We will change this

They have been ripped from everyday life - lives have changed - the worlds biggest boy band that girl who went missing ages ago . society doesn't work. is one direction catching eyes with the wrong girls or are they only beginning of their ultimate success. will there be love within this trauma or will there be destruction within a fan base ?
fans are going mental , hate is spiraling and everything is going wrong can one direction and their mystery girl be saved ?


9. Court Case Day One

Louis Pov

Today was the day we were all up pacing around the appartment at 4am this morning  as to not disturb Jamie i left the room at 4 but stood outside the door at  6am she came out and i made her a cuppa and gave her a box - it was her outfit for the day a nice shoulder covering little black dress with black cage heels and a floral scarf . she got dressed right infront of us and we changed her dressing on her back . the wound was healing but slowly and painfully . 

we got in the car at seven and were all seperated in the court house ... we saw him and we wanted him dead but we all knew that wouldn't happen.

the questions wen't on his answers easily told lies and they were easily noticed . then it was Jamies turn none of us knew what happened to her now was the time we found out ... 

"i didn't eat - i managed sugar cubes when he came in drunk one night - i was only allowed some water a day and i wasn't allowed to shower - i had two showers the second was when he broke my ribs. He had me locked in the appartment and he punched me and scratched me - i was tied to the bed for six hours one day and he raped me constantly for about an hour , he fiddled with me and then he cut open my back later making me bleed all over the dress and losing to much blood."

"all the evidence match up with this story but we still do not understnad why he took you ..."

"neither do i . i had never met this man before..."

"is there anything strange other than what he did to you Miss Chalk?"

"urmmm i don't think so ."

*i stood up - "Object your honnor there was something strange "

"please continue Mr Tomlimson"

"of course - earlier this week Miss Chalk tried to contact her parents - we left her in private to do this - she came back to me crying - her dad called her 'dirty and he never wanted to see her again'"

"Thank You Mr Tomlinson- evidence to support this Officer - Yes the recorded call dialog"

- it was played and Jamie confirmed the evidence - *Sam stood up - i did all this to her i knew the consiquences but i was paid by her dad - he hated her but yea i done it"


"Sam Arabic you are sentenced to 21 years with a sexual offenders record following you forever all evidence supports this and the jury do not need to be invloved ... "


Jamie fell to her knees and we picked her up cradeling her in the middle of the court room - her dad was called into court next week for a private hearing Jamie Chalk was free but she had no where to go and she was now family - "Jamie Chalk - sister - please live and work with us - you are sixteen but we are gardians and it's not like you could ever need a job"

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