We will change this

They have been ripped from everyday life - lives have changed - the worlds biggest boy band that girl who went missing ages ago . society doesn't work. is one direction catching eyes with the wrong girls or are they only beginning of their ultimate success. will there be love within this trauma or will there be destruction within a fan base ?
fans are going mental , hate is spiraling and everything is going wrong can one direction and their mystery girl be saved ?


5. Keep pushing forwards

Zayn's Pov

it's been a week and a half and the media had came up with every scandle going : 

'One Direction waiting to be excused a prison sentence'

'The worlds biggest boy band to be charged with sexual assult'

'The sick family member ... well played'

'dedicated directions go mental over recent tweets'

'without fail day in day our hospitial visits for the lads'

and so many more we hadnt tweeted for a few days but we had spoken to police and they think they might have some cloudy idea of what happened... but still no familys had come forward.

at 9am sharp we walked in to room 101 and surrounded the empty bed - it was wash day so we didn't panic.

every day we told her to keep carefully pushing towards her goal and lyrics for a song began to be noted down but she was family so we just help out as best we could

Jamies Pov 

10 days i had been in here and every day they visited little did they know i was well enough to go home today but little did i know my home was their home ... slightly shocked i cried with happiness but i was also really pissed that my parents hadn't come forward to see me of course having no phone and know keys student ID or anything i couldn't contact them at all .


I climbed out of the wheel chair and was helped into the car Harry to me left and Zayn to me right. i rested on Zayn and clutched on to Harry i was scared he would find me ..

we were taken to an apartment building it was very nice extremely modern each boy strolled in and flashed a card and where issued into the elevator i was kindly put threw too and because i was in a hospital robe they carried me into a room number 69 ... level 100 . it was scarily high but beautiful all the same ... 

"Right Jamie this is our universal suite now its yours we know its massive so whilst you were in hospital you and Harry exchanged rooms you have a room with an en-suite and its right near the living dining area so you barely have to move . 

there was a condition to me signing these papers which was - one of us has to be with you at all times this means when you shower are sleeping or eating its for your health risks and of course personal risks , "

as Louis stopped i thanked them and asked one thing - " can i please get out of this robe i'm uncomfortable?"

"sure who do you want with you .. ?" asked Liam .

"anyone will do but bear in mind i need a wee too ... "

"i'll go" said Zayn . 

as he walked me to my room i thanked him again and i sat on my bed and he got me some sweats and a huge cool kids don't dance top and said it's the best we could do - online shopping can be done later . - i looked at him and said "Thanks but i nee a bra ... " he chuckled and went back into the cupboard - " will this do .. " 

"for now it will have to do " (considering i had dd's and this was a d cup i wouldnt be to bad.. )

i couldn't reach the back tie thing so zayn undressed me and re dressed me being careful of my freshly dressed back.  i smiled at him and said ... "to the toilet please"

it felt strange having someone who i didn't know well guide me in and out of rooms but i felt protected he turned his back whilst i used the urination station and then picked my sweats up as i couldn't bend . i asked to eat as he made me some toast i ate it and then felt so sick my stomach had shrunk to nothing so i was almost sick the others were sitting around i went to sit with them but i went dizzy and grabbed onto Harry's hair he made a little yelp but they saw my eyes glaze over and they all rushed me to bed . i snugeled in the duvets and mumbled "hugs and sleep please someone"

they heard me but they well all but zayn and harry said they couldn't right now . i knew this was true because 1. Niall had been in the shower and was wet with a small white towel round his hips 2.Liam was going to his Mum's birthday and 3.Louis wasn't allowed to because he was my 'father like figure' 

so as Harry and Zayn began to chose i glanced at Niall and he pushed them both on the bed i snuggled into Harry's chest with Zayn's arms around my but we slept and they snored.

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