We will change this

They have been ripped from everyday life - lives have changed - the worlds biggest boy band that girl who went missing ages ago . society doesn't work. is one direction catching eyes with the wrong girls or are they only beginning of their ultimate success. will there be love within this trauma or will there be destruction within a fan base ?
fans are going mental , hate is spiraling and everything is going wrong can one direction and their mystery girl be saved ?


8. Akward ...

Harry's Pov

My feelings are confused do i like her or do i love her ... i know she is confused Sam messed with her head thats for sure she hadn't told us what he did to her but we will soon find out the court case is in two days. i know sleeping with zayn was her choice and if someone had to be with her i went for a drink so he stayed behind they were only snuggled like we sniggled i'm sure they didn't do anything thats one thing im positive about.

"Harry are you awake ?"

* i heared her angelic voice*

"Yes Jamie come in "

she opened and closed the doors and walked upto my bed she pulled the covers off me and chucked car keys at me then clothes she was already dressed and she demanded me to get up. 

"kiss me for it"

"i can't don't do this to me you sound like Sam stop"

i stopped she just blurted it out ..

"can we go to the shop i need tampons quickly i'm not pregnate"

i ran down to the car and she came with me ...

we finnished in the super market ... that isle is the most conffusing thing i have ever seen . she stopped in the toliets and then she came out and jumped on my back she wispered a thank you in my ear and we ran through the rain to the car. 

once we got home zayn was still in her bed so she changed and got back in bed but this time with me after two hours everyone was awake louis came and got us and Officer Burton was at the door so Jamie answered final questions in just a hipster pleas tshirt .

she then sat on the sofa and ordered pizza chilled out and told her good news 



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