Psychopaths Can't Be Superheroes - (A Death Note Fanfic)

Miki is no ordinary 13 year old girl. She has a past. But at Wammy's House, she gets a second chance at a normal life. Or does she? All she really wants to do is help, but psychopaths can't be superheroes. Or can they?



So, everyone at this place thinks I’m crazy already. Seriously, one look at you and these freaks have you all figured out! Especially some little albino kid called Near. This creepy little sheep boy had been nothing but rude to me, so I was gonna make him pay big time.

While he was asleep, I snuck into his room. Inside was exactly what I had hoped for; plain white. I got the lid off the bucket of red paint I brought with me and dipped two fingers into it.

On the walls, I wrote things like ‘I WILL KILL AGAIN’ and ‘YOUR NEXT’. Once I was finished with that I placed both hands in the paint and splashed it all over the walls, floor, furniture and even the ceiling. Once I was satisfied with my work I dried my hands on a cloth and left, quietly closing the door behind me.

I snuck through the dark halls of the orphanage back to my room. Slowly, I opened the door and stepped inside.

“You’re back late.”

I whipped my head round to see Matt and Mello sitting on my bed.

Matt’s face looked shocked, and I realized that I still had the red paint on my hands, and probably on my face too.

“What did you do?” Mello asked cautiously.

“Ummmm… interior decorating?”

Well they didn’t look convinced. I would just have to show them my prank.

Once they saw it they told me some of their plans to prank Near, and I have to say I was impressed. They asked me if I wanted to help them and I was all too quick to agree.

Once we were all back in our own dorm, I scrubbed the paint off of my hands and stowed the bucket under my bed. Hey I didn’t want to waste it, it was quality paint.

Now all we had to do was wait…

The screaming woke everybody up; and this time it wasn’t me. Feigning ignorance, we ran along with the others to Nears room.

People screamed and gasped at the writing on the wall. The three of us tried hard to suppress laughing. And just like that, Near had become slightly unhinged.

Roger told us all to leave so that he and Near could talk about what had happened and, once we were away from the others, Matt, Mello and I burst into fits of giggles. The look on Nears face had been priceless.

I knew that my pranks had only just begun, and they were gonna get better and better. For me anyway.

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