A Modern Love Story

Romeo hates his name, so cliché, but his mom is a Shakespeare fanatic. Their are a dozen Juliet's at his school, but why dose the new girl attract his attention?


1. Romeo's Juliet

Romeo walks by the class rooms and kids to get to his locker. It's about half-way through the year and everyone is amped up for some reason. "Rome, we just got two new kids, fraternal twins! I say the girl and she is a total freak, the looks ok though!" One of his friends says in passing. Romeo just nods.

Stopping at his locker he drops his bag and opens the greenish door. He yawns as a door slams to his right..

Romeo's POV

...wait that locker was empty yesterday. I lean back and see a girl dressed in all black, black hair, nail polish, ripped jeans, a leather jacket and white combat boots. They have sharpie all over them. She sees me looks and growls "What?" I shrug and go back to getting my stuff. She walks by me and I get a whiff of her perfume, weird smell.

I walk into homeroom, and everyone is crowding around the new chick, her brother must be in another room. I sigh and walk over. "Hey, get, go, shoo, let the girl be!" I say and chase the others away. The girl throws her hair out of her face and tells me. "Thanks, but they are all vultures, they always come back." She holds out a black painted hand. The sleeve of her leather jack is pulled back and I see writing on her arm. "I'm called Juliet. Some call me Ebony. For my hair." She flips it over her shoulder and I see her earrings. "I'm Romeo. I have my mum to thank for that name, she loved Shakespeare."

Juliet raises a brow "Loved?" I pull my hand back from her strong grip. "Yeah, loved, she died a few years ago from cancer."

"Oh, I hope she is resting well now." Odd chose of words, but maybe not so much seeing how Juliet is dressed.

"Mind if I sit?" She shakes her head, and pulls out an mph3 player. She puts in her head phones and the bell rings. I stand with her. "What do you have first?" I ask. She hands me her schedule. I'm going to kill whoever made it. She has the exact same schedule as me. "We have the same schedule, come on." I hand back the paper and lead her to Science.

--End Of Day--

At the end of the day we were friends, talking about everything. As the final bell rings I pass her a piece of paper. "My phone number and email, I'm on 24/7. Contact me if you need anything." She looks at me. "How about a ride home? My brother will be hanging out with the jocks and sluts until late tonight." I nod and lead her out of the school. "I hope you don't mind people talking about us." She shrugs "Let them talk. So, what is your role around here?"

We get in my beat up old Chevy. "Well, I'm influential with the principal and v.p. but no one really takes in what I say." She nods. "Interesting. Can you give me some help on the History? I haven't learned this yet." She smiles at me and I laugh. "So, that was your real plan, was it?" She nods.

"Ok, my dad is home so you get to meet him." I smile and pull into my driveway. I lead the way inside. "DAD! I brought a new friend home to help with homework!"

"Bring them into the kitchen, I'm cooking dinner. Lasagna!" I lead her into the kitchen. My dad gets one look at her and scowls. "Dad, this is Juliet. She is new and I'm helping her catch up."

-After Studying-

I walk her out, her brother waits in the driveway. My dad stops me. "I want to talk to her." I give him a look but head back to my room, but pause around the corner. I want to hear this. "Listen, Juliet, stay away from my son, ok? I don't want him messing with you...kind, he is a good boy and I want him to stay that way. Good bye." He shuts the door and I run to my room.

I stop him as he walks by my door. "Dad, my name is Romeo, and you totally just pulled a Lord Capulet with that whole 'stay away from my son'. And just fyi, I am my own person. And, wrong person to talk to. You should be telling me to stay away from her!"

My dad gets that look in his eye, his 'you just jumped over a cliff' look. Oh. Shit. I stand my ground. He growls "I will play the damn part if you want....Stay away from that girl, she is trouble, I forbid you from ever seeing her again!" He storms down that hall......

*Little did out Romeo know that Juliet was being told the same words by her father.....*

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