We will change this

They have been ripped from everyday life - lives have changed - the worlds biggest boy band that girl who went missing ages ago . society doesn't work. is one direction catching eyes with the wrong girls or are they only beginning of their ultimate success. will there be love within this trauma or will there be destruction within a fan base ?
fans are going mental , hate is spiraling and everything is going wrong can one direction and their mystery girl be saved ?


3. Wait excuse me ...

Louis pov

as i was escorted out of the interview room i saw zayn come out of his and then Harry Liam and last of all Niall - he had a sandwich , every where we went he consumed food . 

those questions where not the nicest and we still had no idea who where or what had happened to this girl and all we did know was it had something to do with that Sam guy . of course intantly he was fired and banned from the private hospital that treated us and other fellow celebrities . 

We grouped hugged and got in the car .

arriving an hour later at the hospital we had missed or importantly timed plane so of course if we made one of the next few we could push time boundarys a little but as we walked into the ward she was burried under blankets wires and tubes coming in and out of her bandages on her arms and her leg up on a pillow she was slightly more peachy coloured and thats when Nurse suzie came in 

"boys this is Jamie Chalk , the missing girl we can not tell you more than that about her identity but we can tell you what is wrong"

2go on" Liam incouraged

"well she is suffering from extreme blood loss from a long fresh wound on her spine , also there are 3 freshly broken ribs and signs of rape or extreme sex on her inner thighs , around 40 old and new bruises and a couple of scrathes her left eye is bruised and swollen her lip bust , she is almost starving and urinating blood as she hasnt been drinking ... its a serious case"

the room was silent panic hit the team like a bomb harry streched his cheeks out resting his hands on his knees as he sat down next to the bed. 

"h-how long until she wakes up" said a quite irish voice

"about 2 hours she is under a lot of anistetic after surgery "

"i see and how long until she is allowed home"

"two maybe three weeks"

"thank you thats all for now"


as harry and zayn stood up paul closed the doors Niall moved towards me and liam and we circled around the bed - "we are not leaving without her ... the tour can wait true fans will stay , there is something extremely wrong here and we are not leaving this poor girl " i said all the boys nodded their heads and we updated our twitters - ' due to personal reasons the next three to four weeks will have to be put off that includes tour dates and interviews please tweet or contact management to ask questions or reschedule xxx'

suddenly #1dwhatsgoingon and #onedirectionwaitexcuseme was trending world wide and comments and tweets and DM's where flying through the wireless connection we turned our phones off order a coffee and sat round the bed. 


finally after three hours of singing humming shuffling and rocking on our chairs Jamie Chalk began to wake up .... Niall ran down the hall and we heard a mighty crash into the nurses counter and three doctors ran into the room shut the doors and closed the curtains round the bed all in the space that it took five men to move from their chairs and to the other side of the room.


we heard mumbles and questions nd then cries and vomiting but we had to stay put .. 

four armed police officers were pushed through the doors and niall came too exclaiming he had to pick up files and papers which he had knocked off the counter hah oh Niall. 

anyway finally after another two hours she wanted to see us again ... we walked through the curtains and stood at the foot of her bed the wires and tubes still we coming in and out of her but she smiled and greeted us.


After about half an hour a nurse came through and did bloods and changed the drips and handed me a phone it was a man .

"Mr Tomlinson speaking"

"Hello i am Officer Burton ,i need to see you as the oldest member down in the hall in about five minuets we need to discuss the case and the social media coverage"

"of course Byeee !"


i rushed down the hall and met with the police offficer , as her finders and because the police hadn't heared of a missing or vunerable girl we were Jamie Chalk's new foster like family until the case or someone came clean , which of course was fine but the worrying part was that #waitingandexcusingonedirectionsmistake was trending if she saw this there would be issues. i thought up a plan and quickly agreed and signed the forms of the officer she was ours now well at least for a few months.

ours to protect ours to help and the best it we were hers 


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