Forbidden Love

In a small town there's always a scandal. But never something on the scale of this stature.

Derek Masters has lived through hell. That's putting it lightly. When he was only just entering teen years his girlfriend was killed in a bitter rage. Then the mayor of his town passes the Law,

Farmers and City Folk Will Not Mingle, Flirt, Romance, or Marry. Under the decree of the Mayor.

You see that could be a slight problem for our Derek Masters. In his freshman year of High School he fell in love with Daisy Malone.

The Mayor's daughter.

Daisy Malone has a secret. She's in love with a farm boy. With the initials DM.


8. Chapter Eight

McCready's was filled with students, High School and College alike  Derek felt so out of place. He sat in the booth a crossed from Daisy, clearly uncomfortable. She took his hand in hers and started to soothe him, or try to.

"Derek you're fine no one's going to bother us. I promise." Derek went to agree with her when he saw the diner door swing open and Keith walk in. Daisy looked behind her and saw what had made him almost growl like a large carnivore. "Derek, he can't hurt us alright? Even if he does try something you're going to ignore him. We can't afford to give my father a reason to reinforce the stupid law that separates us."

"Alright I suppose you're right." Derek looked down at his menu still holding tightly to Daisy's hand. "So what tastes good here?"

"Everything." Daisy said laughing.

"That's real helpful." Derek replied sarcastically.  He finally decided on the Mrs. McCready's Pancakes from Heaven breakfast, with a side order of hash browns with coffee. Derek couldn't help but to continue looking over at the counter at Keith. He wasn't doing anything but Derek didn't trust him, actually he didn't trust anyone besides Daisy in the diner. A waitress with curly brown hair and bright green eyes walked over to their table, Derek had never seen her before anywhere in town. The only people who worked were middle class and farmer kids.

"Hello my name is Grace and I'll be your server today." 

"Hello Grace, I'm Daisy and this is Derek."

"Hello, what can I get you two?"

"I'll Have the Pancakes from Heaven with hash browns and black coffee."

"Alright, what can I get you?" Grace said looking at Daisy

"I'll have the French toast and orange juice." Daisy replied as she closed her menu.

"I'll be right back with your orders." Grace said sweetly before leaving. Daisy looked at Derek and said,

"She was totally into you Der."

"No, she wasn't."

"Oh yeah she was. She kind of looks like an older version of Rebecca."

"Rebecca had a sister. Her name was..."


"Yes, no wonder she was looking at me. That was Rebecca's younger sister." Derek sat still letting his gaze slide over to where Grace was placing the order on a wheel. She was beautiful it was true, if he hadn't been holding Daisy's hand, hadn't fought so hard for them to stay together he would be trying to get her number. It was strange how he had believed the rest of Rebecca's family had died with her, seeing Grace grown up like this unnerved him, he was itching to escape.

"Is seeing her bringing back memories?"


"Good or bad?" Derek thought of the days where he and Rebecca would take Grace out to the Lake to swim, or take her to the playground. Those were good memories. Or when Rebecca and he were alone, and he would steal kisses from her strawberry red lips, or how she would say 'I love you forever and always' in his ear.

"Both." Seeing Grace also brought back the memories of her murder, how helpless he had felt when Victor stabbed her in the stomach, and sliced her throat before he could come to her rescue. There in the forbidden court yard he had watched as her beautiful short life and the light in her green eyes start to ebb away, her last words were 'Let go, move on Der-Bear. I love you...always'. 

"Derek?" He heard Daisy's voice break through the fog of the depression filled memories. He felt a tear drop onto his hand, "Derek do you want to talk to her?" Daisy asked, worry plastered on her face.

"I'm fine. Let's just eat, and I'll talk to you about it later."

"We should visit Natalie in the hospital."

"Hmm?" Derek asked. "You two hate one another."

"Just because we both have strong feelings for you, does not mean we hate one another."

"We're the reason she drove off the road."

"I know."

"She's the reason why her car has been totaled."

"I know."

"She's in the hospital because of us."

"No, she's in the hospital because of her anger and jealousy." 

"I guess so." He went to continue but their food arrived, but delivered by a different waitress, her name was Sophie. "Where's Grace?"

"She left sug. She said to tell you she was sorry, it was just too painful to see you.Whatever that means." Sophie replied and walked away. Daisy and Derek continued to eat in silence. Grace had left because of him. Did she blame him? He should did.




Grace sat in her 1986 Volkswagen beetle behind McCready's. She just saw her late sister's ex boyfriend Derek Masters. Memories good and bad returned to her. She had started crying so she had Sophie cover for her. She felt so guilty for bailing out, surely Derek believed she blamed him for Rebecca's death. Seeing him with that Daisy Malone girl bugged her. She had always imagined Derek marrying Rebecca, and when she died she never imagined he'd move on. He was so heart broken. When she saw him in the diner she saw the flash of guilt, in his eyes. He thought he had seen a ghost. Grace had been complimented on her good looks but only those who had known Rebecca had tears in their eyes when they spoke to her. She was an outcast. No one wanted to talk to a look a like, especially one that looked like their dead sister. 

Everyone loved Rebecca. Grace more than most of course. Only rivaled by Derek. Grace was never jealous of her sister, never angry at her. Grace couldn't even remember a time when she was truly angry. The last time was when Becca had died, or rather had been murdered by a homosexual psycho in love with Derek. She blamed Derek, and she blamed Victor of course the man behind the knife. She heard a tap on her window and the familiar form of her boyfriend, Keith.

"Hello, sweetheart."

"Hey baby." she replied. 

"What's the matter?"

"I saw Derek today and all the memories of when he was with my sister came back and I saw him with Malone."

"He's allowed to move on you know."

"I know that. Its just I never imagined he would."

"I know its hard. Rebecca was my friend too. After she died Betty, Derek and I went our separate ways. Then that law was passed. Derek was from the farmer community and you and I weren't."

"Yeah, and now Daisy and him are Romeo and Juliet."

"In a sense, if Romeo and Juliet came out with their relationship."





Daisy held Derek's hand as he retrieved information on Natalie Clearwater's condition. She was fine and had been moved to a regular room and was cleared to be released in a week, she gave them the room number and warned them visiting hours end at five.  Derek led her to an elevator and she pushed '4'. As they moved upwards Derek's hand grew tighter around her fingers, like a vice grip. Daisy felt sorry for him mostly because everything bad has happened to him since she came into his already messed up life. His horse was brutally murdered, his best friend got into a car accident after seeing them happy together, and the girl responsible for True's death was dead, from injuries from the fight and being swept down river. 

Derek stepped into room 4 and went over to a man of about forty and placed his hand on his shoulder. The man looked up and smiled.

"Derek, how are you?" 

"I could be better sir, could be better." The man noticed Daisy standing in the door way and he called over to her.

"You must be Daisy Malone?"

"Yes sir."

"My Natalie speaks mighty high of you. You saved her life when she didn't deserve your help."

"No one deserves to die on the side of the road like that." Daisy whispered as she neared the edge of the bed. "If it hadn't been for me falling in love with her best friend she wouldn't be here."

"She said you would blame yourself." Daisy looked at Mr. Clearwafler again and saw the resemblance in their eyes. Natalie had his lily pad green eyes and his olive tone skin. He was handsome for a man of his age. Her own father was about the same age but he was pudgy, mean and cold. This man was handsome in a George Clooney way and warm, and nicely built.  A hard working man who would put his neck out for anyone. Why did her father hate them so much? The farmers, they were better people than the city folk. 

"Natalie has your eyes, and your skin tone. She's beautiful."

"Thank you. She looks like her mama." Derek sat in the corner of room under the TV screen and if Natalie woke any time soon he would be the first person she saw. As if on queue Natalie opened her startling green eyes and sure enough her lips pulled back into a smile, straining against her stitches on her face. 

"Derek. You came."

"Yes and I brought company." Derek said motioning over to where Daisy stood.

"Daisy Malone. What brings you here to my sick bed?"

"Natalie you aren't sick, you're injured." Daisy laughed. "You've been out awhile. The doctors wouldn't let us see you."

"Really? Natalie looked up at Daisy, "I had friends coming to visit for weeks. Why wouldn't they the people who saved me see me?"

"Seriously? Derek?"

"I visited, she was in a coma so I didn't tell you we were allowed to visit her. Sorry."

"Its okay. So do you know about True Grit yet?"

"No, what happened?"

"Daisy, maybe some other time." Derek said.

"Tell me Daisy."

"She was murdered."

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