We will change this

They have been ripped from everyday life - lives have changed - the worlds biggest boy band that girl who went missing ages ago . society doesn't work. is one direction catching eyes with the wrong girls or are they only beginning of their ultimate success. will there be love within this trauma or will there be destruction within a fan base ?
fans are going mental , hate is spiraling and everything is going wrong can one direction and their mystery girl be saved ?


1. My story ... Our story ... the begging of the story


To begin with i was walking home from my part time job as a waitress , it wasn't late almost 8pm . i was in uniform (it was a rather high end do) . my black knee length dress and my blonde hair in a modern messy french twist. my heels at modest height in ankle boot style just simple and some what comfortable.

it was getting a bit cold  not very but just chilly the next thing i know was my bag feel out of my hand as i went to pick it up someone rather muscelly grabed me at the waist and strapped me in the back of the van.

1 week later

i was in some fancy appartment with no internet and no phones around ... i had been locked in the room for three days and i hadnt eaten for 7 days , it was making me feel so sick but i was scared whatever sam fed me might drug me ... so i only drunk from the tap in the ensuite and only then when i had to i was feeling really weak and absouloutly horrible my dress was marked and it hasnt been changed for a week. i has bruses everywhere from where he had attacked me and i've been straped to the bed for 6hours this was only yesterday. 

it was midnight and he was asleep so i snuck from under the covers realising he didnt set the alarms tonight before collapsing in bed intoxicated and snoring i found my way to the door but nothing it was locked and i didnt have a clue where the keys were so i found the kitchen and sucked 3 sugar cubes and then snuck back into bed.


it was 4am and it he was awake an he was angrily intoxicated thats when it happened he ripped my dress off and threw it on the floor he crushed me in weight and he i can't say  it he was inside me sam had raped me.

he didnt stop for half an hour and it hurt i ached but he only stopped when the door bell rung he told me to be silent and he strapped up my mouth in a smelly old top i cried and cried as he left.


"we have been trying to get in contact with you "

"ah phone is broken"

"well work on tuesday start of tour take it or leave it"

"well i take it now goodnight "


the door slamed he was back this time he just fiddled with me it was awful no where i could go no one i could contact and he wouldnt stop.


at 12 pm he woke me and he chucked me a huge tshirt and trackies and he said shower now i have to go out in an hour hurry you are to stay here and eat a meal and when i am back *suprise*


i ran to the shower finally after 6 days i could shower and freshen up , but i was in pain still from earlier this morning ... i washed and heard him slam the door and lock it setting the door alarm as he left . i changed and thinking up a plan but each time it was only destined to fail...

i quickly made a snadwhich and ate it and i even stomache a cup of tea about an hour later he was back he sat me on the sofa and told me he was sorry he loved me and would never do it again , as i began to cry he hit me in the eye it imediatley began to swell . i stopped and let him finnish --> he was going back to work tuesday and i had to go as i wasnt allowed to be left alone for such a time period the conditions i wasnt allowed to talk or touch anything or anyone.


i agreed and he presented me a pink box inside was a pale white lace dress and white platforms with a black leather jacket and hair culers and makeup .

i wondered how he afforded this but i as i went to say where did you get this he hit me i was numb and limp i was thin and cold i Thanked him and pushed the box under the bed ...




it was 5am - he woke me up chucked me in the shower where i hit my ribs on the side of the bath the pain was unbelievable but i got up and showered i winched in pain as the cold water shot at my body . i continued and got out looking at myself in the mirror he broke when i asked to go for a toliet .... this was scary ... i had 36 brusies around my body - not on my legs - i ha two scratches on my chest and half a swollen eye as i went to change he was there i asked him if he was okay he hugged me and thats when i felt the blade in my back it cut me at least 5cm long but not too deep i winched in pain my whole body was numb other than my fresh cut and broken ribs he stood up and covered the wound in bandages and changed me into my new outfit i curled my hair and covered my face. 


at 7am i could only feel my cut and i hobbled in my heels he threw me in the back of a blacked out car and he drove for about an hour ...


Pauls Pov


a black car pulled up at 8 am sharp sam stood out all smartly dressed in his shirt and tie and he locked the car looking back at it with a warning grin plastered across his face , me and sam contiued into the building where One Direction stood in a line, Sam smiled and introduced himself as another member of the security team they thanked him and we sat and went threw the tour diaries and then the trip to the airport and leaving in about an hour ...

Zayn left the building for a cigarette but everyone else stayed inside 

after about 15minuets he came back inside he looked pale but he didnt speak he sat there and stared into space after half an hour the boys stood up and said they needed some air before the travel and they would like it if it was time alone 

sam stood up and glared at them but i pulled him down and thats when Harry texted me : 'we can hear weeping in the back of a car with the registration of YX45 CYE ' 

'thats Sam's car Harry'

'get out and lock him in now '

of course i did as instructed they were my boss after all but zayn had smashed the car windsheild in and thats when we saw her : the missing girl 


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