Psychopaths Can't Be Superheroes - (A Death Note Fanfic)

Miki is no ordinary 13 year old girl. She has a past. But at Wammy's House, she gets a second chance at a normal life. Or does she? All she really wants to do is help, but psychopaths can't be superheroes. Or can they?


4. Final Destination And Kicking Pervs In The Face

It had been a week since my amazing little prank and Roger still didn’t know who did it. I was just planning my next when Matt suggested we watch a film. Of course, they were all downloaded illegally onto his laptop but hey, what normal 14 year old boy hasn’t?

“Oooh, what about Final Destination? I love that one.” I said, pointing to the file in question.

The boys agreed so we all sat on Matt’s bed and started to watch the film. I laughed at every single, gory death and really freaked the boys out. Once it was over I yawned and pretty much passed out.


I groaned slightly as my brain began to work again. My eyes were still closed and I intended to keep them that way. That’s when I realized something. My arms were wrapped around something, and someone’s were wrapped around me! Wait; was that hair I could feel on my hand? Was that breath I could feel on my ear?

I opened my eyes, but by then both of us had yelped in surprise and fallen off the bed. That’s when I heard Matt laughing at the tangled heap of Miki and Mello on the floor. I swear, my face couldn’t have gotten any redder.

I pushed Matt to the ground and pushed my foot hard against his back.

“You did that didn’t you? You perv!” I screeched.

He tried to grab my foot but I was too quick. I crouched down and pulled his arm behind his back as he grunted like you would when in pain.

“Miki, what the hell?” Mello yelled and prised me off Matts back while I kicked and screamed.

I knew that Mello wasn’t the type to go easy on girls, but I was prepared. I had taught myself martial arts and I was actually pretty good.

He threw a punch but I easily blocked it. He tried again. I could see he was aiming for a head shot, so in one, swift movement, I ducked to unbalance him and hooked my foot behind his ankle and tripped him up.

He fell face first with a thud. But the fight wasn’t over yet. Matt was back on his feet but before he could do anything I kicked him hard in the face, sending him over backwards.

That’s when Roger came in.

“Umm…Hi?” I said with a nervous smile. I was doomed.

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