We will change this

They have been ripped from everyday life - lives have changed - the worlds biggest boy band that girl who went missing ages ago . society doesn't work. is one direction catching eyes with the wrong girls or are they only beginning of their ultimate success. will there be love within this trauma or will there be destruction within a fan base ?
fans are going mental , hate is spiraling and everything is going wrong can one direction and their mystery girl be saved ?


11. Stitches out the tour begins

Jamie's POV

Today was the day my stitches came out it was going to be painful but it had to be done 

as me and Harry walked into the hospital i was called in straight away Harry held my hand with his silly smile plastered across his face . There were noises coming from the removal of my stitches and it felt awful even through the numbing gel . 

They were done  and my back felt so strange it was left to air cleaned then dressed... i was given a list of things i shouldn't do for two weeks ..

Harry read it and text zayn they were gutted .... not surprised


it was 2 pm and Jamie Chalk and One Direction were on a plane waiting for the take off for the 2013 tour so many pictures of us were taken by paparazzi and fans sooner rather than later they would be released but the 12 hour flight to new york would do us good all i pods were turned on and heads phones pluged into our ears 

" I want you to rock me rock me rock me rock me yeah ,

hit the pedal heavy metal show me you care !"

That's when Harry unplugged my headphone and shoved it in his ear he winked at me and mouthed good choice !

"i love this one who sings it again ? "

"some strange boy band known as One Direction i think "

"Shush you ! they are so sexy tattoos and all "

"yeah yeah Hazza ... "


it had only been 4 hours and it was getting boring i went to sit next Louis and ask him to buy me a bottle of wine off here .. he did and we sat and drunk a bottle each - at about 7pm GMT we had finished our bottles and were sloshed Harry was laughing at me and Lou trying to walk to the bathroom even supporting each other we were failing .Niall read out that the wine had 7 units in a glass so we were over by a lot ... never mind as we came out of the bathroom Louis was in his boxers and i had his T-shirt on - it was to hot to bother with clothing so as we sunk back in his row of seats at 8 oclock we till had something like 6 hours left me and Louis were the only ones awake the others slept with bordem so we decided to go round and draw on their eyebrows with my eyebrow pencil ... within half an hour everyone including Paul had brown slug like eyebrows ... with my makeup box out we decided on doing a blind folded makeover as i tied my top round Louis eyes he began to do my make up i smelt the fake tan right near my nose .... then i felt him spread it across my face oh no . 

he was finished it was my turn ....

*fake tan





mwhahaha ... as we looked at each other we didnt half laugh we took a photo and instagramed it !

louis pulled out his personal blanket - twister style !

we layed it out a bit squished near the emergency exit and we attempted to play twister Niall woke up he but he went straight back to sleep so the air hostess took our photo and with two hours of the flight left we order a pint of budwiser and then we fell to sleep listening to susan boyle .


Liams Pov

I woke up next to Louis who was next to Jamie they had such an awful face make up so i woke them up the smell of wine hung in the air they still are drunk and they giggled at each other they walked around and woke everybody else up (i hadn't a clue about the eyebrows!)

i did ask them to wash off their makeup and apparently they didn't know what i was going on about 

they did not remove it .

the plane landed and we were escorted through and empty airport - fans and paparatzi were waiting just outside and just as we walked outside Harry began to laugh - we all had slug eyebrows and Louis was patchy and orange ..... 

*snap , flash ....*

*snap , flash ....*

*snap , flash ....*

*snap , flash ....*

oh great well done Louis and Jamie .. dosen't the cameras love us a lot more than normal. 

Jamie a Louis just laughed it off still drunk they didn't seem to care ... he attempted to sign things just before he got in the car the crashed ontop of  each other fast asleep within 30mins we were at the hotel and Paul had to carry Jamie out of the car and into the hotel lobby where guess what Louis decided to run around in his boxers .... he was so close to getting chucked out.

But hey the tour begins 2013 #memories

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