derek, you're supposed to be in class!" Daisy cried.

"So are you, this is beautiful. Daisy how come you don't take any art electives?" 

"My father doesn't believe in art. He says it has nothing to do with pure intelligence. He says artistic people couldn't make do with a real job because they weren't intelligent enough. That's why I can't take art electives!"

"Hey come on Daisy, as soon as we turn eighteen he can't touch us and you can take as many electives as you please."

"Okay, I turn eighteen soon."

"As do I. I'm ahead of my class I turn eighteen next month."

"Oh, well I don't until next year, senior year."

"Its okay really as long as you're seventeen you can still move out. You can come live with me or Betty."

"What about Natasha?"

"She can't be trusted.'' Betty and Derek said in unison.

"Why not?"

"She's the one who made you lose you're balance."

"What? No way Nat wouldn't do such a thing!"

"Well she did. I watched it from the side lines." Betty whispered "She threatened me if I told you or anyone."

"Why would she target me, my father could have her arrested, kicked out of school or worse take away her sportsmanship scholarship. Why would she risk all of that?"

"No idea." Derek said bemused by how quickly Daisy believed them. Maybe the mistrust of Natasha Bedfield happened before the incident or perhaps it was always there. Derek came closer to Daisy's side and said "I've been wanting to do this all day." He kissed her passionately not caring who was watching. Until he heard sharp in take of breath. Someone besides Betty was there. He heard a click of a camera and he broke away from Daisy. He turned and saw Natasha holding her pink digital camera and smiling an evil smile.

"Wait until Daddy see's these pictures miss. Daisy! Ha Ha now you can never be happy. You're forbidden love will be over before it had time to blossom!" Betty charged at her and tackled her to the ground.

"You evil conniving bitch! Derek has lost everything and he finally has someone to love! Daisy has suffered under her tyrant of a father for so long and she finally has an escape! How can you be so evil?"

"I love Daisy! I want her to myself!" Derek felt Daisy tense up, she heard the story behind Rebecca's death. Victor had been in love with me, and now Natasha was in love with her.

"You're crazy you and Kieth both!" Daisy screamed. "I don't love either of you or even remotely close to that! I love only Derek!" 

"Come Daisy Betty can take care of this." Derek nodded to Betty and she took the camera and smashed it. 
"You're off the squad." Betty said and hurried to catch up with us "Strange isn't it? Four years ago Victor now Natasha." Derek couldn't admit to himself it was strange and he feared for his life. This time it wasn't the fact that a guy loved him, it was that a girl wanted him dead. He shuddered and clung tightly to Daisy until they exited the forbidden hall way and back into the lighted hall ways of the High School. 

"Bye miss. Daisy. Betty take care of her. Warn Alex about Natasha." Derek hurried to his lunch period. Alone, Alex was in Betty's lunch with Daisy. He sat by himself by choice, he couldn't bring himself to sit with the basketball team and his current football teamates. He looked down at his tray and thought of Daisy and the summer they spent together and the possibility of her coming to stay with him when she turned seventeen. 

By the final bell Derek was extremely tired and couldn't wait to actually hold Daisy in his arms without the threat of a crazy ex-cheerleader taking their picture. When he got to his truck he saw Daisy leaning against it accompanied by Alex and Betty.

"Missed you at lunch Derek."

"They switched me out of sixth period. I sat alone."

"Could you give them a ride home? My dad wants me home immediately after school."

"That's okay with me climb aboard the Masters Express." Derek joked. Daisy rolled her eyes and he felt his phone vibrate. 
  'meet me in the 4eva place at 6pm.' he read and he replied
   '6 on the dot. luv u -D' he smiled and pocketed his phone and watched her run to her car looking at her phone as she went. He got in his pick up and drove Betty and Alex home. 

"Derek, uh Natasha is in the Pyshc Ward at the hospital apparently she went crazy on Lunch Lady Cara and tried to spork her in the throat." Betty said.

"Oh well um one word, Karma." Derek said.

"Dude this isn't funny. She thought Cara was you." Alex said, his voice was quivering, he was scared.

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