A Modern Love Story

Romeo hates his name, so cliché, but his mom is a Shakespeare fanatic. Their are a dozen Juliet's at his school, but why dose the new girl attract his attention?


3. No Reason To Fight, Yet They Do

Romeo was sitting outside of the convince store he worked in, taking in the sunset. A few older guys walked up, one stepped forward. he rubbed his chin and asked "You Romeo?" Suspicion rolling in his gut, Romeo nodded slowly. "Well, my man, we need to talk to you. Come on, over here." He waved him over to the side of the building. Romeo went slowly, and carefully. Something about their colors looked familiar.....he just couldn't place them.

The leader rubbed his jaw. "Listen, boy, we were sent to 'talk' to you. Our....leader....sends his apologies, but you need to stay away from his daughter...or worse might happen." The rest happened fast, he hit Romeo in the face, causing him to fall. Then the rest of them se upon him, kicking, punching. Soon, his face was the color of the sky. Red, dripping into the sun. A noise sounded and the bleeding sun dipped into the tree-line.

The Capulete's ran off, fast. A man knelt at Romeo's side. "Boy, you ok? You breathing? Can you hear me?"

"Yeah...." Romeo said vaguely. "Call my dad....Montaqu." Everyone in town knew the Montaqu name. Romeo passed out, and his father's car pulled up. "Romeo!" He yelled. "Get my boy to the house, I have a visit to make. Call Doc!" He stalks off as his goons start to back up Romeo in the car. He stalks off, towards the Capulete hang out.

He walks into the bar. Everyone stops talking, and turns to look at the leader of The Montaqu family. The bartender asks, after a moment of silence, "What are you doing here, Montaqu?"

Montaqu shrugs. "I came here to find the pussy's who decided to take punching lessons on my son. I was hoping I could exercise my own...talent on their faces in retaliation." He smiles, a cold smile.

A few Capulete guys reach for the small of their backs....for their guns....

Montaqu shakes his head. "No, boys, no. I just want to meet with Capulete, let him now for me, ok?" He walks out and walks home. The Doc is sitting with Romeo.

"How is he?" Montaqu asks the doctor. "Well, he will live but....he should not go near that girl. She caused this. I would hate to see what Capulete will do next." The Doctor shakes his head and walks out.

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