We will change this

They have been ripped from everyday life - lives have changed - the worlds biggest boy band that girl who went missing ages ago . society doesn't work. is one direction catching eyes with the wrong girls or are they only beginning of their ultimate success. will there be love within this trauma or will there be destruction within a fan base ?
fans are going mental , hate is spiraling and everything is going wrong can one direction and their mystery girl be saved ?


7. Spiraling of the media

Jamie's Pov

I woke up in bed and Harry was in the chair it was only 4pm but the shopping had worn me out so i asked for a rest. i got one that was for sure however i didn't really feel comfortable with Harry just watching me sleep . I got up and Harry smiled at me i asked him to check twitter on his phone whilst he sorted mine out so he came and sat on the bed with his arm around me i pulled into him i felt so protected he unlocked his phone and passed it to me . i touched the twitter icon and read through his   tweets .... thats when we saw it .. 

Harry and the new girl ... Photo 

Who is the girl Harry .... photo 

Thats  a catch Harry ... Photo

And where did you find her .. Photo

thats just the beginning Hate was spiralling across twitter not just to Harry but the others too 
















we screen shotted everything but he looked so pale i screamed for the boys and gave them Harry's phone i comforted him in a huge hug i heared him sob and then the other boys snuggled in my bed and i hugged each one of them and turned the TV on headlining news was One Direction so i switched over to find Finding Nemo we snuggled up and watched it together i promised them i would do everything i could to stop it after the court case which had been changed till next week Sam was on trial for abuse up to 20 years he could get . But for now i wasnt allowed to publicly speak but they could thats it i rang BBC RADIO 1 they quiickly explained that a friend had had a serious accident and she needed looking after that's all the radio puplished the statement and we continued to watch the movie at 7oclock Niall was hungry so Paul was rung and delivered the Nando' we got back in my bed and i felt a hand on my breast - i looked round i couldnt guess who it was between Zayn and Harry so instead i just grabbed the hand and pinched it i saw a tiny jolt in Harry i smiled and just left the hand there but i felt uncomfortable ... it wasnt long since Sam did that to me it scared me. i snuggled to zayn and the hand moved i grabbed zayn's thigh and he pulled me in close i wisphered i was scared and he told the others it was time to leave for tonight and that one of them should bring us a bottle of beer to share and the pink bandage dressing to my room i hugged them good night and kissed them on the cheek . Once Zayn had washed me in the bath and re dressed my back he dressed me in a guns and roses t-shirt and then put me in bed a flash came through the door i screamed and Zayn ran out - the boys had left almost half ann hour ago who took the photo .... what was going on . Zayn locked my bedroom door and he ran to the hall way just as the lift was going ping an the doors closing he came in and phoned reception informing them of a breakdown and he wanted the lift to be in lock down. the lift went off and we ran downstairs he hid me underneath the counter and got the lift un paused ... the report like man came out and Zayn questioned him he handed over the SD card and left.

Zayn took me back up to bed and we snuggled together i bit my lip and looked in his eyes he pulled at my waist and i streched my neck and kissed him on the lips i wisphered - you're my hero Zayn i kissed him again and then i rolled back on top of him and curled in his arms he held me and i slept we slept .


Harry pulled at my hair at about 1am he was intoxicated badly but he chucked his phone at me and left .... 

a picture of me and zayn snuggled up in bed i cried into Zayns chest and the the phone on the chair. he pulled me tighter and whispered one day they will have a proper job sweetie now sleep.




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